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Chapter 7


I couldn’t leave you all with that cliffhanger. I had to fill those curious mind of yours with a little something something if you know what I mean. *wink* *wink*

Anyways, I really did some research. Haha. Dug up some good dirty things to present to you. I hope you enjoy it!

Leila Vy


Briar Wood

I heard him in the bathroom and felt him the moment he opened the shower door. The look of hedonistic hunger in his eyes sent me into a hurricane of lust. I ached and needed him. I waited and hoped he would enter into the bathroom.

I was glad to see that he did. His lips molding with mine in toe curling symphony. His large masculine hands touching my body in a way that set my insides on fire. Skimming, grazing, and caressing.

His shower was a European style shower with frameless clear glass doors. The shower must cost thousands and thousands of dollars because the showerhead was a square piece above the shower that fell straight to the middle of the shower.

Chase’s hard erection rubbed the inside of my thighs and I moaned. He pulled back from our kiss to nip his way down my jawline to my neck. Sucking on my neck as he groped my breast into the palm of his hand.

“Baby girl, you got to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” He huskily whispered. The slight shake in his voice told me how much he was fighting for control.

My hands roamed over his muscular shoulders and down his defined back before massaging back up and over his shoulders and down his chest. I slipped it between us and wrapped my hand around his hard cock, stroking him slowly at first to see if he will stop me. When he didn’t, I grew bolder and began to lengthen my stroke, feeling all of him.

Chase was hard and firm all over. Total opposite of what I am. He must work out on a daily basis to keep such a fit body. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to carry me. I am a woman with thick curves.

He open mouth kissed his way down my neck, between the valley of my breasts before capturing my nipples into his mouth. His tongue flicking it savagely before sucking on it like his life depended on. The mixture of pain and pleasure shot through my body. I shuddered and let go of his erection to steady myself against the immediate impact of swirling sensation passing through me.


He bit my nipple and I gasped before he pulled away from it and kissed his way down my belly, slowly the man knelt before me. He spread my legs and exposed my sex completely for him to see.

I licked my lips and my hands ran into his wet dark locks. He leaned in and flicked my clit with his tongue. I gasped and moved forward towards his mouth but he leaned back.

“No. More.” I ordered through clenched teeth.

He chuckled before leaning forward. Chase moved behind me to grip my ass as he sucked and licked me with his tongue an expertness that had me gasping for air. I tugged on his hair so hard I thought he would even the score but instead he groaned and stuck his tongue inside of me.

The way he knelt down before me and lick me like a water fountain had my insides quivering and my release threatening to burst. He swiped his tongue over my clit once, twice, and just when I was waiting for that last one to send me over he stopped.

Chase pulled back and stood up. His lips found mine and the faint taste of me lingered in his mouth. How crazy it was that it only serve to ramp up my hunger for more. He dominated the kiss--teased me until I was literally tring to catch every swipe and brush of his tongue.

He pulled back, shuts off the water and stepped out of the shower with a smooth movement. He took his time wiping my body down, stopping to suck on my nipples before pulling back to dry himself.
Once he was done, he tossed the towel down a hamper in the bathroom before pulling me out of the bathroom.

I wasn’t sure what he wanted but god the sight of his strong muscular ass was hot. I smirked as the image of me slapping his ass popped into my head. I wondered what he will do.

He stopped and turned around. The glint in his eyes almost made me think he knew what was going on in my dirty little mind.

“Lay down in the middle of the bed.” He ordered.

Wanting to listen and aching for him to be between my legs again I got onto the middle bed and lay on my back. I took this time to scan his body appreciatively. Chase’s body was ripped with muscles and his hard shaft stood hard and strong, twitching underneath my gaze.

He walked to the end of the bed and wrapped his hands around my ankles. With one swift move, he managed to flip me over onto my stomach. I gasped as now my ass is fully exposed to him. The sheets crumbled up underneath me from the sudden movement. My core throbbed at his mysterious, dominant behavior.

His thumb brushed the inside of my ankles while he spoke in a thick, husky voice.

“I’m going to take you from behind and you are going to take it.”

I licked my lips and tried turning my head to see what he was doing but he clicked his tongue.

“Keep your eyes on the headboard.”

I obeyed and felt him remove his hands before a cold leather band wrapped around one leg. I knew what he was doing. He was strapping me to the bed; spreading me out like an eagle.

When he finally strapped my wrists and ankle to the bed he moved to straddle me. He hasn’t even touched me and I was already drenched, eagerly waiting for him to ease the growing ache between my legs.

His hands slowly caressed the curve of my back to my shoulders. He leaned forward and kissed my shoulder. His cock hard and pressing prominently between my ass cheeks.

