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The Club Scene

His question caught me off guard. Touch me? I’m assuming he means it in a sexual way, which I was not ready for. I mean I had just gotten out of a long term relationship, that pig. With all this new information, I regret to say that I almost forgot Colin and Alexis were killed the same night of my parents. In all honesty, I’m not necessarily sad about it either. They both screwed me over and didn’t think their actions wouldn’t affect me. And they definitely did too. Even though what I did to them was wrong I don’t regret it in the slightest.

Looking back up at Griffin I defiantly told him, “No. No you may not touch me.”

“My love, why must you fight our bond? I’m guessing you need more time. If that’s the case then I’ll take my leave. If you need me I’ll be right across the hall. Do not leave, I’ll stop by so you can feed.”

With that he got up and walked out the door. Yet again leaving me alone in this massive room. I didn’t mind that he left, in all honesty I’m not sure why I ever agreed to that stupid game. He probably thought I would fall to my knees and beg for him to take me. Maybe I did, my emotions were all over the place, and they got worse when he was near me.

Though I pretty much got over the fact that I had been taken to this place, against my will might I add. And this man I was very much attracted to said that we were soulmates, but I didn’t believe it for a second. Oh, and I’m a vampire and apparently my parents weren’t really my parents.

I put the clothes I took off back on. I have nothing else to do so I might as well try to escape. There’s no way in hell I’m staying in this room any longer. The room was a couple of stories above the ground but from my trials in my bedroom I’m pretty sure I would land and at least heal myself. I’m just hoping that I’m right. Opening the window I stuck my leg out and slid the rest of my body out and jumped. Landing with a big thud, I had surprisingly stuck the landing.

Looking around, there was an open field but the rest was forest. For miles, it had seemed. Now I have to find my way out of here before he comes back. Starting off with a light jog, I ventured my way to find a car or something. I could test my vampire abilities a bit, but decided against it. Today was not that day. That day would come when I found myself to be safe and away from all vampires.

After jogging for a few minutes around the castle I saw a ginormous garage. I looked around me, hoping not to catch anyone’s eye. I did not want to do what I did last time to those twins. Although they did kidnap me so they got what they deserved.

Finding the door to the garage, I snuck inside. I sighed a breath of relief, no one was in the garage. Looking around I saw rows of cars. There were cars of all kinds, the fast ones, the everyday type cars, and the black SUVs. Similar to the ones that I was taken in.

All of these cars were expensive, no doubt, but I couldn’t risk being caught so I went with a white Mazda. It was low profile so I doubt anyone would suspect anything. Luckily the keys were inside already, sitting in the cup holder. Hopping in, I started the car and exited the garage.

Speeding off onto the long road, I drove away from the castle. It was now only eleven so I had time to drive myself to the closest airport and get the hell out of dodge. The car was quick, I’ll give the props to whoever owned this car. It was their own fault for leaving the keys in the cup holder after all. I just took advantage of the situation.

After a couple hours of driving through the country the areas I passed started to become more civilized. Flipping through the radio channels, I stuck with R & B. Giveon was playing in the speakers. My fingers tapped against the wheel mindlessly with the beat. This was going to be a long drive, the nearest airport was still about three hours away, if I booked it that is. I had no intentions of stopping any time soon, I still had a full tank of gas which should last me the trip there.

Thinking back to what Griffin said, I couldn’t understand why he called us soulmates. Sure every time I saw him I got butterflies, but it didn’t necessarily mean we were. I was a human less than forty-eight hours ago, and I’d like to think of myself in the same light. Minus the drinking blood crap.

Even the murders were justifiable in my mind, those men kidnapped me. You don’t take a random person from the police station and get away with it. Though I probably won’t be going back to Miami, I have no one left. My parents who really weren’t my parents still meant a lot to me and I couldn’t show my face back there again.

Plan b is that I explore, go somewhere exotic and lay low. I don’t want what’s his face finding me and proclaiming his love for me again. That would be implorable. Which leads me to finding a country that is big enough for me to hide myself. Though big crowds mean that my self control is going to have to be on it’s A game. In the meantime, I want to go as far away from here as possible.

