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Dangerous Thirst 18+

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“If she looks at you like that one more time, I will rip her throat out with my fangs.” Normal girl, normal life. That is until weird things start happening to Fiona Glass a few weeks before her birthday. She starts dreaming about blood, and a voice starts to speak to her. On her eighteenth birthday she commits a heinous crime. Murdering her parents in cold-blood, but she has no recollection of it happening.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

“If she looks at you like that one more time, I will rip her throat out with my fangs.”

Normal girl, normal life. That is until weird things start happening to Fiona Glass a few weeks before her birthday. A voice inside her head telling her to do things of the unspeakable. Then she starts experiencing extreme mood swings and odd food cravings. On her eighteenth birthday she commits a heinous crime. Murdering her parents in cold-blood, but she has no recollection of it happening.

“What do you mean we can’t kill her? She can’t even fight back, she’s three for god’s sake!” The man sitting in front of his beloved, exclaimed loudly in his chambers.

The woman kissed her fangs in annoyance, “She might not fight back, but I know that the King and Queen will find out who did it. Let’s not be stupid, think with our heads.”

“I want those bastards gone! After they betrayed the kingdom like that, someone sensible needs to step up and take care of the trash!”

“After signing that treaty with those dogs, they lost half of their loyal followers. We need to persuade the others to not side with the animals,” She growled in annoyance.

“How? They already are suspicious of us, of our loyalty! We can’t kill the girl so what do we do?”

There was a silence in the room, the couple was racking their brains for any ideas, “We need to distract them, but with what?”

“Sweetie, you know I love you, but how the hell are we going to distract them? They have eyes and ears everywhere!” The woman said, sipping her from her glass in frustration.

“Wait! I think I have an idea!” He looked at her and with his eyes told her to leave it to him.

She pecked his mouth and said, “I trust you, let me confer with the others and see if we can get outside help.”

The man snuck into the nursery, like the monster of the night that he was. Creeping toward the bed, a small figure sleeping in the middle of it. Throwing the blankets off her, he picked up her small frame and rocked her gently so the child wouldn’t wake up.

“What a shame, you’re actually a good kid. Too bad your parents are bastards,” The man whispered into the girl’s brunette locks.

The girl snuggled into his arms unknowingly. At least he’s glad he didn’t have to kill the girl. She was very special in her own way, only being three after all. Tucking the child into his side he reached into his pocket, grabbing a hold of the powder a witch had given him. This powder was hard enough to get alone, but it should cover their scents. Now the king and queen wouldn’t even have a trail to follow.

Jumping out the window he landed on his feet, the girl still sleeping in his hands. She slept soundly in the crook of his arm. He was surprised that the parents hadn’t heard a thing, especially with their bionic hearing. His guess was that they were screwing like rabbits to hear their own daughter get abducted. Absolutely disgusting, they had brought this on themselves.

As soon as he stepped off the plane, the girl started to rouse out of sleep. It had been a long flight since they flew halfway across the world. She opened her big green eyes at him and blinked, blankly staring at him. What an odd child. A few hours after the plane landed he started to hear the beating hearts of thousands. Although it was tempting, he had to drop off the girl as soon as possible. The king and queen by now had realized their daughter was nowhere to be seen. They wouldn’t dare think to suspect him since he is always on business trips anyways.

Climbing into the rental car he buckled her into her booster seat. While he drove she kept staring at him from his rear view mirror, not breaking eye contact. If she was older he would’ve been intimidated by this child, she was a royal after all. Driving all the way to Miami was super tiring, he can’t remember the last time he drove this much. His guess was that it had been over fifty years since he touched one of the death machine’s.

On the outskirts of the town, he parked past a large antique building that said “Miami Kid’s home”. Unbuckling the girl from her seat belt contraption, he pulled her out of the car and walked them toward the building. Knocking on the door, he set the girl on the porch and ran as fast he could, he was out of sight in a millisecond. Watching from the treeline he saw a heavy set human pick up the girl and look around for her owner. Frowning, the woman took her inside of the lousy looking building.

Pulling out his cell phone from his coat jacket he dialed his beloved’s number. Picking up she answered, “Sweetie?”

“It’s done,” And hung up, trying not to seem suspicious.

Now he has to go all the way back home. It had been almost a day of traveling so now he had to do it once more. Now, all he had to do was wait for the plan to unfold in years time. Little did he know it would be a lot sooner than he thought.

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