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Man In The Glasses

Serving drinks in VIP wasn’t as bad as they were saying it was. Yes the men would grope me, but in the end they tipped well. A little too well, but I wasn’t complaining. It was expensive to live here. Riku, the bartender, was very sweet. He helped me for the first couple of nights, warding off the unwanted touching. He was very efficient at his job too. That man could whip up a mean drink. But soon after I got the hang of things, I was left alone. The job itself wasn’t hard, it was the drunk business men that were. Most of them I presumed to be married, it was a pity to see them flirting with me while a gold band was present. But good tips meant that I simply couldn’t care.

Life in Japan has been great otherwise. I found an apartment in the outskirts of the city, taking the train to the heart of the city. Between home and work I explored the city. The sites were very lavish, I wish I had come here sooner. I also had Riku teaching me Japanese as well. It wasn’t too hard because I had so much free time to practice.

Carrying another round of drinks for the loud table of men, I sighed to myself. In the VIP room the customers were worse, their attitudes, their insane drinking problems, the groping and stares. I could almost say it didn’t affect me, though I wish it was Griff-no. No I did not. It was strange. At random times of the day he would pop up in my mind. While I was cleaning cups I could’ve sworn I heard his voice, but it had just been my imagination. Thankfully. Setting down the drinks for the table, they all thanked me and asked for another round. Kill me. If I could take one of them to one of the back rooms and drink their body of every last drop, I would. Only that’s one way to get caught and become a science experiment.

Last thing I needed was to screw up and have to start all over again. Sometimes I wish I were back at that strange castle, but I knew it was no place for me. Especially trapped in his bedroom to be left alone for hours at a time.

Every night I was able to find an unsuspecting victim, men were dumb and fell for my trap and women would leave from their groups. It was too easy. Though I felt guilty each time. And most of the time they tasted like garbage with all of the alcohol consumed. I wish it was Griff-stop. I wish I could carve my brain out of my head and give it a big smack. It was ridiculous how much I thought of him. Whew, alright time for a break.

Asking one of the other servers to cover the table for me, I stepped out of the booming club. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, I leaned against the side of the building. Who knew taking care of drunk adults would be so difficult. Well now I know.

After almost fifteen minutes of sitting on the side, I went back inside. Back into the sweaty crowds. It was reassuring to be near civilization again. But this time I could hear each individual heart beat. This was my normal, though it made sure I kept myself in check. Until it was time to feed again that is.

By the end of the night I was exhausted, mentally at least. See what I had figured out is that us vampires have great stamina, and it was great because I was running around just to serve another table of drunk men.

On the ride back to my apartment I noticed a group of men staring at me, hungrily. I wanted to flash my fangs in their direction, but I knew they would just scream in terror. As funny as that would be, I couldn’t compromise my position. I wonder almost every day when Griffin would show his face, though I dreaded it.

My body constantly yearned for him, but I was just fine by myself, away from the crazy pale faces. Griffin had also told me our faces turned more pale as time went on. So far I still had my natural hues, which I was grateful for. And he also had mentioned a crazy bloodlust, I don’t think I’ve been doing terribly. Though it took multiple victims for me to even quench my thirst. I tried not to dwell on how many people have woken up in a random alley and saw their bite marks. But in nature, it’s kill or be killed. Not like anyone would be able to kill me anyways, I was indestructible. I have been experimenting with my abilities recently, and I have found out that bears are no match for me. But that’s a story for another time.

Looking from my peripheral, I saw the men still staring. My stop was coming up and I definitely didn’t want them to see where I lived. Instead I got off two stops before my own. Not like I couldn’t run home. Exiting the train, I saw all of them start to follow me. Great, they fell into my trap. I’ll book it to the nearest forest and finish them off there. Then I could run home from there.

With each block getting smaller and smaller, I made sure I slowed enough for them to keep me in their sights. Now, to play the role of an innocent girl who is lost. Looking forward, the forest came into view. The trees had to be here forever, they were tall, the brush was well above two stories up. Running into the forest, I picked a tree I knew they were bound to run into. I don’t think they even realized what trap they had gotten themselves into. Retracting my fangs, I tensed up feeling them near. Their heartbeats started to race, good. I like them scared.

