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Loved By the Lioness

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LGBTQ+ This is a short story about an artist meets a lioness and they fall into lust with each other. Will the artist be able to tame the lionesses heart as well as her body? Will the artist get swept away by another lover? Or will she get chewed up and spat out by the lioness's ferocious appetite? Hopefully she can navigate through this maze of love and lust and make it out the other side alive.

Erotica / Romance
Kandra Leigh
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: When Our Eyes Met

Braeya walked past me while I was getting some fresh produce at the open market down town when I first saw her. The first thing that I had noticed about her was her smile, and the way her full red lips curved to expose her teeth, which were glittering white and straight. A dentist's model patient. It was a smile that said joy, and it was filled with bliss. I glanced to her right and saw the man next to her. He must have been the cause of that bliss, and I was happy for the woman that I had never met, if slightly disappointed.

The couple stopped at the stall right next to the one I was purchasing from, to look at the hand crafted jewelry. I took this opportunity to look at the beautiful smiling woman again, taking in more of her appearance. She was average height, maybe 5’5 or 6, so a couple inches taller than me, and she was curvy. Her hair was a chocolate brown with red highlights, and for the life of me all I could think about was chocolate covered cherries. Rich chocolate accented by tart and juicy cherries, thick and syrupy, and I wondered if she would be sweet to taste as well.

I swallowed convulsively as I tried to shake the image from my mind, my cheeks flushing. I turned my head away from her for a moment, afraid I would give myself away. She must have been oblivious to my hungry stare, or had just not cared, because when I turned to look back at her, she was still studying the pieces of jewelry with a smile on her face.

I wanted to see the color of her eyes, just so that I could have a clear mental image of her for when I thought about her later. They were a red amber color, like dark honey with a touch of blood. It was an unexpected color, but I knew that I would never forget them. She must have felt my eyes her at that point, because she glanced up, her eyes locking with mine as if she knew exactly where to find me, and she smiled at me. It was a different smile than she had given the man, more polite than anything else, but it still had the power to make me blush and bow my head breaking the eye contact.

She noticed the blush, and when I lifted my eyes to her face again, The look on her face had shifted. It seemed almost predatory, even the way her smile curled her lips screamed hunter, and I felt things low in my body flutter. I felt my blush deepen and I looked away again, embarrassed that I had such a reaction to this strange yet enticing woman. I decided that I had observed enough of her that I would be able to envision her later, grabbed my purchase, and turned to walk away, leaving the woman behind me. It took an embarrassing amount of self-control to not turn and look back at her, to see if her eyes followed me through the crowd. with the weight that was pressing firmly between my shoulder blades, i was certain that she had been.

I slowed my pace, because I noticed that I had been moving through the early Saturday morning crowd like a frightened gazelle fleeing from a lioness. And that’s when the realization hit hit me. Her eyes were almost the same as a lions in both color, and the look that had gone through them as she noticed me and my blazing cheeks. Even her skin tone was a warm golden brown like a lion's. My chest was heaving, and I didn’t even know why, so I ducked into the closest stall to relearn how to breath like a normal person again. The stall was full of tie-dye tapestries and clothing, the colors bright and saturated. I glanced around and my eyes landed on one that was shades of brown and red shot through with greens and oranges and the image in the middle was a female lion, its eyes seeming to lock on me. My breath stilled in my throat as I moved closer to it, taking in the details of the lioness. Without thinking my hand reached out to caress the image, and I dropped my hand back as soon as I saw what I was doing. The artist came over to me, and I smiled politely.

“This piece is beautiful, how much is it? I am very interesting in purchasing it.” My voice came out smoother than I thought possible, considering the roil of hormones that were coursing through me.

“This piece I would normally charge $100 for, but I saw the way your face changed as you looked at it. I would be willing to part with it for $45, only because I can't afford to give it to you for free.” He had a kind face, and his eyes were knowing, as if he knew the thoughts the piece had evoked in me. As if he saw the image of the woman’s face, superimposed on the tapestry just like I had.

