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Chapter 6

Chase Gunner

It amazes me that I’m speeding down the highway in my sports bike towards Frozie’s Bar to pick up a woman. Normally, I wouldn’t give a fuck but this was Briar.

I was in a middle of a heavy and private meeting with some thick pocket businessmen when she called. During that meeting, all I could think about was hurrying up the call so I can be on my way to Briar’s house. Imagine my surprise, when she was calling me from a bar.

I pressed harder on the gas. I needed to get to her fast. She didn’t sound drunk on the phone but she wasn’t 100% clear minded. How the hell do I know that? I know Briar wouldn’t have called me if she was sober.

The night sky and city lights flashing by as I sped up, urgently wanting to see her safe.


God, this woman fucks with my mind like no other woman. The night I saw at the club, I knew she was trouble yet I was fucking drawn to her like a drug addict to his heroin. My body buzzed to life the minute I saw her wearing that sexy school outfit I picked out to her.

Lord, the woman got meat on her and the sick thing is I loved digging my fingers onto her meaty flash—marking her as mine. My cock strained against my denim jeans.

When I pulled up to Frozie’s bar. I looked around to see if she was anywhere in sight before entering the bar.

Frozie’s bar is a local bar that gets heavily populated during the night. People like to spend their time here drinking and relaxing. The good jazz music was a good addition to the mood of the bar.

I found Briar sitting in a booth, staring out the window. Her caramel tresses were loosely falling around her shoulders and back. I skimmed her face and lingered briefly on her pouty lips.

A man dressed in a black business suit walked up to Briar. They exchanged a few words and she gave him a warm smile as she spoke. There was no sign of her being attracted to him. I would know that because I have seen the way she looked at me.

She can deny it all she wants but I felt how she wanted me. Deciding to interrupt the man’s futile attempts in catching Briar’s attention, I walked up to the two. Her eyes dropped to me the moment she caught me from the corner of her eyes.

“Briar, are you ready to go?” I asked, completely ignoring the man next to me.

“This is your boyfriend?” The man asked.

Briar was about to answer but I took the liberty of answering for her. “Yes, now if you don’t mind I will like to take my buzzing girlfriend home.”

I put out a hand and waited for Briar to scoot to the end of the booth. She placed her hand in mine and smiled back at the man.

“It was nice meeting you. Have a good night.” She said politely.

It looks like her buzz was wearing off already. She still had on her attire from work that hugged her form like a glove. God, I love that ass.

When we approached my motorcycle, she stopped in her footsteps. It was night now and the only source of light was the lights coming from the bar. She propped her hands on her hips and tilted her head. A small little frown appeared on her lips.

“How am I supposed to ride that in this skirt?” She pointed at the skirt that hugged her body beautifully.

I got on the bike, started up the ignition before taking hold of her hand. She sat behind me with her legs pointing out to one side and her arms wrapped around my waist. I handed her my helmet and waited for her to strap it on.

Once she had her arms back around my waist again and I made sure she was hugging me securely, I revved the gas and swerve back onto the road. I could take her home and have my way with her but I don’t know what it was about tonight.

Tonight even though I had an aching hard on I just wanted to go somewhere with her. I turned slightly closer to her.

“Want something to eat?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Can’t eat past seven.”

This time it was me who looked confused. What did she mean?

“What?” I asked.

It was hard to concentrate on the road when all I could feel was her soft luscious body pressed against mine. I can feel the outline of her breasts. It was god damn distracting.

“I’m on a diet. Eating pass seven will make me fat.” She shouted.

Diet? She doesn’t need to be on a diet. The woman was beautiful—stunning actually. I loved everything about her and I usually don’t. Still, in my eyes, she was perfect.

“We are going out to eat,” I replied.

“I just told- ”

“I know what you said but we are going out. You don’t need to worry about gaining weight, Briar. Hell, if you are so worried about it, I’ll make sure you put in some extra work out later on tonight. I might even put you on top. ”

“Ok! I get it!” She shouted. I can already see the heated blush on her cheeks.

I grinned as I made a B line to our destination. I owned a local high-end hotel aside from the club on the other side of the city. It wasn’t that far from where we are and her home was fairly close by the restaurant as well.

When I pulled up to the curved driveway the valet came running out when he saw me. He greeted me with a slight tilt his head as a greeting.

“Mr. Gunner, would you like me to park your motorcycle in the usual area?” He asked. I nodded and handed him my keys along with some cash.

He said thank you appreciatively before doing his job. I turned around and took hold of Briar’s hand. She looked at the valet curiously before looking back at me.

“Do you come here often?” She asked.

“I own this hotel, baby girl,” I said with a wink.

She didn’t look like she believed me. I arched an eyebrow. Usually, people wouldn’t question how much money I have. I should be offended but I wasn’t.

“I can see you don’t believe me, Briar. How about I give you a little homework?” The corner of my lip lifted.

She darted her eyes away from me and I led her up the steps towards the main entrance. We entered the grand lobby that shined under the heavily expensive chandelier I bought for the hotel. She looked around in awe before my silent urging had her follow me towards the direction of the lobby. I waved at the clerk at the front desk indicating for him to prepare the usual order I ask for when I come here.

“Where are we going? Shouldn’t we check in?” She asked.

I shook my head. “No need.”

We entered the elevator and I pressed to the top floor. When the door closed I brought her back up close to my front and unable to resist, I grounded my bulge in between her ass. Leaning down I nipped her neck and licked my way up to her earlobes.