When they started to approach the tree, I took position. I would come from up above and then attack. I couldn’t wait, my vampire senses started to go haywire, that’s when I knew they were directly under me. Jumping down silently, I creeped up from behind. Purposely, I stepped on a branch to startle them. They all violently turned around. Seeing me, they all smirked. Aw, I guess I’ll have to scare them.

Opening my mouth I smiled back at them, my fangs shining in the moonlight. This made their expressions drop instantly. They were scared. Shitless. This shall be a good hunt, first real challenge since the bear. Turning my head to the side, I studied the group. Take the leader down and rest should be easy as cake. Pouncing at their so-called leader, I dug my fangs in his jugular. Crunching down on the trachea, I broke it into two. The rich sweet flavor filled my mouth, it never got old. Slurping the rest out of his neck, I saw that the rest of his posse had left running.

One by one, each one was killed in similar fashion to their friend. It was absolutely to die for-oh yeah, I guess they did die. But so worth it, you could almost taste their fear. It felt like zap on my tongue, similarly to licking a battery. That was the best, next to lust. Nothing. Absolutely nothing was better, besides Griffin’s blood of course.

Almost a month had passed since the incident in the forest. The job still had it’s tough days but things were going great. I had a stable job that paid well, my own little apartment, and the city itself was incredible. I never want to leave. But as time went on, I found myself missing Griffin more and more each day. I wish I could erase him from my memory but that was damn near impossible. The mark on my neck never went away either. So much for vampire healing abilities. I tried to carve it out of my shoulder one night but it didn’t end too well. As soon as my skin healed, it popped back up. I was debating on getting a tattoo to cover it, but if carving the mark out of my shoulder didn’t work, what made me think a tattoo would fix it?

The bodies started to pile up too, my thirst was getting worse and worse each day. Nothing could quench it. It bugged me, I didn’t like how Griffin had control over me when he wasn’t even here. At least I hoped not, but if that were the case why didn’t he already show up? My answer to that would be that all of the human smells covered my scent. It was a smelly city, though to human goers it probably smelt like nothing.

Riku walked up to me, looking like he had seen a ghost. “Uh oh, let me guess table five has another vomiter?”

He shook his head quickly, “No, we have very important VIP guests in VIP today, last time they came in they had almost half of our staff fired. Whatever you do, don’t look at the one in sunglasses. He has the worst temper.”

“Uh alright, let me take care of their table tonight, you can help behind the bar again. Let’s see what’s got everyone shaking in their boots.”

He skidded away frantically, making me wonder why all of the staff smelled terrified. Rolling my shoulders back, I entered the VIP room. The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was the silence. Usually it was loud, enough to make my poor ear drums shatter. But today was different. Near the back I saw a group of men, they all wore suits. Expensive ones at that. I wanted to show them that it would take a lot for me to shake in my boots. Bring it on bitch.

Sashaying over to their table, I threw on a smile and greeted the men. They didn’t look up from each other’s gazes, barely noticing my presence. They clearly wanted nothing to do with me so I left. Instead, I took care of the rest of my tables and beelined back to their table. This one nice waitress told me their usuals. Setting down their drinks, I turned around, but before I could leave the table someone had grabbed my arm.

“Excuse me, I think you forgot something.”

I looked at the man in disgust, “Uhh, please don’t touch the staff, it’s quite rude actually.”

The table of men all finally looked up at me. They almost looked shocked that someone had actually told them off. The man released my arm, “That’s my bad, why don’t you have a seat?”

I didn’t even get the chance to respond before I was dragged into their booth. “Since when did you work here? I’ve never seen your pretty face here before.”

I scowled in disgust, “None of your business.”

Instead of being intimidated they all just laughed. All except for one. He was sitting at the end of the booth, his eyes covered up with sunglasses. If I didn’t have good eyesight, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that he was actually looking at me. Something in me just wanted to claw his face off for the way he was staring. It was almost as if he was dissecting me from inside out.

The guy that had dragged me into the booth spoke up again, “Well, tell us your name. So we can request you more up here. I’m sure the boys would be inclined to come here more often. Isn’t that right?”

Some of the men agreed and laughed, as if this was all some type of joke. That’s when the man lowered his glasses, staring at me most indefinitely. The weird thing I noticed was that his eyes were yellow. Not in the light brown kind of way either. They were closer to gold. His gaze burned into my skin, examining me.

“I haven’t seen you in awhile, princess.”

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