“That’s very generous, but I would be more than happy to pay the full asking price for it, you worked hard on it I can tell, and that alone deserves reward, from one artist to another.” I pulled out my wallet, slipping the bills from it and pressing 5 crisp 20s in his hand. He bowed his head graciously, unpinned the fabric and folded it neatly.

I was pleased and smiled at the artist before turning to exit the stall. I stopped dead in my tracks, whipping back around to face the artist again. He face showed concern when he saw the stricken look on my face, peering around me to see what could have possibly caused such a reaction from me. I knew the exact moment he saw her, because is eyes flicked back to me, and a knowing smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. I wanted nothing more than to melt away into dust. There was no way that she had followed me to this exact stall. It had to be a coincidence that she appeared here. My mind flashed to her lion eyes and the way they had glassed over like an animal on the hunt and my stomach quivered again.

I took a slow deep breath before turning around, preparing myself mentally to walk out of the stall past her, as if she was just any other stranger. I was almost out, my eyes averted and staring straight ahead, when she moved directly into my path. I froze, like a deer that could only stare at the headlights of the car that was going to mow it down. I knew my eyes were wide and staring as her hand reached out to finger the material that I was clutching to my chest.

“Pretty,” she said, her eyes on the material until they suddenly flicked up to look into mine, further pinning me in place, my breath frozen in my throat. She was the hunter and I was the prey, and my whole body knew it. She smiled at me, a flashing of teeth, and then moved out of my path. It was like I had been released from my trance, and I took a shuddering breath.

I darted out of there, my feet pushing me forward and out of the stall faster than I would have liked. I was slightly embarrassed because I was basically running away from the woman and all she had done was look at me and smile. I slowed my pace, my arms still clutching the tie-dye fabric to my chest. I felt like and idiot. I slowed my pace but did not stop until I reached my car. I could feel the heat of my blush still as I imagined her, looking into my eyes as her fingers grazed the material I was still clutching. Once I noticed I was still holding it tightly to my chest I tossed it into the passenger seat next to me. I almost didn’t see the slip of white paper that was tucked into the corner of the fabric.

My heart started to thunder in my ears as my shaking fingers slowly reached for the scrap of paper. I knew what I wanted it to be, but I was confident that it could not be it. She did not slip me of all people a paper with her contact information on it. Why would she when she had been with that man that she smiled at so happily? Had I read the situation wrong, was he not hers? I was thinking too much about a scenario that couldn’t possible be what was happening to me now. My fingers finally managed to pull the slip of paper out of the folds of my lion tapestry.

I’m Braeya, and you caught my eye. Please call or text me, I would love to see your beautiful blushing face again. Under that was a phone number, and a winking smiley face.

My mind was spinning, unable to form a clear, coherent thought. Her name was Braeya. It fit her somehow. I swallowed convulsively and tried to calm my racing heart. She thought I was beautiful. And she knew that it was her that had cause me to blush. That alone was mortifying, and entirely the reason why I folded the little paper up and put it in the glove box of my car, planning to never contact that number written under the word beautiful.

I tried to put the whole encounter out of my head as I drove home, needing to focus on my work. I had an art show in less than a month and still needed to complete at least two more pieces. I didn’t have time for beautiful women with lion eyes and curvy bodies, no matter how mouth watering they were. I slapped myself mentally. My focus needed more focus.

I eventually made it home to my studio/ apartment and carried in my market purchases, including the tie-dye fabric. It was warm from sitting in the sun in my front seat. I unfolded it and spread it out over my bed. The colors were beautiful and the lioness image in the middle started up at me knowingly. My body pulsed again as I imagined Braeya, the way the sun had lit up the red tones in her hair and the curve of her mouth. I bit my lip unconsciously, as I pictured those lips pressing against mine, my tongue flicking out to taste them and suck them into my mouth, and my teeth taking a nip. I wondered what kinds of sounds she would make if I pulled her close, crushing her to me as I devoured her mouth.

My body pulsated with desire as I allowed my imagination ran wild. There was no way I was going to be able to get any work done with the frenzy I was working myself up into. I decided to get a shower, and maybe try to give my body some relief at the same time, hoping that would be enough to get the images in my head out of my system. I stripped slowly, letting each piece of clothing fall to the floor as I imagined it was Braeya taking each piece off of me, and I imagined myself doing the same to her. I could only guess as to what her body looked like under her clothing but based off of the way her clothes had fit her, I knew her breasts were large and round, and based off her dark hair, her nipples were probably a dark rosy color.

