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Heat pt.2

I gaped up at him in shock, just from the way he was looking at me I could tell that he was being completely serious. If I wasn’t in unbearable pain as of this moment I would’ve told him off. Instead of saying anything else he started to undress. When I say I wasn’t complaining, I truly mean it. He was practically Adonis himself and I had no room to complain. Just from his garments I could tell that he was a warrior himself, but not the weak ones I had just killed. He must be working out constantly from the looks of it. Good, I didn’t need a weak beloved.

Another thing I noticed is that he was big. Would it fit? I’m pretty sure he’s going to be in my guts if he even got in. From the look on his face he probably knew what I was thinking too.

“I don’t mind you staring, my love but I promise it won’t bite,” With a wink he lowered himself on top of me.

“I bite and that is way scarier than I’ll ever be.”

Smirking, he started to run his fingers along my thigh. That’s when he started to push his fingers into me. At first it was just his two fingers until he added another. I winced at the pressure but it didn’t take me long to start enjoying his pace. Fuck. If this is what three fingers felt like I was going to have a hard time with him. As he started to pick up the pace I could feel myself starting to release. To no evail he took his fingers out and sucked them off.

“Mmm. So sweet, and I’m sorry my love but the only thing you’ll be coming around is my dick.”

The pain of the heat started to overtake me, I mewed in response, “Take me, fuck. Fuck me right now. I can’t take this heat anymore.”

No more words were needed. He took his member in his hand and started to guide it toward my entrance. I squeezed my eyes shut, I had a feeling that it was going to be a tight fit. Instead of putting it in, he guided his tip everywhere but my entrance. Coating himself in my wetness, he finally started to push through. Holy fucking shit he was big. With a quick thrust, he entered me completely. I gasped at how much he had filled me up.

“My love, let me see those gorgeous eyes of yours,” Grabbing my face he angled it toward his and leaned down for a kiss.

“Move, holy shit just move,” I said panting.

He needed no further instruction. At first he started with a slow thrust, not too fast but still kept up with his pace. Then he started to move even faster. By now the heat was more bearable, but I still felt like a bitch in heat.

“You took me so well, love. Wrap your legs around me, I’m not even close to being done with you, this is just the start.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed him tighter to me. He groaned in response. That’s when he picked up the speed. He pounded into me hard and fast, I looked in his eyes and moaned repeatedly.

“D-don’t stop, please god don’t stop.”

And he didn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was using his vampire speed. During this I could feel myself starting to constrict around him. A few seconds later I was pulsing around him. I sighed, finally he let me release. However this didn’t seem to stop him, he continued on. This started another orgasm to come and go. Soon after his pace started to get sloppy, and he was moaning non stop. Seconds later he came inside of me, coating me with his seed.

I pushed his hair from his eyes and grabbed his chin and brought his lips to mine, “The heat is gone, thank you.”

He cocked his eyebrow at me, “You don’t need to thank me for it, and as I said this is just the beginning, the smell isn’t entirely gone yet.”

“You know what might help?” he shook his head confused. “If I went on my hands and knees, it might get all of the smell.”

He smirked at me in response, “You’re a little vixen, you know that?”

I flipped myself over and waved my hips in an inviting way. Dragging me toward him he lined up my entrance and slammed into me unlike how he first did. I purred in response. He felt so good, so filling. It would never be enough. And I now have him for eternity.

Throughout the rest of the day we had done it on his bed multiple times, a few in the shower, and any other surface that would hold me. This man was insatiable, the only reason why we decided to stop is so we could feed off of each other again. Everything about this man was insatiable. Though I knew soon my mental hold on Fiona would soon collapse, I spent as much time with my beloved as I could.

Now that I come to think of it Fiona is going to have no clue who our mate is. Snorting, I realized that she had no clue about any of this. I guess she’ll have to deal with the soreness the next day. She still has no clue that we- I mean, what I did to her friends and parents. But that comes with the transition. The severe blood-lust. Us royal blooded vampires need blood as newborns. When she comes to the realisation she’ll be furious at her beast side. Me.

Dragging me out of my thoughts Griffin asks, “Are you alright my love? You spaced off for a second there.”

“I’m okay, just thinking about the human side of me, she’s been in the dark about all of this and I feel terrible. Not to mention she has no clue who you are either.”

He huffed in response, “My love, you need to give her memories back. She needs to realize that she can access all of these memories that we just made.”

I blushed and looked away, “I would share them if I could, but I’m not sure exactly how yet.”

“I can teach you but I see in your eyes that she wants control back, they’re starting to flicker to green” He says while cupping my cheek and brushing his thumb under my eyes.

Leaning into his touch, I turn and kiss the palm of his hand, “I’m afraid she’s starting to fight even harder. My hold against her is starting to weaken, if not now, in the morning.”

He kissed me in response, “Until the next time my love, but now I want to meet the other side of you.”

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