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The meeting

The sun was blazing down, I didn’t feel beautiful at all as the sweat trickled down my bra and Waiting on customers in my open beach shack all day.
“ hey how long have you worked here cutie?’’
Nervous !
I dropped the snorkel mask I was holding and went to bend down to pick it up facing the front.
“ I’m enjoying the way your tank top hugs you”
Feeling awkward
“ this job came from college and I was paid to move here, I’ve been here for a year and a half”
“ What's your name sugar ? “
“ Jessica “
“Yours “
“ Ace”
“ you are making it hard to stand here”
“ Where do you reside at babe?”
“ I live down the street at the coconut coco beach apartments it’s not the best place but it is affordable”
“How big is your place ? “
“ it’s a studio apartment and it's big enough for a bed tv and a kitchen.”
“ Baby you could join me at night “ winking at me
“ i have to close the shop”
“ oh come on beauty let’s talk a few more minutes”
“ sure”
“ Where did you go to college? What is your degree in?”
“ I went to columbia college in chicago my degree is in creative writing I have not used my degree at all.”
“ that's a shame because I could write a book about your beauty”
I felt my face flush because I didn’t think I was beautiful at all
“ Jes are you seeing anybody?”
“ I am not seeing anyone the last relationship I was in ended 3 years ago before i moved here”
“ How long were you together? “
“ We were together one summer. We just went out to dinner and went to the bar a few times, we didn’t even hook up and I found out he was dating a different girl at the same time as me I called the breakup.”
‘’ I'd like to take you out sometime, would you like that?”
“ I would “
“ Anyways I have to go I will see you another day”

A few thoughts ran through my brain
“ I don’t have a clue what that was about? Is that guy crazy ? “
I finished my tasks around the shop and closed up shop.
Gathered my laundry in a basket walking to the outdoor laundry mat in the apartment complex.
Throwing my laundry into a washer, I played candy crush on my phone until it was finished.
Setting the heavy laundry basket on the ground, placed the keys in the door holes.
Picking up the heavy basket steeping inside, placing it on the couch.
Tomorrow will be a busy day at my shop turning in early to bed.
Rain poured the whole next day making the busiest day of the year turn into a slow day, closing up shop. As I walked to my car my sandals each step came with more wet sand covering my sandals. Grabbing a salad at the subway on my way home with an unsweetened tea with lemon.

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