Waltz of the Lioness - Revised

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The room Cora was being held in was cold and dank. By the time Cora came around, the moisture in the air had seeped into every fiber of her being. She shivered against the chill it brought with it, inhaling deeply as she roused herself more fully to determine her current circumstance. The scent of old, stagnant air hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag in response.

The icy feel of the stones behind her seeped past the protection her clothes offered, causing them to hang more heavily against her than they had before. The tattered rags did little to help her hold in her own body heat against the refrigerated feel of the shadowed room.

Those same shadows bounced against every wall and nook and cranny in the room. She half wondered what lay beyond the shadows, and might have peered deeper into their depths had it not been for the aches that her body experienced upon her waking.

Her wrists and shoulders throbbed from the weight of her own body hanging limply from bindings attached to the stone wall behind her. Though the bindings were loose enough that the pads of her feet touched the ground, they were more than tight enough that her whole body was stretched to its limits.

When her vision cleared, she let her head move slowly from one side to the other to take in her surroundings. Everything she saw resembled what a torture chamber might have looked like. Metal bars were held fast in stone, heavy oak tables were laden with tools and leather bindings, and the floors were tainted with dark spots that she could believe were the blood of her predecessors. Her body shuddered as her skin crawled at the darkened stones that were unnatural in their color.

Tossing her head up, she considered the bindings that held her to the icy stones behind her. A metal ring was hammered deep into the stone, so much so that it didn’t even wiggle a fraction when she attempted to tug at her bindings. The thick leather straps that wrapped around her wrists were what confined her to the ring. Cora attempted a few times to tug against the bindings, but to no avail.

Closing her eyes, she willed her lioness to come forward...but that too was to no avail. The best she could muster was sharpened claws that eked from her fingertips. It would have to do, but it would take much longer than she had hoped as she started to balance herself and try to slice into the thick, hardened leather straps that seemed made for shifters in her predicament.

When voices crept to her ears from the only lit room in this whole place, her whole body tensed. The sliver of light peeked from beneath a steady wooden door, though it was not thick enough to prevent those angry voices from spilling from the confines it concealed.

“You will do what I say, and that’s final. Unless, of course, you want to renegotiate our terms…” The door flew open, and those words dropped like acid into the room before her. Lara was furious as she marched from the small room, and the man who stoked her anger was quick on her heels.

“You can’t keep holding that over my head, Lara,” he snapped at her.

Lara spun on her feet to face Anton. “Oh, no? Watch me! Your little sister’s life is in my hands. Don’t forget it!” The deep, throaty growl started to barrel in his chest, the vibrations of them spilling into the entire room. Lara reached a hand out, grabbing Anton about the mouth with one of her once finely manicured nails. At the moment, they were about as scuffed and dingy as Cora herself. “Don’t you dare think about trying to make me submit! Do you forget who you are mated to?” The words were meant as a warning, but there was a defined measure of shock at his perceived intent there as well.

“I wish I could,” he attempted to snarl back at her between smooshed lips, letting his growl linger in the air between them.

Lara’s free hand flew through the air, smacking him hard across the cheek. The force with which she struck had the brown locks on his head swinging across his features involuntarily before she moved her face close to his. Her pale blue eyes locked on to his dark brown ones, as huge of a contrast as their spirits within.

“Maybe we should put Darcy back in her cage...send her back to the Kingly pride. To face the tribunal she skipped out on so many years ago. Do you think that my father or the tribunal will believe her story now, after she escaped our pride prison?” She laughed at him, putting every ounce of venom and hostility into that very sound. “She would be lucky to live twenty-four hours after returning!”

“You know she did not escape. You let her go. You signed a pardon.” His voice became deeper and more threatening, as he tried to intimidate her with his size.

She chuckled at his efforts, dusting off imaginary fibers on an outfit that she had not been wearing when they wrecked. The woman then lifted her eyes skywards, bringing a finger to her lips and filling her voice with dripping sarcasm. “Hmm. Would I sign a piece of paper releasing the only leverage I have over my own mate?” Those pale blue eyes of her narrowed in on him, unleashing a deep-seated heat that might wither the mightiest of men. “A mate that loves to be with me, but is a weak, simple-minded wolf?” Disgust laced her every word, but the hurt that lurked there was only too obvious to Cora. Lara’s fists fell to her sides in tight balls of anger. “Maybe, I should tell them what really happened to Arwen and her parents. Wouldn’t that be shocking?”

He snarled at her. “I did what I had to! What is your excuse?” He shoved a hand through the tousled brown locks on his head. “Your father was never meant to rule,” he looked at her and his face softened slightly. “Neither are you,” he spoke softly, the honesty of his words rang in the silence for a few moments before Lara reacted.

Lara started barking with laughter. “Do you really think I want to rule? Hell, someone else can handle all that paperwork. I just want the power that comes with it.” She sneered at him, waving a careless hand through the air while a momentary confusion settled over Anton’s features. Lara wasn’t through with him as she continued to dig at Anton. “Brock is a strong, virile king. He makes a remarkable king, don’t you think? I will be happy to rule by his side as he takes care of the mess that I am too busy making. Rule by his side by day, warm his bed at night. Oh, but I bet he is an amazing lover.”

