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18th Birthday

Man, my throat is extra dry this morning. Looking down at my sheets, I saw that they were covered in blood. Damn, I had forgotten about my period, these past few weeks have been stressful enough to forget about certain things. Throwing my sheets over my legs, I saw that they were covered in blood. I guess it was a heavy day then. Looking close I realized how pale my skin had become in one night. I looked almost sickly.

I might as well take a shower to clean this mess off of me before I do anything. Washing my hair, I realized that today was the day, my birthday. Hurriedly finishing my shower, I dried myself off and raced to get dressed. I didn't bother to think to much about my complexion however. Though I wonder what mom and dad had planned, it was my special day after all.

“Mom! Dad! I’m officially eighteen!” I screamed as I ran downstairs.

I didn’t hear a reply so maybe they were sleeping in, it wouldn’t surprise me, they were always sleeping. Instead, I decided to make breakfast for the three of us. Hopefully they would wake up better than I had. Pulling out the eggs and bacon, I fried them on a skillet. My cooking skills weren’t up to par like my mothers, but it would have to do.

Calling up to them, I got no response. Slackers must’ve stayed up too late and forgot to go to bed. I guess we’ll have breakfast in bed then. Plating the food, I balanced the plates in one arm and orange juice in the other. Carefully walking up stairs, I made my way to their room. Opening the door, I screamed in horror. My parents were discombobulated. Their heads were nowhere to be found. Dropping the plates, I started gagging and ran out of the room. Calling the police I frantically said, “H-help! My parents are dead. Oh god, it’s awful. I think I’m going to be sick.”

The woman on the other line tried asking me more questions but I could only hyperventilate. “Ma’am, what’s your name and address?”

Gasping for air, I said, “M-my name is Fiona White. I live at 721 Quinn St SW. Please come.”

“Help is on the way ma’am, just hold on.”

Rocking myself back and forth, I cried as the picture of my parents kept replaying in my mind. They were gone. They wouldn’t be able to see me graduate, or experience another breakup, or see me walk down the aisle. They were gone, and I had no clue who did it.

About ten minutes passed until there was a knocking at my door. Racing to let them in, I was asked what happened. Explaining to the officers what I saw, they nodded their heads and walked upstairs. Bawling, I saw them ushering me out of the house and sat me down on the back of a firetruck. I sat there for a while alone until a woman in uniform started to ask me questions.

“Did you experience anything weird in the past few weeks? Anything to be suspicious of?”

“Did your parents have any enemies?”

“Were one of your parents having a sordid affair? Lovers to be jealous of?”

“No! No, they were good people. They also loved each other very much. I didn’t hear anyone last night or this morning, I was asleep the whole time.”

She shushed me and rubbed my back soothingly, “Hey, calm down. We need to answer these questions so we can get an idea of what happened. I know this is hard but I need you to answer as honestly as you can.”

“I don’t know who would’ve done this, all I know is that my parents are gone.”

Her radio went off with a voice saying a few code words and she stopped to listen, “That was my co-worker. There were two other incidents like this this morning. We’re trying to figure out how it’s all related.”

“W-wait. What other incidents? Are you saying my parents weren’t the only ones?”

“We had two other households with the same cause of death. The neighbors said they heard screaming in the middle of the night and called us.” Getting up she ushered me into a cop car. “Let’s go down to the station so the coroners can come by and pick up the victims.”

Sitting in a grey cold room, I was left alone for over two hours. Earlier, the woman handed me a glass of cold water and said she was waiting for her boss to come down to the station and ask me a few questions. This is not how I expected to spend my birthday, it was supposed to be fun filled and light-hearted. Instead, I’m sitting at the station waiting to hear what happened to my parents.

Thirty minutes later after staring into space, someone entered the room. It was the captain, from what I assumed. He was older with a peppered hair cut and he carried himself with confidence. “Hello Fiona, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, it must be very tough.

Staying silent, he carried on, “I have to ask you a few questions to ask you then we’ll go from there. Sounds good?”

Nodding in agreement, he started his interrogations. He basically asked me the same questions until he mentioned a detail that made me pale in response. “Do you have any relation to the other victims?”

Sliding over two photos of my best friends’ families, my mouth dropped in shock. “Oh my god, are you saying they’re dead?”

“I am. So do you know these families? They were murdered in the same fashion as your parents. And on the same night which is really odd for serial killers. They kill every so often but never three families in one night. And the fact that you were left alone is really odd.” He said, looking through the files in his hands.

“My ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend and their families were killed? Who does this sort of thing? What the fuck is happening!” I say, tears trailing down my cheeks.

“Ms. White, that’s what we’re trying to figure out. But we need your help so we can figure out who did this and why. This is a hate crime not just a normal murder. And it all seems to be connected to you.”

I started to feel sick, “Oh god.”

“I would suggest that you get a lawyer and we’ll talk later. Until then, sit tight and don’t say a word to anyone,” With that, he left.

I sat there for another few hours, no one came in or out. I felt a sixth sense telling me that I wasn’t alone but thought against it, just so I didn’t drive myself anymore crazy. After today, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. Similarly with most orphans. At this point, I couldn’t cry or even process my emotions, but I knew soon enough it would catch up to me. And I was dreading when it did.

I couldn’t even put into words how guilty I felt that my best friends and their families were both affected. I had just finally started to forgive them, and I didn’t even get the chance to tell them. Their families are gone as well. Alexis’s sister was nine, and her life had been taken away by a monster. A heartless monster. Her parents finally started to get through their rough patch, they were so close to divorcing but got some counseling. And Colin. My god, I was still furious but he truly was my first love. He was my first everything. I couldn’t erase my love for him but the betrayal and anger definitely helped.

Who could do such a thing? And why was I not dead?

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