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Let's Play A Game

Waking up abruptly, I noticed Griffin had returned. He was intensely staring at me from a chair in the corner. Silently observing. He at least seemed more calm. I didn’t know how long he was gone or even how long I had slept. Must’ve been a few hours, since now the sun had lowered and a gold hue ignited the room. Laying my head back on the pillow, I sighed and turned away from his gaze.

That’s when the chair's legs scooted against the wooden floors, making a loud noise. I jerked my head in his direction, only he wasn’t there anymore. Now he had stood at the foot of the bed. It was all so quick, he got on top of the bed then I felt his lips on mine. Every being in my body wanted to give into the kiss since it was so euphoric but after what he did to me, I was more reluctant. I pushed his chest, separating our lips.

“Did you not like it?” He said tilting his head, an almost puppy-like look crossed his face.

I wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand, “You can’t go around kissing strangers you know, it’s considered creepy.”

He chuckled at her, responding back, “I think I have the right to kiss what’s mine, and I’m not creepy, I’m showing my beloved affection.”

“B-beloved? What are you from? The 1700s? And I’m not yours.” I said, scoffing.

He ran his fingers through my hair gripping the back of my head and tilted it up to his.

“You’re mine as I am yours. And yes, you’re my beloved, my lover, my partner for life, my soulmate. But you’re mine, all in all.”

I blinked up at him as if he was insane, which he was, “I’m nobodies, and just so you know there is no such thing as soulmates.”

He brushed the tips of his fingers along my thigh, by now tingles shot up all the way to my core. “No? Then what’s this? I know you feel this.”

My breathing started to quicken. I can’t believe he made me feel this with just a single touch. It was maddening. I needed to escape his grasp before he tried to do anything else to prove this crazy notion. And I knew I probably wouldn’t end up stopping him.

“Back. Get back. Haven’t you done enough?”

Instead he got closer. “No Fiona, I don’t think I have.”

Creeping toward me, everything in his body language told me everything I needed to know. He was a predator stalking his prey. But only instead of killing me, he was picturing me in grotesque ways. After that kiss I almost wanted him to, but I needed answers. Lots of them. Starting with my origin, and the steps of becoming a vampire fully and about that transition he talks of. And what relation he had to me and why we bit each other.

Backing away from him, I asked, “Enough with the stares and secretive language, I’m just confused about everything. I don’t even know why I’m a vampire in the first place or what the transition you spoke of. I just need answers Griffin, can you do that for me?”

“Hmm, well of course I could do that but what’s the fun in that? Instead, how about we play a game? I’m thinking along the lines of a stripping game,” He looked at me with his dark eyes on my face, making it heat up.

“How do you play?”

He smirked at me, well shit this was going to be interesting, “You ask me a question and if I can’t answer it I’ll take a piece of clothing off, and vice versa. Lets see...the winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser.”

Knowing him, I would be in a lot of trouble, but if I wanted answers then this would be the way to get them.

“Okay fine, but we both have to answer honestly otherwise it’s an automatic win for the other person.” I said, crossing my arms. I was glad that I put back on my old clothes which had a few layers.

“I wouldn’t dream of not being honest with you, my love. Alrighty so I’ll go first. How many men have you slept with?”

I rolled my eyes of course he had to ask that first, “Only one, my turn. What is the transition?”

“The transition is basically the first week of our eighteenth birthday. This is where our human organs, bones, and blood transition into our vampire genes. The first day on your birthday is when all of your senses come out. Throughout this week your thirst for blood is at an all time high unless you were fortunate enough to find your beloved. My turn, the worst thing you’ve done to another person?”

I peeled my sock off from my foot, by the look of his face he was not expecting my socks to go first. He was definitely pouting now. “Alrighty, me again. Where are we exactly? You mention the castle that much is obvious but where exactly are we?”

“We are in a hidden country called Speculo. With magic from witches our location is hidden from mankind. But technically the closest place to us would be Italy.”

I gasped back at him, “Italy? Hidden country? I can’t believe those bastards dragged me all the way here!”

“As unfortunate as this seems, you asked too many questions out of turn, so I must ask you to peel some of those clothes off.” I grumbled in response, taking off my other sock and my shirt.

In my bra, he looked at me again with those eyes that made me cross my legs to stop the pulsing. I wish he didn’t have this effect on me. Before I lose my composure, I fire off another question, “Fine, how many women have you slept with?” My eyes burned with jealousy, from the looks of this man he was no Saint Mary.

Instead of saying anything he peeled off his shirt and smirked at my shocked face. The pulsing was becoming hard to ignore, this man was happy to see me struggling. Which pissed me off even more.

“My love, you look a bit flustered there. I promise that will be a conversation for another time. Anyways, my turn. What’s your favorite position?”

Looking at him with sultry eyes I rasp out, “Anything with you in it.” Slapping my hand to my mouth, I didn’t expect to say that at all.

He chuckled and stalked toward me until his nose was touching mine, “Really? Why don’t we end this game early? I promise you we’ll try all the positions till you find your favorite one.”

“A-actually I think you need to remove clothing items, and I’m good. I don’t need you, I can always find someone else to find it.” For a second he was dead silent until I saw his eyes change back into silvery slits.

Picking me up, I automatically wrapped my legs around his bare waist. He carried me to the bed and threw me into the middle. “Let’s say hypothetically that you were to do that, would you like to know what I would do? The second I see another males hands on you, I would rip him limb from limb, then I would pound into you till you wouldn’t be able to feel yours. My love, don’t play with fire. In the end, you’ll only end up getting burnt.”

I gasped up at how close he was to me. At this point I was soaking wet, I almost could bet that he too could feel it too. He too was turned on, the bulge in his pants said more than enough. Gripping my legs tighter around his mid-section he groaned in response.

He put his head near to where he bit me. I gasped at the sensation of his cold breath fanning over my neck. Tingles erupted all over my body, almost to where I could feel myself about to explode. It was so hard not to start touching myself, especially when he was around. I cursed myself, why was I so attracted to this man?

“Last question, can I touch you?”

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