Her finger moved seductively from her chin as she traced her own flesh to the tops of her generous breasts. Anton’s face darkened, his lips curling savagely at the corners.

From a young age, Cora learned about the power of a wolf’s mate and the influence it holds over them. Clearly, Lara was all too well versed in the effects as well as she pushed every button she could to erupt that fire within Anton. It was not really his fault, the mate bond can be overpowering at times...even for lion-shifters. For a wolf, it was nearly everything.

Lara turned to Cora, and Cora felt every muscle in her body go rigid. “Wouldn’t you say, princess?” The thought that she spoke of intimacy between herself and Brock made Cora burn, and made her wolf snarl. “I bet he could fuck me sideways and command me to come,” she breathed, bringing the tip of her fingernail from her free hand up to her mouth and slipping it partially between her lips seductively before letting her other hand dance delicately over her ample bosom. “I bet,” she started, letting a soft moan dance past her lips as she gently tweaked her own nipple. “I bet he could possess me in ways that no other man ever could.” It was meant to goad Anton, though those words burned a trail deeper than that.

The thought of her with Brock sent a whole new set of sensations pulsing through Cora’s veins. A surge of anger swelled within her and she forced herself to push it back. The lioness before her was an offensive harlot who strove for control in the most obscene ways. It was unconscionable!

Anton’s face contorted with rage as he spat, snarled, and bellowed into the confines of the basement. The words were incoherent as he marched to the door that led upstairs, slamming a meaty hand into the middle of it. Splinters flew from the now wrecked wooden mass as it gave beneath his fist.

With a hand out in front of him, he leaned against the wreckage taking in huge gulps of air in an effort to control the rage that simmered within. His muscled form was rigid, the tanned skin coated with a sheen of sweat and dampening those locks that kissed his skin.

“God, that was hot!” Cora frowned at Lara’s words, her claws still working desperately to free herself but making little progress.

The process was slow and painful working against her injuries and the pull of the bindings. Her very toes ached as she stretched herself as far as she could to get a better vantage of the bindings, but her body was weary and her emotions were ragged. It was her soul that kept her pushing forward, the very heart of it spurning her on with a determination and resolve that matched that of her lioness.

“No,” Anton stepped away from Lara, desperation starting to fall over his features. “This is not the time or place!’ Cora froze, watching the scene play out before her. Her eyes widened when a sickeningly sweet scent started to permeate the air, causing the confusion to be banished and her stomach to twist. It was like the scent of honeysuckle with a hint of apple cider beneath it. To Cora, it was not a pleasant combination. Yet, for Anton, it seemed to be a completely different experience. His face contorted several times before his resolve broke. Inhaling deep, he then exhaled on a growl.

“That’s my gorgeous mate.” She let her fingers skitter over her thigh and follow the outline of the skirt that she was now wearing. “Let’s kiss and make up, put all this ugliness behind us.”

The scent grew stronger and Cora had to work hard to stifle her gagging. Her claws worked as furiously as she could at the bindings with the hopes of not being noticed. She feared if she was caught, they would restrain her in something she would have no chance against.

The growl that rumbled from Anton turned from annoyance to near seduction, and Cora’s whole body went rigid. Oh, please, God. They wouldn’t, would they?

Anton turned questioning eyes towards Cora, then Lara. He repeated his words from earlier, seemingly hoping for a different outcome. “Now is not the time, Lara.”

The emotions flitted across his face as he tried to resist the scented lust of his mate. To him, it would be nearly irresistible, making it difficult to think of anything but meeting her needs. Yet, there he stood trying to resist the very nature of his beast.

“Oh,” Lara whispered seductively, turning a quick smirk to Cora before turning appraising eyes on her mate. She swayed seductively in his direction, running a hand across his broad chest with her fingertips when she was close enough. “I have to disagree. Now is the perfect time.” That she-beast’s scent filled the room, fraying any last convictions that he might have held.

Wrapping strong, muscled arms around Lara, he tugged her roughly against him as he leaned his head down. When his lips met with her cheek rather than planted against hers, he snarled at her.

“Not that kind of kiss, mate.” She cast her eyes to where Cora stood rigid, her fingers stilled against her efforts. Cora’s face twisted into something like disgust while Lara merely smiled at the reaction.

Lara grabbed Anton’s hand and slowly helped him inch his way up the skirt she wore. Her free hand worked its way over the front of his jeans, cupping and squeezing that part of him there as he moaned at her touch. When he reached to rip the fabric from the entrance of her core, she tutted and shoved his hand away.

“My, but you are ready.” She giggled like a schoolgirl as she stepped away from him and sauntered towards Cora, her hips swaying seductively.

Cora’s efforts to fray the leather binds were once more stilted with this woman’s nearness, and she held her breath. Disgust and anger already swelled within her chest, and an unfathomable heat was growing in her belly. This woman would pay for everything, she just needed to wait for the right time...the right opportunity. When Lara stood in front of her, she smacked both her hands against the stone wall to either side of Cora’s head.

