Erotic Tales

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Erotic tales/one shots. This book contains sexual references, low to high explicit sex scenes but, what else do you expect from a erotica genre book? Anything written here is purely fictitious and for temporary fun.

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spank me, please

I could feel his hot breath on my aching core as I struggle to not whimper.

I felt the bed dip and tried to listen for any movements. But, hearing nothing I curse inwardly. Blindfolded, eagle spread on my bed, I'm doing my damn best to stay calm from inside and out. My nipples hard, my core dripping and my breathing heavy. Fuck, everything feels too much right now.

"I fucking love seeing you this way, princess." Hunter says.

"Please," I try wanting to feel something from him.

Suddenly there were loud moans and grunts filling the room. I wonder- My thoughts were cut off by his lips on mine. His soft pink lips that were opposite to the desire and passion in his kiss. I kiss him back with the same fervor and passion as he does. His hands roam over my chest as we kiss. I moan into the kiss as he plays with my breasts.

His lips leave mine in an instant and I feel his hands on my boobs. I feel a sting as he slaps them. I bite my lip trying to suppress my moan. He squeezes them, rolling my nipples between his fingers. I feel a wetness on my nipples, realizing he was using his mouth now. I can't keep quiet if he goes this way.

"Look at these huge tits, fuck,"He mutters before biting my nipples. Dammit Hunter!

I could feel my pussy leaking more juices as he continues his assault on chest.


And he stops.

"What did I tell you, princess?"

"I-I'm sorry-"

"What the fuck did I tell you?" he asks, his voice stern.

"Not to make a sound," I sigh hoping he at least lets me cum.

I hear Hunter laugh wickedly and I was turned around and tied, again. This position was his favorite and I could only imagine what wicked things he would do to my body as I lay here, on my fours, ass in air.

"You deserve a punishment, don't you?" His breath near my earlobe.

I audibly gulp and give my reply, "Y-yes"

"Yes what?" He asks.

"Yes, sir."

I could feel Hunter's hands on my ass and there was a sting on my right cheek as I bite my lip.

H-he spanked me! So, that was my punishment he had in his mind. And, I loved it! B-but how?

I felt another sharp slap on my left cheek interrupting my thoughts. Fuck!

Note: This chapter is not complete-just a sneak peek. Will upload more very soon. Add the book to your reading lists for more ;)

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