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Chapter 8

Chase Gunner

The sound of pounding at the door woke me up. Rubbing my face from sleep, I glanced over at Briar who was still sound asleep on my bed. She slept on her stomach. Her usual soft wavy hair was now wild down her back and all over her pillow. The white duvet has drifted down her back and barely covered her bottom, exposing her delicate curvy back.

Even when she was sleeping, she was gorgeous. I wanted to very much roll back into bed and pull her into my arms but the persistent pounding on my door was annoying the hell out of me.

I pulled on a pair of clean jeans and walked out of the bedroom, making sure to close the door behind me. Light now illuminated my hotel room. Every inch the expensive marble flooring glaring and adding extra light into the kitchen and living room.

Running a hair through my hair, I exhaled as I made my way towards the front door.

“I’m fucking coming!” I shouted. “Fucking stop your pounding before I stick a fucking fork up your ass.”

The pounding didn’t stop.

Whoever it was, probably has a death wish.

I unlocked the door and whipped it open intent on killing whoever was on the other side of the door. I opened my mouth to give them a good piece of my mind until I saw who it was.

“About time you answered,” Lucifer said gruffly.

“Good morning, Chase,” Rayna said with a bright smile. Her midnight hair pulled up into a high ponytail. Judging from the new tans they both have on their skin they just got back from another vacation. The two have been having the time of their lives for two years now—married and happy.

“Guys, it’s nine in the morning.” I deadpanned, opening the door anyway for them to come inside.

“And it’s eight in the evening in Thailand,” Rayna replied, smirking.

Lucifer mirrored his wife’s smirk. They both walked in and headed into the kitchen for some mini snacks. I mumbled a few curses before following after them.

“How did you two know I was here?” I asked.

Lucifer opened the fridge and took out two water bottles for Rayna and him. Rayna, however, was kind enough to start the coffee. She placed the filter into the coffee cup and poured in some hazelnut caramel grounded coffee beans into the filter. Turning it on, the smell of coffee immediately hit the air. My mood lightened a little.

“Called the club, Will told me you would be here.” Will was another worker that worked the front desk.

Lucifer was a long time friend. Built the club with me and together we helped our baby thrive until he met his woman and signed over everything to me. He told me his life began and ended with Rayna and that he no longer needs the club to manage.

He does side work on the side but the man was a fucking mafia leader. I figured Rafe, his second-hand man, will be with him but he was nowhere in sight which is pretty odd.

“Where you two come back from?” I asked.

“Thailand. Rayna wanted to explore exotic food and it started in Asia.” Lucifer shook his head in disbelief.

“Yeah, well, you have a very nice tan, Lucy.” I taunted which earned me a hard punch to the shoulder. I almost toppled over my seat on the stool.

“Shut up.” He muttered.

“Here you two go. Coffee. Now, let’s all be happy. We just wanted to stop by and see you. After all, we have been gone for a month.” Rayna reminded me.

“A month, huh?” It did not seem that long. I have been so busy with work, I haven’t had time to even call them.

I thanked Rayna and picked up the coffee and took a sip. My elbows on the island as I slouched in my seat. I am not a morning person. I liked my sleep especially when I had a woman in my bed. A gorgeous woman.

“Yes, thank you for missing me, Chase.” Lucifer mocked and I grinned.

“Aw, man, it sounds like I hurt your feeling. Here let me give you a hug and smooch.” I sat my cup down and was about to wrap my arms around Lucifer when he shoved me away.

“Touch me and I’ll break every bone in your body.” He threatened but I can see he wasn’t going to follow through with his threat.

I chuckled and ruffled my hair awkwardly before picking back up my coffee cup. “So, where’s Rafe?”

Rayna’s eyes lit up like city street lights in the evening.

“He’s with someone.”

I arched an eyebrow. “And who is that? Should we be worried?”

Lucifer chortled, “The man knows how to wield a gun better than you. I’m sure he will be fine.”

“Yeah, well he might be able to carry a gun and use it well but he can’t even use his own personal gun. If you know what I mean.” I responded.

Lucifer smirked, “You’ll be surprised, Chase. Rafe isn’t as cold as you think.”

The bedroom door creaked open and Briar’s head peeked out. Her messy disheveled bed hair falling over her shoulder and hanging loosely to the side. Rayna and Lucifer turned toward the noise.

She stepped out and I saw that she had put on one of my dress shirt and a pair of boxers she must have found in the drawers in my closet. She tucked her hair behind one of her ears and walked towards me. The smell of fresh mint passed by and I knew she must have brushed her teeth using one of the untouched toiletries in the bathroom.