“As I was saying—how about a little homework, baby girl?”

“Homework?” She squeaked when I nipped her earlobe.

I grinned. “I want you to do a little research on this hotel. Come back and tell me what you have learned. In addition to that assignment, I want you to research one item you would like to try together.”

“Together?” Her voice pitched higher when my hands roamed up to cup her breasts. I bit back a groan. The thin peach sheer blouse hid nothing. The woman did not need to wear a push-up bra at all. She was born gifted with enough to make a man crazy.

“Have you tried cuffs?” I flicked a nipple.

She moaned and unknowingly wiggled her bottom against my bulge. I thrust my hips forward and groaned upon how she nestled my bulge.

“No.” She stammered.

“Are you wearing anything under this skirt, baby girl?” I asked.

She shook her head while I slowly inched her skirt forward. I was just about to get where her heat was when the elevator dinged. With enough practice and ease, I slipped her dress back down and adjusted her bottom before stepping around her.

On the top floor, there weren’t any other rooms except mine. We walked out of the elevator and straight for the door in front of the elevator. Slipping my key in, I unlocked the hotel room. It was built with everything—kitchen, bedroom, living room. It could be an apartment if needed. I rarely use this place but offered it for Lucifer and Rayna when they are visiting.

Briar entered and looked around her. Her eyes widening in awe. I closed the door and tossed my key in a basket near the door. I reached for the knot on my tie and loosened it up before unbuttoning a few buttons at the top. After, I unbuttoned the buttons on my cuff and rolled up my sleeves. My eyes were on her the whole time as she walked around the living room to the kitchen.

“This place is beautiful.” She looked back at me, eyes glistening with admiration.

I smirked, “It’s a place but not my home.”

“Where is your home, Chase?” She asked. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around, greedily taking the opportunity to cup and squeeze her ass. She blushed and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I don’t have one,” I replied.

She frowned and again tilted her head. “Why?”

“Home to me is filled with laughter and family. I don’t have one. I stay in places but not always in one place.” I answered her.

“That’s just weird.” She commented and I squeezed her ass again before one of my hand slipped up to cup her around her neck. Leaning down I brushed my lips against hers.

“You have the most beautiful lips ever, soft as ever,” I admitted before taking her lower lips between my lips. I sucked on it before releasing it.

I needed to stop before I take her right now. Pulling away, I took hold of her hand and led her to the terrace. Opening the glass panel doors, she walked outside with me. A small little gasp escaped her and her eyes were sparkling with delight.

“This takes my breath away.” She whispered softly.

The wind blew her hair softly and her blouse ruffled in the night air. Her pouty lips parted in astonishment. She takes my breath away.

A knock at the front door told me that the food I ordered upon entering was ready. I walked over and paid the staff as she wheeled in the food. She sets it carefully on the dining table.

Briar walked in when she saw me walking back inside. The glass pane doors left open to bring in the open city breeze.

Once the staff was done setting up and left. Briar walked over and sat in one of the chairs. She inhaled and I saw her debating if she should eat or not.

“Well, I guess I can eat.” She said.

I chuckled as I moved to sit down across from her. “You’ll love it. It is cooked by the best chefs in the city.”

After eating silently for several minutes, she finally took a sip of her champagne and set down her glass. She wiped her lips and leaned forward. Her breasts now pressed against the edge of the table.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.” She asked. My eyes lifted from her distracting breasts to her face. A satisfied smile adorning her face.

“I was born in Madison, Wisconsin. My parents passed away in a car accident when I was eighteen. I have a brother. He is a few years younger than me. Right now, he lives in San Francisco owning his own tech company.” I told her truthfully. My brother and I talk once in a while but it’s been a couple of months since I have last spoken with him.

“I’m sorry to hear about your parents. My parents live in Atlanta. I have no siblings. When I married Dave, we moved up here to New York.” She said. “Do you and your brother get along?”

I nodded. “We don’t talk every day but we check in on each other when needed.”

“What’s his name?” She asked.

“Colin,” I replied and finishing off my steak before setting my food down.

We continued talking and I was surprised at how open I was becoming with her. I was also happy to see that she was willing to tell me a little bit about her life. Now, I know that she was married once and the hesitation that night at the club. I didn’t press further but I knew that her husband had to be a part of the reason why. Although, it did pique my curiosity. I wanted to know everything about her.

It was close to eleven when she yawned. “I’m sorry. I’m so tired.”

“Did you want to sleep here? I’m fine with that.” I offered.

She looked around the place. “It is a very beautiful place but I didn’t bring any clothes.”

“I’ll take care of it. How about you take a shower and I’ll clean up.” I pointed in the direction of the bedroom.

She looked like she was debating but after a minute she nodded and headed for the bedroom. I cleaned up the dishes and went to go check in on her. I heard the shower running and the bedroom door was completely open.

I walked into the closet and found a few spare clothes I have left here in case I stayed over. I picked out a long t-shirt for her. I walked to the bathroom door and stood there like an idiot. I could wait for her, at least that was what a gentleman would do. However, images of her naked underneath running water were too damn tempting.

My hand reached for the door and opened it. The sight that hit me had my blood burning with need. I stripped from my clothes before pushing the clear glass screen back. She heard me and turned around.

I can see in her eyes that she had been waiting to see if I would enter or not and god Christ almighty, I pinned her against the shower wall so fast while crushing my lips onto hers.

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