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Please only read if you are 21 or older One summer turns wild for Jessica as she becomes Ace’s submissive. Will they fall in love ? This story has Bdsm in it and could trigger people please proceed with caution. Please read this blurb from the story And leave a review and suggestions thanks.

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The smell of the dark rum candle filled air as

A leather blind fold was placed over my eyes and tied in the back, a tug I felt as my wrists were put in restraints hearing a clicking sound as they were bound together. Arms pushed me onto the bed onto my knees with my hands behind my back bound together. A hard hand hit my nude behind stinging as it hit. Stinging more with each hit. My behind felt like tenderized meat, Hands moved down my shoulders onto my nipples toying with me with each tug. One hand moved down between my thighs stroking my peach as the other continued to toy with my nipple

Fingers entered me playing in my peach farm. Each stroke in and out came with a primal hunger. Feeling lascivious I let out a moan. Hands pushed me onto the bed lying on my back. Lips trailed down my jaw.

“ You belong to me, don’t you? “

‘ yes I do sir ’

I felt a pinch on each of my nipples.

A soft sensation grazed my front. Tickling

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