I ran my fingers down my bare chest, the mental ghost of Braeya’s hands following them and palming my breasts, her fingers finding my nipples hard giving them light pinches. My lower body pulsed violent, as if it were already on the brink of orgasm. My breathing sped up as imagination continued, Braeya naked and leading me to my shower, our clothes a mixed pile on my floor. The image of Braeya in my mind swung her hips seductively as I allowed myself to be led to my own shower. Just the brushing of my thighs as I walked made my core thump and beg for attention.

I turned the shower on as hot as I could stand it, watching as the room slowly filled with steam. I stepped under the stream of water, the trails of water feeling like hot fingers as it trailed down my skin. The shower had a small bench, and I sat, enjoying the feeling of the hot water as it pounded down on my from above. I continued with the fantasy, imaging my hands were hers, and rubbed them all over my body. My breasts quivered with each excited breath, and I squeezed them almost painfully. I felt my excitement start to trickle from me, and my fingers trailed down from my breasts to my pulsating, hungry core.

My fingers grazed the outer lips, the sensation was tantalizing, sending tingles of pleasure up my spine. I slipped my finger tips between them, searching for that hard bundle of nerves that was already erect and pulsing like it had it’s own heartbeat. My fingers slid around it, barely touching it, and my back arched, eliciting a gasp from my throat. I was already so turned on that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I lifted my feet, putting them on the bench close to my buttocks, letting my knees fall open wide, exposing myself to the steam filled air. The water from the shower beat down against my exposed flesh and sent spasms of sensation through my body.

My fingers found my opening, and I slipped one in, my body instantly reacting and clamping down on it. I moaned and flexed my finger, shuddering as the pleasure filled me. I added a second finger and started to pump them in and out of my opening, rubbing the heal of my hand against that bundle of nerves with each thrust of my hand. My other hand gripped my breast, squeezing and tweaking my nipple as I pleasured myself to the thought of Braeya.

I cried out as I flexed my fingers inside me, an orgasm pounding through me, making my back arch and my hips twitch. I slipped my fingers from inside me and brought them to my lips, licking my own excitement from them, sucking them into my mouth. I was still turned on, the orgasm doing nothing to quench the fire that was lit within me. I stood on shaking legs, and turned the shower off. I grabbed a towel and went for my bed, needing more than my fingers to put out the burning desire between my legs.

I laid down on the lioness tapestry and reached under my pillow for the toys I had stashed there. My hand gripped a textured vibrator and pulled it free. My body tingled in anticipation as I turned it on, the low buzzing being the only other sound in the room other than my panting breaths. I trailed the device down my body, passing it over a nipple and sending jolts of sensation through me, and making my way down to my throbbing core.

I cried out as the vibrations coursed over the hard knot of nerves that resided between my legs. My back arched as I pressed the vibrator firmly against that spot, and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building already. My body twitched as I was unable to keep my self still, and my moans started to fill the room. My climax hit me and my body spasmed, my opening clenching and unclenching with each pulse of pleasure.

While my body was still riding the waves of the first orgasm, I pushed the tip of the vibrator into my opening, and even just that little bit of sensation had me writhing. It slipped in easily, my juices coating the toy and my fingers. I moaned as it reached the end of me, my hips unable to stay still. I began thrusting the toy in an out of myself, my other hand moving to make delicious circles around my sweet spot.

Another orgasm hit me without warning, and I screamed, my body spasming violently. I gripped the fabric underneath me to keep from sliding from my bed as my body bucked with pleasure. My breath wheezed in and out of my lungs as I laid there, the toy laying on the bed forgotten. My mind was in a haze of pleasure and images of the beautiful girl and her lion eyes.

I woke up to the sun in my face, as it slanted across the room. I sat up, confusion creasing my brows, not realizing that after climaxing I had apparently passed out. The clock opposite the bed told me that 3 hours had passed while I slept, and I jumped up. I had a lot of work to do, and an art show to prepare for.

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