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Bloody Mirror

The next day I had the plan all set up. It was evil, but I would get more satisfaction for how long they’ve been cheating. I was awful at being the bigger person, all I wanted was revenge and satisfaction. They were going to pay.

During the whole school day I acted the same as always. I kissed Colin and acted as the perfect girlfriend, they sensed nothing wrong. The more surprised they were the better.

School went by in a breeze, now for my plan to immense. I waited in the driveway, squeezing my palms around the steering wheel wishing it was their necks. Exiting the car I made my way up to the porch and rang his door bell. I smirked as Colin opened the door surprised, just as I had expected.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” He said, out of breath.

I pouted at him and said, “Can’t a girl see her boyfriend? I missed you. I thought we could hang out.”

He nodded his head slowly, “Yeah, one second. My room is dirty, let me clean it up a bit for you.”

Closing the door on my face, I heard him run up the stairs. Rubbing my hands together, I prepared myself for what was about to unfold. Minutes later he opened the door again and ushered me inside. That’s when I attacked him. Kissing him hard, I gave him no choice other than to kiss me back. Moaning into my mouth, I pulled away quickly and led him upstairs.

Opening his door, I started to tear at his clothes and pushed him on the bed. Unbuckling his pants, I let his dick flop out. Looking at him under my eye lashes, I acted like I desired him. “I want to try something different tonight, will you let me?”

He nodded his head quickly, “Anything you want, just quit teasing me.” Pathetic

Taking the tie from my back pocket, I tied it around his eyes and pulled down his pants even further to his ankles. Running my hands up his thighs, he moaned in pleasure. Smirking at him, I let go and grabbed the bottle from my pocket it read ‘Hot Sauce’. Pouring some on my hands, I gripped his dick with urgency. He moaned in response, trying to touch me.

“Don’t, tonight’s all about you.”

After a few more seconds, he started to feel a burning sensation. Wincing, he said, “Damn, are you sure you’re using that lube right? I think it might have expired.”

“It’s not lube, don’t worry it’s doing what it needs to do, just sit back and relax.” I said, stroking him faster.

Cupping his balls, I made sure the sauce was lathered all over his genitals. “Ouch, no really? What is that, it’s starting to burn?”

“I promise it’s fine, it takes a few minutes to calm down.”

Between the stroking and cupping he started to get the build up to cum. Just as he was about to cum I let go. He groaned in annoyance. That’s when the sauce really started to kick in. Throwing the blindfold off he saw me smirking down at me. Looking down he saw that the stuff I was rubbing on him was red.

“What the hell is this? It burns!” He tried to grab me but I quickly stepped away from his reach.

Turning around, I opened his closet and saw my naked best friend staring back at me, frightened. Gripping her hand, I yanked her out of the closet. “How long?”

They both went silent, no one said a thing, “Well? How long have you been screwing my best friend? Or was it the other way around?”

“W-we can explain! I-” Alexis said, tearing up.

Glaring at her, I said “You can save me your excuses. Good luck trying to get that hot sauce off, asshole.”

Walking away I heard Colin screaming in pain and Alexis trying to help. Finally, I knew the truth, I had befriended two skanks as friends. I smirked all the way home until I made it to my room. That’s when I truly broke down. Tears started to pour out of me as a never ending stream. Sobbing into my pillow, I tried to forget all of the things they did to me.

An hour later my parents came home. Knocking on my door, Mom asked, “Honey? Is everything okay?”

I croaked out a soft, “No.”

Surprisingly she heard me and stepped inside. “Oh honey, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“It might make you feel better, I’m always here to listen,” She said rubbing my back.

Telling her, she softly rubbed my back and gasped every so often. I decided not to tell her about the hot sauce but she seemed mad either way. “I’m so sorry honey. They should’ve never done that to you. How about we wrap up that hand of yours and after we can watch Mulan and eat ice cream.”

I nodded and she softly pulled me out of bed and into my bathroom. She saw my broken mirror and the blood surrounding my sink. Stepping over the glass, she sat me on the toilet and told me to stay put. Crouching in front of my sink, she opened the doors and grabbed my med-kit and walked back to me.

Unwrapping my poor wrap job she poured some alcohol on my skin. Hissing in pain, she stopped and let me sit for a second until the pain went away. Carefully wrapping my knuckles, she put a little bit of tape on the end and kissed my hand. Hugging me in her warm embrace, she whispered sweet nothings into my hair.

Walking down stairs she sat me on the couch and turned on Mulan. Walking away, I heard hushed tones talking frantically. Soon enough Dad walked up to me and squeezed me tight into his chest. I breathed in his comforting scent. Thump. Thump. Thump. I quickly broke from his embrace with a shudder and sat up to my original position. It doesn't matter who it is, they all are food. I shook my head violently, trying to shake the voice from my head.

Mom interrupted my internal battle by going up the stairs carrying a trash bag and the broom.

“It gets better, one day in life, you’ll look back at this day and laugh in my face when I tell you about it. Get some sleep, Fiona.” With that I tucked my head into the pillows and started to cry.

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