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“You alright, Fiona? You seem out of it.” Alexis whispers next to me while our math teacher drones on about whatever he was teaching.

Looking at her face, I reply, “Yeah, sorry, I’m just tired.”

“Well I’m glad you’re here, yesterday sucked without you. We have a new paper due in a week for English,” She said, laughing at my face.

“I swear we get one every week. It’s starting to piss me off, I hate Mrs. Thomson. She never can realize that us seniors don’t give a shit.”

She nodded her head in agreement, “Yeah, I wish she realized that we have other classes than just hers.”

After that we turned to what the teacher was writing down on the board. Instead of paying attention my mind drifted off to what happened last night. I had literal fangs. Whether it was my imagination or had I hallucinated it, they felt so real. The pain was there, I was just trying to wrap my head for an explanation. After I had passed out I woke up and everything was back to normal. There were no glowing eyes or sharp canines. Just straight teeth and green eyes.

I tried to look up causes for it but it only brought up vampires and scientific reasons why humans have sharp canines. But these canines were about as long as my fingers and were as sharp as a razor. My mouth tasted like copper when I woke up, but there were no fangs in sight. So, I decided to act like it never happened. And so far, it’s going shit. For obvious reasons.

Class after class, we finally made it to lunch. Thank goodness, I thought my stomach was going to eat itself. Since we live in Miami, we’re constantly eating outside, unless the weather was bad. Sitting next to me was Colin and Alexis, Colin on my right and Alexis on my left.

Kissing my lips, he smirked at the appearance of my blush, “You feeling better? I was so worried about you.”

“I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, I think it was a random headache,” Kissing him back, I dug into my lunch.

“Ugh, you two make me sick.”

Looking at her and said, “What?”

“You two being all kissy and lovey while I’m the third wheel, gross,” She said while her face scrunched up.

Snorting, Colin joked, “I don’t see you making any effort to get a boyfriend?”

“I get dick, but I don’t need a boyfriend to do that,” She said, smirking back at him.

“Okay you two, let’s eat lunch before it’s over. They barely give us enough time as it is.”

They always liked to bicker like children, although I’m glad they get along. In some situations the boyfriend and your best friend hate each other, but not with them. They were friends just as much as I was with them. Alexis and I started as friends in freshman year and Colin tagged along. For the next few years we all started to change and finally last year he asked me out. I was so excited, I immediately said yes. Telling Alexis, she was super excited for me and was the one to tell Colin to ask me. I’m just so glad we were all friends before Colin and I started to date. A year later we were still going strong as ever.

After lunch we all parted ways, going to our separate classes until the end of the day. When the dismissal bell rang, the halls were flooded with students. Going to my locker, I grabbed my binders for my homework and saw down the hall and noticed that Colin and Alexis were deep in a conversation. For some reason, I felt the need to stay here and see what they do. They seemed to be arguing quietly. The hall was too loud to hear anything, even if I tried to strain my hearing, I wouldn’t be able to tell what they were saying. Instead I walked up to them, interrupting their deep conversation.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna head home. Do you wanna come? My parents won’t be home for awhile.”

Looking at each other, then me Alexis spoke up, “No, sorry. We have a project together that needs to be done before tomorrow. Maybe another time?” They’re lying.

What the fuck was that? I thought I heard someone say that they were lying, odd. “Oh. What class is it? I don’t think we have one?”

“It’s for bio, you wouldn’t know about it since you’re freaky smart. Unlike us. We’ll talk to you tomorrow,” She said, grabbing Colin’s wrist, walking away.

Alrighty then? I wonder what they were talking about, especially since I caught them in such a heated conversation. Since they walked away, the halls started to clear out since everyone went home. For the past few weeks there were similar instances like this, so it definitely wasn’t new to me. Now, I’m starting to worry, maybe they don’t like each other and are suffering when I’m around. I hope that wasn’t the case because they were my rocks, through and through. Alexis was my go to person to talk about girl things and Colin was able to come to kiss, hug, and cuddle at the end of the day. I don’t know what I’d do if they were fighting.

Looking around me I noticed that the halls were now empty and barren. Compared to the chaos that it was minutes earlier. Driving home, I let my thoughts stew from that conversation and last night. I think I’m hallucinating things and my best friends probably hated each other. I’ve had a rough week, and it was only Tuesday. Instead of driving home I decided to make a detour and go to Colin’s house. Since I'm freaky smart like they said, maybe they could use some help?

When I pulled into my driveway my anger was at its fullest. I knew I shouldn’t have gone to his house but now I was filled with rage. I had fits of rage but nothing like this before. In my elementary years I used to get in fights, whether it be because they made fun of my hair or how tall I was. Either way, I came swinging with ‘fists of fury’ as people would like to say. Let's just say over the years people learned to not mess with me.

Ripping my door open, I slammed it with such intensity that the window broke. I was blind with rage so I didn’t even take a second look. Throwing my backpack across the foyer, I ran up the stairs. Swinging my door open, it rattled in it’s frame. I was furious, angry, betrayed, and upset all at once. Trying to calm down, I ran cold water over my face. It did nothing to help my rage. Looking up I saw my eyes flash gold. I squeezed hard and punched the mirror. Over, over, and over again. My fists knew no pain in that moment, only felt betrayal. My two best friends were fucking behind my back.

Driving down the street, I made sure that my car was far enough so it wasn’t visible to his house. Sneaking past his gate, I made my way into the backyard. Colin’s room faced the backyard and had a trellis for me to climb. I’ve done it many times so it didn’t matter.

Looking into the window I felt my face drain with color. Alexis and Colin were on the bed, naked. Fucking. Colin pounded into her from behind, her face turned up in bliss. Colin smirked at her and kissed her neck and went faster. She moaned in response.

My breathing started to quicken with each soft sigh and moan. Looking at my reflection in the window, I saw that my eyes turned gold. My fists squeezed themselves against my thighs, trying not to bang on the window or their faces. It all made sense, they weren’t doing a project or hanging out, they were screwing behind my back.

Ripping my phone out of my pocket, I took multiple pictures for proof. It sickened me to my core. I had kissed, hugged, fucked his dirty body. I don’t even know how long they had been doing this, weeks? Months? The whole time Colin and I were together? The possibilities were endless, and I was just as furious.

Climbing down the trellis, I ran to my car and drove home. My hands squeezed the wheel so hard they dented to my fingers.

Looking back into the shattered mirror, I saw stains of my blood covering the wall. Mom was going to be furious, but I couldn’t tell her why I did it just yet. I had a plan, they were going to pay.

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