Dangerous Thirst 18+

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I tilted my neck toward his mouth almost instinctively. Without a second thought he dug his fangs into my neck and started to drink from me. It was such a euphoric feeling. I almost came from his touch alone, but this was on a whole other level. As he drank from me I felt my wings lift and expand to their full extent. Although I wish he would never stop, he retracted his fangs and growled in approval with the mark he left.

Growling at the other males in the room he grabbed onto my arm and said, “You need to come with me.”

With that, he picked me up and ran in the direction of the doors they had just entered. He ran through many corridors before we were met with a door, a fancy one at that. Me still in his hands, he opened the door and set us on the bed. In his lap I could feel how affected he was by me, which caused me to swell with pride. He pushed my hair back out of the way and started to lick around the mark. I moaned in response.

“Let me drink from you, I’m going to explode if I don’t do it soon.”

He started to pull his garments off, I growled at how slow this was taking. I moved his hands and ripped his shirt into two and purred in response. My male was stunning, truly exquisite. Bending down toward his neck, I licked around where I would soon place his mark. He rumbled in delight and ran his hands along my wings. If he was anyone else they would be dead by now. My wings were fragile to the touch but could do some real damage if need be.

Finding his sweet spot, the one that made him moan and groan, I bit down. The taste was immaculate, there was nothing like it. Not like humans anyways. This was a whole other taste, it was like honey on crack. And I couldn’t get enough of it. Gulp, after gulp he didn’t reject how much I was taking either. But he was in a euphoric state just like I was. When I had gotten my fill I detached my fangs from his neck and licked up the blood droplets.

“Griffin, my name is Griffin,” he said, panting.

I traced my hand around his neck and face, smiling at the mark I left, “I’m Fiona.”

Turning his head to the side, just in time to catch my hand in its pattern he kissed it gently. “You’re the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen in my existence. I think goddesses would turn green in envy if they saw you.”

“I’m a bit scary looking, don’t you think?” I said, smirking.

He huffed in response, still caressing my wings. Leaning forward he starts to kiss up my neck, inching closer to my lips. Biting them in anticipation, he grabs it and plucks it from my teeth. Finally, he leans in for the kiss. Good lord his lips feel like little clouds.

After kissing him for a bit, I start to heat up. At first it was enough to make me uncomfortable but then it started to become unbearable. I felt as if I was being but in an open flame with razor blades.

“Is it hot in here? I feel like I’m going to pass out,” I said, fanning myself with my shirt.

Grabbing me, he threw me onto the bed and went on top of me, “You’re going into heat, we need to consummate the bond or the pains won’t stop.”

“Consummate the bond? What are you talking about?”

He started to shimmy my clothes off my body, trying to help with the heat, “Yes, we need to mate sooner rather than later. Otherwise the pain won’t stop and the marks will go away soon.”

“Mate? What do you mean?” As I say this he has already gotten down to my undergarments and was kissing down my body.

“You must be newly turned if you don’t know this, we need to have sex to complete the bond. It’s so our smell intertwines and our souls become one for eternity.”

As he made his way down he grabbed my underwear with his teeth and pulled them down completely. With a heavy gaze he looked at me for approval to which I nodded this heat was becoming way too painful to handle. Pulling my body toward his face he smiled with a little gleam in his eyes. He started to kiss around my thighs and then finally started to kiss around my folds. Fuck. It felt so good but I needed more.

That’s when he started to lick near my core, his tongue felt ice cold but at this moment it felt good in contrast to my body. Making little patterns around my clit, I started to quiver. My brain had stopped working, nothing has ever felt this good. My body was so close, just as I was about to cum he stops.

“Why’d you stop?” I said, raising my head to look at him.

He climbed on top of my body again and looked at me harshly, “I can smell him. Who the fuck has touched you!”

I gasped at him, “My human side! Before I changed she had a boyfriend, I-I would never do anything if it wasn’t you my beloved.”

Turning his head to the side he looked as if he was having an internal battle within himself, “That’s unfortunate for you, my love. Looks like I’m going to have to fuck you till the smell of that vile human is off you.”

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