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Sate Him

“Yes. Though because of me your thirst will be for my blood alone.” By now our chests were touching, my breathing became erratic bumping into his hard chest.

“Your blood? I thought vampires drink human blood? What’s so special about yours?” This caused him to scoff at me.

He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and responded, “My love, I’m all that you will crave for. It’s the bond.”

“What bond? I’m not bonded to you in any way,” Crossing my arms, I scoffed right back at him.

“Oh? Well can you explain to me what this is?” Pointing at his neck where a mark laid, it looked like it had healed years ago from the looks of it, but from the tone of his voice I could tell that it was recent.

“What is that? Did I do that? There’s no way,” I said dismissing the thought, I didn’t remember ever biting him.

“I’ll explain when you’re ready and fully in tune with yourself. My love, there’s so much I need to let you know about your transition however. Though I’ll be there every step of the way.”

Every step of the way? How many steps could there be? If that was the case then maybe I should end my misery now. I didn’t even know why I was even turning into a vampire in the first place. From the movies people were bitten. Did he bite me? I let out a small gasp and looked under my shirt near my neck was a bite mark similar to his. And from the look of his face I could tell he was the guilty one. Fury vibrated from my head down to the tip of my toes. Glaring at him, I could tell that my eyes had changed. And the most ironic thing happened, he now was the one to take a step back.

“Did. You. Bite. Me,” With each syllable, I took a step toward him.

His face dropped, I took this as my answer. I raised my palm and smacked him straight across the face. His head whipped to the side. Staring down at me in shock, he softly touched his cheek. Now he wanted to act like he wasn’t the one who turned me into a monster. This fueled my anger further. It crackled and burned brightly, taking over every single thought and cell in my body. At this point it felt like it was rolling off me in waves. Though physically he seemed fine, I knew mentally he was wincing.

“Now before you get ahead of yourself I’ll have you know that vampires are born not bitten. Yes I did bite you but it had nothing to do with changing you. Whoever your parents were, your vampire parents gave birth to you giving you the vampiric gene. Just like every other vampire in this castle. I’m sorry to say my love but in the human world that you came from, those humans were not your real parents.”

I growled at him, “You’re lying.” Unlike with Colin and Alexis unfortunately his words rang true. Not an ounce of a lie was spoken.

“No darling, I’m not. Otherwise you would’ve known of our kind before your 18th birthday. It was the same for me and every other vampire on their 18th birthday. We start off as humans but not for long. For the rest of eternity you are to be a vampire like the rest of us.”

I backed away, gasping at him. I lost my footing and fell to the ground. That means that whoever my real parents were could possibly still be alive. But that thought was pushed to the back of my mind, they weren’t my real parents, especially since they abandoned me. Ever since I was little I always wondered how both of my parents didn’t really look like me. I had striking features and they had more dull ones. It all started to make sense.

When I was little I always had wanted a sibling but they always told me I was all they needed, which probably meant that they couldn’t have children. That also meant that they knew I wasn’t their child. Well, biological child. Even with this new information I knew that they’d always be my parents.

Were my parents. They are gone now. And I don’t even know what monster did it either. I would find out who did it and I would kill them with my bare hands. They were innocent. So innocent…

“My parents are gone...before I was kidnapped, they were killed on the night of my birthday,” I broke down again, the fury now gone. Now I was just broken.

He leaned down and picked up my body and gently this time laid me on the bed. This time I didn’t fight him, I just cried harder. His hand went to my head, making me flinch. He sighed, taking his hand away, almost seeming painful for him to do so. And to be honest I wish he was touching me but then I remembered what he did to me moments ago. That thought long gone.

He kissed the top of my head and pushed himself off the bed and neared the door. Before he left he said, “I have some duties to take care of, I’ll be back. Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to leave the room, can’t have a repeat of earlier. Guards will be posted outside if you try anything funny.”

With that he left the room without another word and clicked the door shut. From all of the fighting from earlier, I was exhausted. I could barely move a muscle from the position that he left me in. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into an hour and he still wasn’t back. I still hadn’t moved an inch either. I was still trying to process everything that had just happened. Why was I so attracted to him? Did I really bite him? Why did he bite me? All of my questions circled my mind, leaving my mind racing. Though my body had not shown it, I was going into overdrive. Everything started to make sense and on the other hand I was left more confused. Instead of waiting for him to get back, I closed my eyes.

“It was horrible! Did you hear what that demon did to our men?” The man huffed in frustration.

The woman crossed her arms and gave her beloved a pointed look, “It’s ridiculous! Rumors say she killed them all in seconds. Barely even lifted a claw. They also said that she has wings! Do you know who else has wings? The royals!”

After she had mentioned that both of their faces paled. They both understood what that meant. The lost princess had returned!

The man glared at his beloved, “After all that hard work, how the hell could she return! I swear that she was thousands of miles away. I swear to you, my men were supposed to kill her before her 18th birthday!”

“This is all your fault! If you just had done it yourself instead of leaving your lousy men to do it themselves, maybe this wouldn’t have happened in the first place!” She hissed back.

The man advanced toward her, he raised his hand and backhanded her. She immediately fell to the floor. He stomped toward her body and drew his leg back and kicked her side, making her cough. Her ribs already were bruised from yesterdays events, but she was sure that the single kick had broken her ribs.

“This is NOT my fault. If you would shut your mouth and quit blaming me, I wouldn’t have to do this to you. Now, get on your knees and show me how sorry you are.”

She whimpered, her side was burning. That’s what happened when he wouldn’t let her drink his blood. He knew it made her weak, when he felt like it he would give her a drop of his blood to make sure she wouldn’t wither away. If she was too hurt to pleasure him he would find a helpless maid and...she shivered at the thought. It pained her more to think of what he had done to those undeserving girls.

She opened her mouth, though it hurt to even open, she knew if it wasn’t her it would be someone else. Every time he touched another woman she felt the pain radiating all over her body. She simply couldn’t go through that right now. Better a little beating than dying of thirst.

He unzipped his pants and he motioned toward himself, telling her to continue. She grimmanced and grasped his member with shaky hands and started to suck. He grunted in pleasure. But it wasn’t enough, it never was. Instead of being gentle, he gripped her hair roughly and forced her to take him further. She gagged, partly because it was disgusting to have her own soulmate force her.

When they were young he used to be so loving and caring. Promised her the world. Promised power. Though she had gotten nothing at all. She wished she had turned themselves in and told the King and Queen about what they had done. At least she knew that they would be quick with her death. But instead she was suffering. Day in and day out.

She hoped that this would sate him for tonight, but she knew it would be quite the opposite.

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