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New Hunger

Days passed until I actually went back to school and showed my face. Now, there was only a day until my birthday, and I could care less. Both Colin and Alexis tried apologizing to me multiple times so much so, where I just shut off my phone. I didn’t even want to hear their excuses. All they ever made were excuses, excuses to hang out, study, drive together. There were so many signs and I was blind to it all, a fool. The worst part is, I didn’t feel bad after what I did to them. They deserve everything they got, and then some.

Walking into the school, I felt like running back outside to my car and driving away. But then I realized I didn’t want them to have the satisfaction that they broke me. Throughout the day, I could feel their stares on me. I avoided them all day, although it was harder since they had a few classes with me. In those classes I sat as far away from them as possible. There were a few times where they tried to speak to me but I didn’t respond and turned the other way.

By the end of the day, I made it by without talking with them. The only good thing out of the day was seeing Colin limp and fixing his pants constantly. He was embarrassing himself and obviously couldn’t help it, and that gave me ungodly satisfaction. That’s why you never mess me.

For the past week, mom and dad took work off for me until my birthday. During this hard time, they’ve been my rock. We watched a gazillion movies together and ate a bunch of junk food along the way. I couldn’t have asked for better parents. Usually they were workaholics but now, they acted as good, loving parents. Throughout the week I had incidences where my eyes glowed, or my ‘fangs’ came out. I tried to ignore it as much as possible but they kept coming back. Reminding me of what I never thought I would be, fictional.

What seemed like every other night, I had that same awful dream. It was the exact same and never changed. Same conversation, same reflection. What freaked me out most was my new desire to try whatever that dark, thick liquid was. It ran through my mind almost constantly. Sometimes I could almost taste it at the back of my throat, and the worst part is that I actually yearned for it. In the middle of the night I’d crave for it, but had no possible clue what it actually was.

I started to come to the realization that none of this was a coincidence and I wasn’t on hard drugs. If they were hallucinations they would’ve stopped a long time ago, and the dream wouldn’t have started to make sense. The reflection, the voice, the ‘rain’. I just didn’t know what pieces fit together into the puzzle per say. If I had guessed correctly, how was I going to tell my parents. I didn’t even understand fully what was happening to me yet.

Spending the rest of my day researching, I learned that I was either chupacabra or a vampire. I choose to go with the ladder. It simply made sense, the golden eyes, the fangs, and that hunger. The rain was blood, and I couldn’t let that go. In my dream, it tasted so good, so sweet as it ran down my throat. And for some reason I wanted to try it, to see if it gave me the same euphoric feeling. No other way to do that then to try it myself.

Grabbing a knife from downstairs, I quickly ran upstairs so they wouldn’t see it. I sat on my bed staring at the knife in hand. Maybe it was just me but it seems a lot sharper than it usually looks. Looking at it now, I realized that this is the craziest thing I’ve done in a long time. And I have done some crazy shit before.

Trigger warning

Clenching my fist around the handle, my hands started to shake. Deciding to go for it, I sliced my forearm diagonally with my arm. Wincing, I saw blood immediately starting to pour out of the wound. The fact that I might actually scar because of a hunch boggles my mind, what have I come to?

Flicking my tongue out, I lapped up a few droplets off the side of my arm. The most relieving thing of it all is that it tasted normal. Copper-y with a hint of saltiness. It made me sigh in relief. I was normal, but that didn’t explain the eyes and my canines.

Wrapping my wound in some simple gauze, I acted as if nothing ever happened. Which wasn’t hard since the stinging had stopped a few minutes ago. It’s a good thing my parents were working from home, otherwise they would’ve asked what I was doing. I wouldn’t even know what to respond, ‘Hey mom, oh, what was I doing? I think I’m a vampire and I concocted a few tests for myself just to be sure.’ Since they’re busy, we can skip the conversation all together and not like I would tell them that in the first place either.

Deciding to take a shower, I unwrapped my bandage. To my surprise there was nothing there. Where I made the cut, it was completely gone, with dry blood surrounding the area. Blinking my eyes, I saw that I wasn’t dreaming. There was no cut but there was blood surrounding where it used to be. That explained why it didn’t sting anymore.

Gripping the knife, I made two diagonal cuts on my leg. I felt absolutely insane for this, but I needed to make sure that the first cut wasn’t a fluke. And it wasn’t. The cuts on my leg ended healing in a matter of minutes. I think I’m going to need therapy after this.

It was finally time.

I had waited too long for this. Almost eighteen years of waiting and it finally was happening. The wait had almost become unbearable, so many hardships that could’ve been avoided if she actually would listen to me. Although, if I heard a voice in my dreams, I too would be afraid.

Feeling a tingling sensation over my body, I gained control of the motor functions. Opening my eyes, I felt them change over to their gold hue. I was almost giddy to finally awaken. It was a feeling I would never forget.

That’s when a gut wrenching sensation washed over me. It was nothing of what I felt like before, and I needed to quench it somehow. That’s when I heard two heart beats next to my ear, only there was nothing in sight. Getting out of my bed, I followed the noise until it became so loud I had to cover my ears. In front of me was a door, and the sounds were getting louder each step of the way. Opening the door, I was met with the most mouth-watering smell.

Peering over the two sleeping bodies, I watched. Like a predator to their prey. They were emitting the heavenly smell, and I was just waiting for the right moment to pounce. The person on the right shifted and that gave me the signal to attack. Doing what felt natural, I ripped her neck to the side and dug my fangs into her jugular. Lapping up the blood, I drained her dry until she was no more. Repeating with the man next her, he too was drained dry.

My eyes flashed with another wave of hunger hit me, it was time to move onto another specimen until I had quenched my thirst. And I knew exactly who it’d be.

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