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First engagment

Feeling the sweat trickle down my back , as I finished my shift for the day.
A Few weeks passed since I met Ace out of nowhere, a voice said.
“ Hey I am enjoying you wearing those Shorts’’
Looking at him awkwardly
“ I’d Like to take you to dinner tonight ?”
“ uhh,’” Came out of my mouth nervously
“ jes you are going to dinner with me tonight at white sands”
“Dress code requirements
A dress that is black That stretches at the bottom dress ,
dress has to be sleeveless
Black heels
See you at 8pm “
I closed the beach shack down at 4:00 pm,
I picked up my white iPhone 7 I entered my passcode and logged the time I closed the beach shack. Into my schools app that always malfunctioned since the last update.
I checked my text messages, i had no new texts.
I drove home in my beater of a car that was rusted and grey
that clunked and bumped and made an awful gurgling noise that sounded as if a creature would rise out of the engine.
I parked my car and I carefully closed the door since the door handle was on its last leg.
Once inside my studio I flipped on a fan on the counter since I couldn't afford air with as much debt I had from school.
Walking to the tiny fridge, I opened it fetched a bottle of water and took a sip of water,
Exhaustion hit me from the Florida heat. Felt my bikini top and shorts cling to my body. My time was ticking by for the date that my whole body felt nervous about, the tender age of 26. Introverted, single for 3 years no business had gone down in between my thighs in 2 and a half years. Cold water hit my skin from the shower head, I lathered my body and washed my hair. Wrapped a towel around my average body.
Walking to my closet that was a mess of clothes , it was time to find a decent outfit. It took 45 minutes to find an outfit. A plain black dress graced over my body with my cleavage as I looked in the mirror. I slipped my feet into plain low black heels. Putting my red auburn hair into an all in one clip.
I let a few pieces of hair fall down my shoulders.
I finished my look with natural makeup.
Looking at the clock it read 7:00pm
I left my studio and drove to white sands.
I Arrived walked up to the clear glass door stepped inside,
Ace looped his arm around mine.
The hostess took us to an outdoor veranda with a wine bar in the center,
We sat down Across from each other with an ornate glass table in between us.
" I will order for you Jessica , we will each get the steak and I will get us a bottle of Pinot grigio wine.
" okkk " i said nervously
Ace ordered the Wine to come first and food to come second.
I took a big gulp of my wine and took a deep breath and exhaled.
" Jessica, do you like wine?"
" Ace it is delicious "
" Good Jessica has some more Ace poured more wine in my glass.
Ace slipped his hand on my inner thigh under the table and started stroking
quickly slipped a finger in my underwear and ran his finger up and down my skin.
I felt pleasure thrums throughout my whole body. I grabbed the table firmly as Ace pushed me over the edge. Ace removed his finger and I felt a moistness in between my legs. I picked up my glass and took another sip of wine.
A male server with blonde spiky hair and a heavier build in a black button down and black pants walked to our table. He set our plates of steaks on the table.
I stuck my fork into my steak and took a bite. It melted in my mouth and was the perfect mixture of wine sauce and underlying smoky flavor.
I took another sip of wine , noticing myself starting to feel warm from the wine.
Ace and I finished our dinner at the same time.
Ace paid the bill, lopped his arm around mine, and we walked to the parking lot.
" Jessica your car has been driven home by my driver Eric,
Eric will pick us up in a black limo to drive us to my place. "
" Thanks for dinner .
As we pulled up the house came into view , it was white with stucco. It had an archway over the doorway and white pillars. A dolphin statue sprayed water back into the pool below it, the lighting had a water reflection effect.
We stepped inside a foyer that was spacious. A long hallway in the distance
We sat down on an upholstered leather couch.
feeling cold on my skin as the air kicked on.
His fingers found mine my hand shock in his
“ Jessica I’m a dom looking for a submissive,
I’d like to take you to a sex party and introduce you to the lifestyle and we will play lightly at the party, we will go slow and nothing happens without your constent we will go slow. I think you're absolutely stunning even though you don’t think so.”
I felt my hand shake more in his
“ What does this all mean?”
“ let me just take you out, i will explain more later”

“I'm so nervous though “
“ Just relax baby”
“ I will take care of you’’
“ i'm enjoying you in that dress “
“ Would you like a glass of wine?”
“ Sure
“red or white” Ace asked as he walked to the kitchen
“ white” I said nervously
“ here you go “
Looking down at my phone I saw the time 12 Am
“ I better go, can your driver take me back now?”
“ of course”
We pulled up to my house and I got out of the limo and walked up to my door and opened my door.

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