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In a supply closet under the throne room, two figures argued. They knew that their plan had failed, miserably. Lately they’ve been trying to coarse some of the council into siding with them. They were so close until the mention of the lost princess had arisen, she had been a soft spot for most. The guilt of not being able to find her had everyone assuming she had died. The kingdom was affected greatly once they were told the news. Vampires were brought in for questioning but no one was ever prosecuted for it. There wasn’t even a lead, exactly how they wanted it.

“How could you be so stupid!” The woman exclaimed, her eyes flashing red.

The man scoffed in response, “So it’s all my fault. Unbelievable, after all these years you’d think you would stop accusing me of everything. It was your idea, in the first place.”

“It’s always been your fault, and you know it.”

He watched as his beloved put her hands on her hips and glared back at him, “I was trying to test the waters in the council, to see who was on our side. I didn’t know that the ones on the fence would get mad at me for mentioning the princess. All I said is that she’s taken care of!”

“That’s because anyone not on our side completely is dangerous! I’ve told you this a million times. If we go down, it’s your stupidity that’s going to take us with it.”

Fiona p.o.v.

“Ms. White, can you come step into the hall with us,” Looking up I realized that two similar looking men walked up to me.

He and his partner stared at me with malice in their gaze, for what, I did not know. “Why? Where are we going?”

The other man scoffed at me in disbelief, “You go where we tell you to go.”

Sighing, I slowly rose from the chair. After hours of sitting in that chair my butt started to fall asleep. I wanted to soothe the pain but right now, it wasn’t really a good time. Walking over to the men, I got a better look at them. They both had shocking appearances, identical in every way possible. Twins, I’m assuming. They had frost white hair and violet blue eyes and pale white skin. So odd.

Silently, I followed the strange men to the outside of the station. From what I could see now it was midday, a stark difference to when it was barely light outside. The Miami heat was hot and sticky, I wonder why they would dare wear suits. Strange all around.

“Where are we going exactly? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to leave.” I said, wiping the sweat from my brows.

The one twin with the blue tie glared at me menacingly, enough to make me stop asking questions. Walking down the street we walked up to a black sedan with tinted windows. Opening the door for me not so nicely, they pushed me in the car. I would’ve spoken up about it, but I was mentally and physically drained. After a while I drifted to sleep.

When I had awoken again I found myself to be bound with something behind my back. Those damn twins, I’ll fucking kill them! Just wait till I get my hands around their pale necks. As I continued my fury I didn’t realize the familiar pain of my mouth or my fingers until it was too late. I was too infuriated to even care, I was in an unknown place with unfamiliar people who just happened to kidnap me.

Looking around I noticed my vision had become crystal clear, which was weird for how dark it was. Turning my head to see what I was tied to, I saw big bulky chains that were chained to the wall. Lifting my hands up I felt how light the chains actually were. I wasn’t necessarily weak, but it surprised me that they felt like paper against my wrists. Because of this realisation, I decided to test a theory out. Lifting my hands as high as they would go, I pulled the chain out of the wall. Well that was surprisingly easy. Now I had to figure out how fast I could get the chains off without them realizing. With all the strength I could muster within myself, I pulled my hands away from each other. This caused the chain on my wrists to break.

Standing up I looked around and noticed the twins were nowhere to be seen. Fine. They wanna play hide and seek then so be it. I craned my neck into the air and took a whiff. Their scents were nearby. Come on, they could at least try and hide. I huffed and ran in the direction where their scents smelt strongest, which was less than a few doors away. Pushing open a set of doors I was met with cement stairs. I climbed them in a matter of seconds and cocked my head to the left only to catch their scent close by. Slamming the last set of doors open I saw the twins in a different set of garments from before.

They turned their necks in my direction, and gawked at me. “I found you, really hoped for a better game of hide and seek though. You made it too easy.”

Cocking my head to the side, I watched them start to squirm. Next to them however was a similarly dressed man next to them. Great, they like to play dress up. Not even a second later, I ran toward them in no time at all and had both of their hearts in my hands. I giggled at the look of the other man’s face. Dropping their cold hearts from my hands, I ran to man that started to run away. Started being the key word, he didn’t even get a half step away before I slashed his neck into a gushing mess. Now, I needed to figure a way out. This might be a problem though since it was a maze just to get to them. And I needed to figure out where I was exactly and escape.

Follow the set of stairs up then turn right, that’s the way out. There’s going to be more of them but I’ll take over from here.

From then I blacked out.

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