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Second engagement

The lavish pictures black Leather Masks graced with metal chains. Scrolling down on my iPhone in the beach shack. Stopping at the Forum to put in my contact information agree to the safety agreement. Pressed the send button. A text message popped up on my phone. Thank you you are confirmed for The sex party presented by Lovin you presents. You are confirmed with Guest Ace. Another text popped up on my phone with a masquerade mask laying on a bright red sheet with a leather whip next to it. Words flashed quickly over the picture saying cuff , whip, chain , fuck , don't forget costumes the flashing repeated, I put down my phone, walked to the register. Observing thick dark clouds gathering in the sky feeling the temperature shift from it's humid wet feeling 110 degrees. Wind blew through green palm tree leaves. People laying face down on beach towels tanning cooler next to them , a large game of beach volleyball happening in the middle of the beach.

Separating the snorkel gear into one pile, beach towels in a second. Taking a pile of wet snorkel masks, set them in the plastic bucket of cleaner Placed beach towels in a plastic bag to take home and wash. Rolling the tarp down over the large openings of the beach shack. Walking around to the front I put the wooden weathered closed sign over the tarp.

Ace was on his way to pick me up, the eye mask with diamonds strung across the bottom, sequence running down the nose bridge. I picked it up placed it on my face and tied the silk black string in the back, pulling my sequence dress over my hips and tucked in my average size breasts. Working my way into closed toe black sequence 9 inch heels. I grabbed my glitter black purse, my heels clunked onto the floor as I walked out of my little tiny studio and locked the door. Walking to the stretch limo sliding in next to Ace as I shut the door.
The sky flashed, followed by rumbling, the sky opened up making a sheet of water.
We arrived in front of tall wrought iron gates attached to pillars, a tall house could be seen in the distance. The gates opened slowly. A house came into view that climbed toward the sky, Ace lopped his arm around mine as we walked up to a path where there were fire spinners. We stepped inside Ace stepped to the side. Tightened his tie, Ace's suite hugged his toned body in all the right places. Ace did not have a mask, the reason Ace did not have a mask is to show he was the dominant and I the submissive. We walked to a play area , to restraints attached to top
of a wall.
Ace took my face in his hands and kissed me roughly, his hands grabbed my hips and threw me against the wall, each one of my Hands restrained above my head as Ace grabbed my legs wrapping each of my legs around his waist. Ace trailed kisses down my throat, his lips met mine as we kissed rough. My mind fogged as Ace's hands massaged my breasts over my dress.
Ace untied my wrists, picked me up and placed me on my feet.
Seeing a woman pass by with blonde long hair in a leather bra and leather pants and holding a whip down by her side, a group behind passed by a few had revealing outfits all made out of chains, a few had gone nude.
The party got stranger by the minute, feeling overwhelmed, I walked to the nearest bar in the spacious mansion.
Holding the drink menu out in front of me every drink, named after a sex position.
I ordered the reverse cowgirl , a few minutes later I received a clear cowboy boot glass that had lovin you engraved on each side of the boot. Red crimson liquid filled to the rim of the boot. Grabbing a straw placing it in my drink, devouring a strong punch of whiskey and lemonade. Sitting down at a nearby chair, watching people go by In feather ropes, A few had revealing nurse costumes on, behind came males in Doctor costumes.

Ace came walking towards the table
" Why did you think it was okay to walk away from me Jessica " Ace bellowed
" I'm sorry "
"I'm sorry is not Acceptable ! "
" stand up Jessica "
I stood up Ace came behind me and slapped my butt followed by a stinging sensation.

A crack of lightning lit up the mansion vaulted ceiling windows as a loud rumble shook the ground. Lights hanging from the Ceiling flickered. Music pumped in, a wall turned revealing a stage with, men that were ripped and cut with shorts on. Circulating colored lights circulated. The men grinned their hips as each man lathered oil over there six packs. Women with drinks in their hands gathered around the stage to gawk
Ace still behind slipped his hand around my waist, pulled me closer and nibbled on my ear
" Are you ready to go ?" He whispered in my ear
" yes "
Ace held my hand as we walked outside.
Lighting illuminated the sky as thunder rumbled, solid sheets of rain came down overflowing puddles creating bubbles.
Ace's limo pulled up and we both got inside, riding off into the night.

Ace and I stepped out of the limo as lightning flashed illuminating the night sky.
Ace grabbed my hand , pulled me toward the elevator. The elevator opened and we stepped inside the elevator took us to the floor I had never been to. We stepped out of the elevator a large bay window letting in flashing lighting .
Ace opened the double doors to a room big enough to fit two walk in closets. The room had whips hung on the wall. Handcuffs hung on the wall
Ace took me by the hand and I pulled me over to the four poster bed, with rose petals strewn over the white sheet.
" It's time we get to training.
I was lying in the big bed with the rose petals underneath me, in my bra and my underwear
Ace took his Strong hand and grazed my neck trailing down to my breast and put his hand inside my bra and teased me. It felt wonderful I wanted more!
Ace trailed his lips down my jaw, and put his lips around my neck and sucked my skin in his mouth.
My whole body felt warm as I felt heat rush down to the area by my thighs.
Fingers found the corners of my underwear slipping off my underwear.
Fingers found my clit and massaged and rubbed. My clit swelled as I felt my nipples swell.
Lips trailed down my chest as fingers wrapped around my back slipping my bra off.
Feeling slik graze across my eyes I felt a tug and another tug.
Lips continued to trail down my body.
Lips found my clit, as fingers went inside and out of me.
The sensations sent my body into ecstasy.

The next morning I woke up with arms around my waist.
He rubbed my arms and kissed my shoulder
" How was that ? "
” amazing ”
"" aw your cute "
Sunlight illuminated behind the large black curtain covering a bay window.
His lips found my neck " how about we go shower together and get breakfast after "
" ok "
Both of us stepping out of bed naked felt exhilarating.
He came up behind me and wrapped his warm muscular arms around me.

Ace pushed me against the shower wall and his lips found mine as Hot water poured on both of us.
He picked up my legs, placing them on his hips he entered me. Deeply kissing on my neck as he thrusted.
As we climaxed we fell into sync with each other.
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