Cold heart

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Valentina Stone is a girl that is abused by her father. After she lives her home, she is forced to start working in a night club as a waitress. That's when she meets him the most cold heart person in the world. He's name is Damien Smirnov and he's known to be one of the most dangerous people in the world. Will Valentina be able to warm Damien 's cold heart or is she going to be just another victim of his? Hope you enjoy it !!❤️

Erotica / Action
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Chapter 1


Here I was on the floor laying in my blood while I was getting beaten again and again by my own father. He was screaming at me for no reason, just because he was bored I think. My mother was in the corner of the room watching as my own father beat the shit out of me. I get that she could do nothing about it. After my father finished with me, I wasn't crying at all because I was used to this, he went out and left me and my mom alone for the evening. Mom helped me up to my bedroom and laid me on my bed, i think I fell asleep because all I remember after that was darkness.

I woke up early and I was feeling like shit. I went to take a shower, I washed all the blood of my body and started to cover my bruises with foundation. After I was ready I left my house quietly and went to school.

Once I was there i met with my best friend Melany, she is the best person in world and always makes me laugh even though my life it's miserable. "Val, you're here", she said hugging me. "Hello Mel", i said smiling. "How bad was it yesterday", she said looking at me with her sad eyes. And yes Mel knows that my dad beats me but I have told her to not say anything. "Not that bad, don't worry about it", I said and we started to walk to our first class.

After the third period me and Mel went to cafeteria to eat something and thats when I spotted those annoying bitches, Kelly and her minions. Kelly is the school queen or should I say 'slut', she literally opens her legs for all the football players in our school. Also she is a big bully, and I hate bullies. "Look who we have here Vali and her stupid red hair friend, what was your name again I keep forgetting it?", Kelly said in her slutty voice. "Don't you have legs to open Kelly, leave as the hell alone.", I said getting annoyed by her. "You can't talk to me like that", she said. "I can talk to you however I want now leave, before you become the fun today in school.", i said in a irritating voice.
Kelly let a out a frustrated grown and disappeared with her minions.
"I don't know how you put her in her place but Im very greatful.", Mel said smiling at me. "Its not a problem, I hate her and she's so fucking annoying.", I said with a frown.

"Anyways do you want to watch a movie with me after school", Mel said. "I don't know if i have time, I have to be home.", I said. "Its only two hours, Im sure your dad wont be home until seven so please come, pretty please.", she said with pleading eyes that I could not resist. "Fine I'll come but I need to be home before seven." "Deal", she said smiling like a happy child.

After school we went to Mels house to watch a movie. No one was there so we had the house all to our selves. We were in the middle of the movie so I decided to watch the time so I wouldn't be late. It was 8:30 when i saw how late it was I started to freak out. "Mel is super late, oh my god I have to go fast.", i said worried. "Val relax it's going to by okay maybe your dad hasn't went home yet", she said trying to calm me down but I knew better. I hugged Mel and rushed to my house.
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