He kissed his way down my spine and I shivered and moaned underneath his heated kisses. The ache between my legs growing stronger with each touch from him. I tried wiggling but he had me strapped down good to ensure the only person easing any kind of ache was him and him only. Not even I can stimulate or relieve my ache.

He made it to my ass and I inhaled softly waiting for what he will do next. His hand dug into my ass cheek possessively.

“Fuck, baby girl, this ass--fucking delicious.” He mumbled hoarsely. I didn’t realize how affected he was until now. I thought I was the only one dying to get relief.

The next thing he did made me inhale sharply. He bit my ass, marking it with his teeth and it wasn’t just a soft bite. It was hard and dug in, making sure I knew it was his. I cried out before he sucked on it almost like he was sucking the pain away.

“Asshole,” I mumbled in a hazy pain and pleasure voice.

He chuckled. “What’s that? You want me to bite the other cheek?”

“Wh-fuck!” He bit down hard on the other cheek.

This time Chase didn’t suck on it. He pulled back and slapped my ass hard with his palm before sliding two fingers up and down my wet slit.

“Briar, you have a dirty mouth. How about I keep it busy?” He pulled back his fingers and moved to the head of the bed.

“Lift your head and open your mouth.” I lifted my head and opened my mouth. He slipped his cock inside my mouth and I shamelessly sucked on it greedily.

I licked and ran my tongue over every hard inch until he took over. Taking hold of my hair, he pulled me back and worked his hips. He controlled the speed and slowly inch by inch he went deeper and deeper until he hit the back of my throat.

My body ached and begged to be taken. The way he was using me made me even hornier. His grunts and groans were enticing and alluring. I wanted more and I wanted to please him. Feel his cum running down my throat, spilling over lips and down my chin.

But he stopped. He pulled out and leaned down to kiss my lips fervently.

“Those lips are heaven, baby girl.” He whispered throatily before moving to lay down between my legs. His hands gripped my hips and his lips met my soaking sex.

“Oh god! Oh, God!” I couldn’t stop. His tongue was hitting every sensitive spot and it was like I was on sensory overload.

The way his face is pressed into my sex and lapping all the juices between my legs. My inside twisted and clenched. I tried moving for more friction as I felt my own release threatening to burst.

“I love the way you taste, baby girl. I can stay down here and eat you for hours.” He groaned with satisfaction.

“Chase, please.” I needed more.

He stuck two fingers inside of me and scissors them around my inside wall. I cried out and my release snapped. I tugged on the leather holding my wrists and muffled my cried into the pillow. I wasn’t even done riding the wave of orgasm before I felt plastic ripping and a minute later his cock fully thrust forward and embedded inside of me. He groaned and I threw my head back as a new burn began inside of me.

He was so thick, he filled me completely. I felt him lean forward and hook his arms underneath my shoulders. He humped my backside, pulling out and ramming it so hard and fast I was seeing white lights.

“Oh god. Yes.” I moaned and greedily begged for more like an unquenchable slut.

“Fuck! That sweet, wet pussy is driving me fucking insane.” He hoarsely said through a strained voice. His face in the crook of my neck as he continued to pummel me from behind; hitting me in angles that I never knew existed.

I cried with tears of frustration and joy. It felt so good to be taken savagely. It felt good to give over control. His hand slipped down my body and underneath me to rub my clit but never stopping in his brutally hot thrusts.

“Chase!” I choked.

“Beg me for release baby girl.” He ordered.

I cried and tried to wiggle for more like a wanton who is never satisfied.

“Beg me, baby girl.” He reminded me.

“Please, Please, Chase make me cum!” I whimpered and moaned.

He pinched and twisted my clit before biting down on my shoulder like a lion marking his female while mating. His thrust became erratic, undone, uncontrolled and it drove me over the edge.

I clenched around him so tightly and squeezed my eyelids so tightly. White lights bursts around me and dots swarmed my vision. I convulsed with release underneath him while he groaned out loud and I felt his own release hitting me deeply, filling the condom.

When we finally came down from the high he collapsed on top of me. Kissing my neck before feathering kisses to my cheek.

“I love the sound you make when you orgasm.” He whispered huskily and pointed out his fetish by throbbing inside of me. His cock twitched and I moaned.

“So fucking sexy.” He murmured before pulling out and squeezing my ass. He disappeared into the bathroom.

My eyelids grew heavy as I looked out the glass window to the night city. I felt faintly him removing the leather cuffs and cleaning me up the best he can with a towel. Seconds later, he fell into bed next to me.

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