Three hours later I find myself in the parking lot of the airport. I put the Mazda in park and sped walked to the desk. There were flights going everywhere and anywhere. Perfect. The crowds of people made my mouth water. It was almost too good to be true. Almost as if I was given a free ticket to a buffet. But that would have to wait. Ticket time.

Studying the boards of the flights I simply gazed. There were lots of places that caught my eye. Tokyo, Greece, Paris, every big city you could imagine. But my best bets were Tokyo. The culture was rich, and I’ve always wanted to go. After buying my ticket, I walked to the flight that was leaving in ten minutes. How I got through airport security beats me but it worked. Especially with a one way ticket to Japan.

The flight landed several hours later, it was like a fresh breath of air. Only the air pollution was terrible and people were shoulder to shoulder walking out of the airport. Everything here was extravagant, the cars, people, the food. I wish I didn’t look like a complete bum but I had no time to change from his oversized shirt.

Now to find somewhere to work to gain enough money to live somewhere. My first place to check was the bar scene, in America it was easy to find work there. Hopefully it was the same here. After asking around, trying to understand everyone with broken English was difficult. I forgot about the language barrier here. I guess I need to learn Japanese if I wanted to continue to live here.

There was a club that had people pouring in and out of, you could hear the music from outside. I wanted to cover my ears but that would seem strange, for a human that is. Taking a deep breath, I joined the line that was forming outside. I had no form of ID but it would have to do for now. From the looks of it, all of the people were dressed up. I stuck out like a sore thumb, my clothes were ratty and I didn’t look the part.

Turning around, I found a big group of girls talking in an alleyway. All I had to do was wait for one of them to leave by themselves. Unsuspectingly, one of the girls did. Her eyes were glued to her phone, not looking up once while walking down the sidewalk. This should be easy enough.

Walking up from behind her I covered her mouth and carried her into the nearby alleyway. Her friends didn’t even notice she had left, as sad as it was. She was dressed in a little skimpy thing. It would work, since we had similar body types, though she was lacking in the boob area.

She struggled with all her might but she was no match for me. I grabbed her neck and snapped it to the side. Her body went limp. It was almost too easy. Quickly taking off her dress, I replaced her clothes with mine. Shimming on the dress, I left her body behind the garbage can nearby. They would find her body soon enough. Fixing my hair, I sashayed back to the growing line.

I was in hopes that there would be an open position for me to fill. The club seemed busy enough just by the crowd. Which was good news to me. By the time I had gotten to the front of the line, I started to get stares. I forgot I was practically the only foreigner on the street. Ignoring them, I stared forward.

The bouncers gave me strange looks but never said a word and opened the door for me. Huh. Didn’t realize it would be that easy. The club was full of life as I looked around, people were enjoying themselves. They were dancing, drinking, talking. My best bet would be to try to talk to a bartender.

Walking up to the counter I waved one of them over, “Hey! I’m not sure if you know English but I need a job.”

The guy looked up at me and said, “Honey, I should be offended. Most of us know multiple languages, it is Japan after all. So, what did you ask for?”

“I’m looking for a job, do you know if they’re hiring?”

He looked at me and nodded, holding up his finger to me and walked away. Seconds later he came back with a well dressed girl. She looked me up and down and started to nod.

“He said you were looking for a job. We have spots available but only for full-time work.”

I nodded my head fast, “That would be perfect! What type of job are we talking about?”

They looked at each other and smirked. Uh oh. I’m assuming that meant something bad. Staring right back at them I nodded my head aimlessly. “Anything, I need a job badly.”

Beckoning me over to behind the counter the guy picked my small body up and carefully set me down. “Now, before you agree to this job I need you to understand that it can be dangerous. We want you to be a server in the VIP room. We get a lot of foreigners and you would be great.”

Dangerous? Oh please, nothing is dangerous to me. Though I didn’t say it to him, I acted as if I cared.

“Perfect! When do I start?”

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