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Enmity: A Pandemic Lovestory

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Two exes who had a bad break up are forced to stay in the same apartment because of a pandemic. Feelings of longing and lust flourish between them, but because of their recent breakup, they refuse to give in to their urges. But as time goes on, their urges become too much to bare, and the pressures of life makes them yearn for some form of release... which they may or may not find within each other ;)

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chaz clutches my hips and yanks my ass closer to him. He sinks himself into me, uttering a low moan. I spread my legs wider for him, and he moves his hips closer to mine. His hands squeeze my ass, and he gives me a hard spank before rapidly fucking me.

I bite the bedsheet to contain my moans. My toes curl, tensing against the forceful movements. I feel him shudder inside me. I arch my back.

“You’re so fucking impossible,” Chaz says. I feel his breath blowing against my back. The warmth of his breath mixed with my light sheen of sweat makes me wetter.

“Just shut up and fuck me.” I mean for my voice to come out angry and firm, but instead it’s high-pitched and pleading.

Chaz leans over me so he can drive himself deeper into me. I grab the blankets on the bed, clawing them closer to my chest as Chaz rocks us back and forth. He moans into my ear and bites my neck. Instantly, I feel hotter and wetter. I reach down to touch myself.

Chaz slows his tempo and sits up. He pulses inside me each time he goes deep, and spanks me before pulling almost all the way out. I release a muffled squeal each time he spanks me. It feels so good when he acts more dominant. I feel like I can relax, and let him control my pleasure.

He smacks my hand away from myself. I squeal and kick at him. He spanks me a few times and slides his hands to my core, rubbing light circles around my clit. I gasp, then exhale into light moaning. His thrusting bumps his hand against me, which adds variation and stimulation.

With his other hand, Chaz runs his palm over the curve of my ass. He slips his fingers between us, getting them wet with our fluids. I feel pressure against my asshole as he pushes his thumb in. My muscles contract and twitch around him, heightening our pleasure.

“Damn you,” I say. “That feels so good.” I move my hips in time with his, bumping myself against him.

He exhales a breathy moan. “I can’t imagine being quarantined with you,” his thumb sinks further into me, causing me to clench in a way that feels amazing. “But the sex is a plus.”

“Fuck you,” I say through clenched teeth. “Why do you have to be so arrogant, it makes me so--” I squeal as he puts his fingers on my clit and starts lightly but quickly rubbing me. His thrusts quicken to match his fingers’ pace.

“Wet?” He says with a smug tone.

It’s true. I’m dripping down his legs, and I’m getting wetter by the moment. It’s tragic that my level of frustration is tied to my pussy.

“Are you gonna cum for me, babygirl?” Chaz whispers against my ear. It sends a shiver throughout my body. I roll onto my tiptoes to give him better access to me. His quick movements over my clit are driving me insane with need.

“You do nothing for me. It’s my fantasies that make it feel so good.” Chaz removes his hand from my clit and sticks his fingers in my open mouth. I suck and bite them. He isn’t phased. “You’re so pretty. I wish your words weren’t so ugly.”

He jerks his hips into mine hard and fast a few times. I squeal, and his fingers go farther into my mouth. They taste like me. The intensity of his thrusts grows, and I know he’s close to climax.

“You think you’re so much better than me,” he puffs, pinning my tongue to the bottom of my mouth. I bite his fingers a little harder. He rams into me with more intensity. He removes his thumb from my anus and rubs my clit again with his hand.

I moan through his fingers, and my jaw relaxes.

“But how much better can you possibly be when you’re just moments away from cumming on my dick?” He pulses inside me, and it makes me wetter. Every limb and muscle swarms with pleasure. My very cells tingle with euphoria.

“I’m gonna-” I pant, speaking around Chaz’s fingers “-cum,” “Yes you are, babygirl.” He removes his fingers from my mouth, and grabs a fistful of my hair. He pulls in a way that’s exciting and sends a wave of ecstasy throughout my body. “You’re going to cum on me, and I know you love that.” “Fuck you,” I say, moving my hips in time with his as he slows down. “Damn you, go faster!” I whine. “I’m so close.” “Shh,” Chaz leans over me. His thrusts become slower, and harder. He throbs deep within me. I can tell he’s close. Imagining his precum inside me almost sends me over the edge. “You’re going to cum when I’m ready for you to.”

I whine and bounce myself against him, trying to go faster. He grabs my hips and holds them down, growling in frustration at my addamancy.

“We’re not doing this to get back together, Chaz. We’re doing this to fuck out our frustrations. Now fucking cum in me!”

Chaz grunts as he sits up and pounds me fast and hard. He moves his hand to apply firm and rapid pressure to my clit. I want to scream in pleasure, but instead I bite the blanket and clamp my jaw shut.

His touch sends a blazing fire throughout my body, a monsoon of bliss and intense desire to release all the tension I’ve been holding.

Chaz’s grunts soften into higher-pitched, intimate moans. His grip softens, and his body molds against mine as he fucks me softer but still quickly. “Don’t you dare cum before me,” I say, using his moment of weakness to bump my hips into his, creating more friction on my clit with his hands, and creating more of a thrust with our combined movements.

“Oh God, Olivia…” Chaz’s hips tighten, and his cock starts briskly pulsing inside me. I feel the wave of pleasurable tension rise, peak, and then fall. A yelp escapes my lips as Chaz fills me with his warm cum. My pussy tightens around him and the added warmth and sensation sends me over the edge. My cumming pussy convulses around Chaz’s cock and he sits up to move faster, to give me a more intense orgasm.

I scream again. He grabs my hair and shoves my face into the bed, to muffle my voice.

I cum hard on him, wave after wave of unbelievable ecstasy makes my body seem to melt and tremble. His thrusts start to sound wet as my cum drips between us, adding more friction to our bodies.“Fuck, Olivia.” Chaz mutters. He watches my pussy twitch on his dick as he fucks me until my orgasm stops.

Our bodies stay connected as we both take a moment to revel in the aftermath of our bad decision.

A part of me misses this. The intimacy we shared after sex. I close my eyes, wishing we weren’t forced into quarantine together.

A pandemic has been ravaging the world over the last two months. Our government finally decided to quarantine its citizens. Chaz and I were in the middle of a breakup. He was supposed to move out of our apartment this week. Instead, he’s all too close to my personal space.

Chaz gives me a good pat on the ass, and slips himself out of me. He leaves the room without another word. I don’t even remember what caused our fight, which then devolved into hate-fucking.

Regardless, it’s done now.

I crawl onto my bed and wrap the blanket around me, regretting my impulsive decision to fuck him. Things are confusing enough on a worldly scale. We don’t need messy emotional sex mixed in.

I sigh and get dressed. When I walk into the living room, Chaz is rummaging through his shittily packed moving boxes - courtesy of me. Our breakup was angry and chaotic, to say the least.

And now, we’re quarantined together. My bright future as a fashion designer just got much bleaker.

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