“Good morning,” I said, feeling a smile coming onto my face.

“Morning.” She slipped into the seat next to mine opposite from Lucifer.

She glanced from me to Rayna and Lucifer. Her eyes lingering on Lucifer a while longer than I would like. Lucifer has that effect on women. They tend to sway his way because of his dark and dangerous demeanor but in Briar’s eyes were pure curiosity. She flitted her eyes back to Rayna and also looked at the woman before her.

“Rayna, Lucifer, meet Briar. Briar, Lucifer is my old partner at the club and Rayna is his wife.” I introduced.

Rayna smiled then and moved to take hold of Briar’s hand in a handshake.

“It is nice to meet you.” Rayna’s eyes shimmered with a sly gleam.

“It is nice to meet you too.”

“How did you two meet?” Lucifer asked, not me, but Briar.

Briar surprised me but answering truthfully and with no hesitation. “At the club. I signed up for it on open members night.”

Rayna looked confused. “So you are his new sub?”

A hint of a blush marred her cheeks before she nodded.

“Interesting.” Lucifer murmured while sipping his coffee.

“What’s interesting?” I turned to glare at him.

He shrugged indifferently before shaking his head. He wasn’t going to elaborate further but it only serves to irritate me even more. Lucifer knew me better than my own brother. The man can read my mood and know when I’m fucking pissed or when I don’t want to be bothered.

Back in the day, he and I use to share subs. Lucifer was a very dominant dom and never dropped his will for anyone but I have heard he had done it to Rayna. He had allowed her to cuff him to a bed. How fucking crazy is that?

The man has changed yet he was still my friend.

“What happened to Graciela, the curvy Hispanic?” Rayna inquired with a raised eyebrow. I knew what she meant. Briar wasn’t my typical sub. No. She was different and totally out of my element.

Briar was good and untainted. Briar was a Kindergarten school teacher and have a very historic past. For new subs who have never formed a trust relationship with a Dom before, it was risky to form a relationship. With them being so fresh off the boat it was hard for them to let go. That’s why I always stray away from puppies and stayed with the experienced ones.

Yet here I was with Briar in my hotel room.

Briar turned to look at me. This time her eyes narrowed warily. She wanted to know who Graciela was and fuck me, I was about to spit it all out. If anything, my gut told me I couldn’t lose this woman not yet at least. I needed her and I needed her to trust me badly.

Not looking at Rayna, I looked at Briar as I spoke.

“I ended the Dom/Sub relationship two months ago,” I said truthfully.

I can see that the answer did not sit well with Briar but she shrugged it off. Rayna poured Briar a cup of coffee and handed her the cream and sugar. Briar thanked her politely before pouring some sugar packets into her coffee.

“Hm...that’s interesting,” Rayna said what Lucifer said earlier and I turned to glare at them. What were the two going on about?

Rayna turned back to Briar. “Briar, I think you and I will become great friends. I like you. You’re different. Do you have any plans for tonight? Lucifer and Chase have to attend an evening event.”

Briar waved her hand in the air to stop Rayna. “I appreciate the offer. Really I do. It’s just that I have plans.”

This time it was my turn to glare at Briar. “What kind of plans?”

A surge of jealousy soared through me. I was actually hoping to spend more time with her and if Rayna didn’t invite Briar I was actually going to invite her.

Briar turned towards me. “Well, as much as I like spending time with you, I also like to enjoy my personal life.”

“What will you be doing?” I prodded further.

She fought to come up with an answer and I knew she was lying immediately.

“You’re going with me,” I stated.

“No.” She said firmly back.

“Oh c’mon, Briar. Come with me. I know nobody. It will be nice to see a friendly face.” Rayna pleaded she gave one of those puppy dog looks that always have Lucifer giving in all the time.

Briar fought the puppy dog look before giving in and agreeing. Lucifer chuckled and shook his head.

“That look is lethal.” He muttered.

Rayna grinned before turning to Briar. “Let’s go shopping together. How about I come to pick you up here around three? Lucifer and I would like some rest from our long flight but I should be up by three.”

They left soon after and I was again left with Briar. She didn’t look happy. Crossing her arms she looked at me.

“How did I get pulled into going to a social event with you? Wouldn’t that make it look like we have something more than a professional relationship?” She asked.

I didn’t like that. We didn’t just have a professional relationship, did we? I didn’t want something more, did I?

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