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Intoxicating Smell

Turning my head instinctually to the next set of doors. Slamming them open, the doors fell off their hinges. I said I was going to get us out but there’s nothing wrong with a little blood shed first. Smirking to myself, I ran to the next closest smells I could find. There must’ve been a group of them because their stench filled my nostrils. Though the smell was everywhere I turned.

Running up the next set of stairs I was met with a huge room with fancy tables strown along the room neatly. At these tables there were people who hadn’t felt my presence yet. Let’s give them a show.

I had been waiting for this moment for eighteen years, to come out of my shell and show the world that I was a royal-blooded vampire. My claws and fangs were just the start of it. Wait till they see my true form. I bent down and started the rest of my shift. The bones in my back broke and fixed itself in a matter of seconds. That’s when the real magic started to happen.

With a roar of fury my wings ripped out of my back. Rolling my shoulders back, I fixed my gaze on the group of people in front of me. Their faces were a mix of surprise, horror, and of course my favorite. Fear. They haven’t seen anything yet. This was only just the beginning.

Now, I just need to find where to start. The mothers and children or the warriors. But the decision was made for me. The group of men pushed in front of their families and sneered their puny fangs at me. Fine. They’ll be the first to go. I flicked my wings back and locked gazes with the warriors. They still hadn’t made a decision to come up to me so I guess I’ll bring it to them.

With a screech I came running toward the strongest man first. This will make it easy for me in the long run. The man was nothing big or bad. He still would be so easy to rip the limbs from his body. He reached his arm out ready to throw a punch but a second later we both stared at his limb that was now on the ground. This caused a chain reaction of screams of horror and angry yells. Finishing off the man, I ripped his heart from his body and he dropped to the ground.

A few seconds later the rest of the men came running at me, but I saw all of their attacks before they even touched me. The man nearest to me tried to bite my back but my wings impaled him in the heart without a second thought. That’s when more attacks started to happen at once. By now the women and children had run away to safety, the mothers didn’t even bother to help their loved ones. Such a pity. In a matter of minutes, all of the men laid on the ground, dead. So much for a good fight. If they were supposed to be protectors, they were not good.

From far away I could hear more requirements coming to help. I licked off my fangs and smirked at the door they would all come into. The closer they came I started to hear each and everyone of their collective footsteps. So, I started to count. One, four, eight, fifteen. I could almost scoff at how they think they were going to do anything with those numbers. Soon enough the doors slammed open.

Then I was hit with this intoxicating scent. It smelt of musk and honey. It was mouth watering and I wanted to know where it came from. My eyes shifted around the group of men and saw it came from the sexist man I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Looking at him made my beast shudder. I could almost purr.

From the looks of him he had the same reaction as me. He looked at me and tilted his nose to the air and took a huge whiff. Turning his eyes to meet mine he growled in approval. My wings fluttered in appreciation. Everyone in the room had stopped and watched our reaction. No one moved, no one said a thing. It felt as almost if it was just the two of us.

He slowly started to make his way toward me, which felt like an eternity. To make the process go faster I zipped right in front of him. Tilting my neck to look at his face, I saw that he had high cheekbones, bright blue eyes, and the most luscious looking lips.

He reached out toward me and moved my hair out of the way. Leaning down he sniffed my neck and rumbled. He stared at me and finally said one word.


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