Dare To Try

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(STEAMY) BOOK 2 in the Dare Brothers Series. (18+) Kade is the youngest of the Dare brothers, but that doesn't mean he's the least experienced. Unfortunately, he's falling for a girl who is completely forbidden to him. Maeve is his boss at the tattoo shop he works at; she might be a bit older than him, but she can't resist an opportunity after ending her relationship with her lazy boyfriend. Can Maeve and Kade come to some sort of an arrangement to work through their desires and fantasies? They can Dare to Try.

Erotica / Drama
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Author Note

Hi, all!

Welcome to Book 2 in the Dare Brothers Series.
Dare To Take A Chance is book 1 and needs to be read first to better understand this story.
Reminder: this series is about more unconventional relationships, openness, acceptance, and shamelessness. It is not solely romantic in nature, so keep your comments respectful for other readers! I like to write about the less common types of love, so be forewarned!
I appreciate all the love on Book 1 and I'm really excited about book 2! It is a shorter story, but it leads us into the next few books!
Don't worry, Laken and Jed are VERY heavily in all the books, plus book 4 is from their POV again. So you aren't done with the original two characters!
But this one is about KADE! He is one of my favourites ; )
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