“So, Cora,” she started, moving within inches of her face. “How would you like to see how a real man pleases his woman?”

Cora’s eyes widened. There were no words to convey how repulsed she was at the idea, but Lara was not looking for permission. When she looked at Anton, she could see his resolve was broken. Whatever Lara asked of him, he would comply.

“That’s right, princess.” Lara reached down with one hand and slowly hiked her skirt up around her waist, spreading her legs shoulder-width apart as she leaned forward and kept her intent eyes on Cora. “Anton?” She breathed his name seductively, her breath blowing across Cora’s face. Lara would not even have to turn around to know that Anton was just behind her, his growl giving away his proximity.

Already his large hands had curled around the offending cloth that hid her treasures from him before ripping the offending garment off. He cupped her ass in those same large hands, grabbing and pulling the flesh there as if mesmerized by the movement itself. He grunted and growled as he roughly pulled her cheeks apart, exposing the intimate parts of her before massaging them back in place once more. Lara gasped and moaned at the feel, her gaze never leaving Cora’s. Cora could not keep the look of repulsion off her face as she stared at the woman before her.

“That’s right, baby. Mmm,” Lara would whisper seductively, though it appeared for all the world that she was talking to Cora. “I want that big, wet tongue kissing my pussy, Anton,” she demanded, her voice hoarse from lust. Lara leaned in closer to Cora, and let her own tongue slide over her jaw to her ear as Cora tensed and tried to jerk away. “Watch as he fucks me with his tongue, princess. Watch how a real woman comes.”

Cora tried to move away from the act happening before her, but the stone wall prevented her from escaping the madness. When she tried to shut her eyes, Lara raked a claw across her face, cutting it horizontally from her ear to her nose. Cora yelped before snarling at the woman in front of her, startling them both.

Lara chuckled. “Feisty!” She inhaled deeply and released it. “I like it.” Her smile was wicked when she shoved her face into Cora’s, and let her tongue slide over her mouth. Cora jerked her face away but was limited in her movements. This woman was perverse. “Oh, yes. I want you to watch, princess. You are going to watch, and I am going to take so much pleasure in how it plays at your innocence.”

Anton shot a quick look to Cora, an apology lingering there, and then knelt on the cold floor. Lara grabbed Cora’s face between her fingers, forcing her head to the side to give her a better vantage of exactly what Anton was doing to her. Cora shuddered and her stomach wretched.

The man on the ground no longer seemed to notice her, his position at Lara’s warmth causing the aroma there to hold him hostage. He squeezed Lara’s ass once more before he roughly pulled them apart, growling as he opened her wide. Lara gasped. “Do it, Anton.”

Her words were raspy, full of want. The man moved his face towards her heat, and let the tip of his tongue dance over her folds. Moans fell from her lips before she turned a harsh reprimand on the man that would elicit her pleasure. “No! Fuck me!”

Without waiting for another command, Anton’s mouth and tongue disappeared as he lodged himself as deep as he could inside her chamber. Lara cried out as he pistoned his tongue inside her warmth. The sounds of lapping drifted to Cora’s ears and she squeezed her eyes closed trying to avoid the abomination of what was happening before her. This was not the way it was supposed to be.

Lara started to push herself away from the wall, shoving hard against Anton’s face as he continued to obediently follow his mistress’s directions. “Yes-s,” she let the word drawl out as she gripped Cora’s face tighter between her fingers. “Harder, baby.” Lara placed her nose in Cora’s neck, letting her tongue touch the warm flesh there before she nipped it hard with her elongated fangs.

Cora yelped again, before letting heated eyes meet Lara’s lustful ones. “You’re a perversion...a mockery of all those that have ruled before you.”

A sound between a moan and a snarl escaped. Panting, she said, “You dare judge me!” She let out another moan as Anton plunged once more into her depths. “Sex is meant to be enjoyed, regardless of how it's preferred!” The woman let her claws dig into the flesh at Cora’s shoulder as Anton plunged a finger deep within her, circling his finger inside to hit that spot that was meant to make her come undone.

Cora flinched and paled, sucking in air between her teeth just before Lara released her grip. “It is not your preferences that disgust me, it is who you are that does,” she hissed.

Lara let out a soft chuckle. “You like it, don’t you, princess,” she rasped. Lara let her tongue lave against Cora’s neck once more, letting it travel to the puncture marks on her shoulder. Lapping at the small beads of blood, Cora felt her body tense as Lara let her fingers press against her mouth. “Give me more, Anton.”

At her command, Anton let another one of his fingers slide into her canal as he dipped it down and around before slamming it hard into her core. Lara threw her head back and moaned heavily in the room. “Fuck, baby, yeah. Yes,” she moaned again. “That’s it, that’s the spot.” Her rhythm started to pick up as she shoved herself back harder into Anton, slamming Cora’s head into the wall as her own self-control started to crumble.

The speed and intensity increased as the sucking noises of her walls clamping around his fingers echoed around them. “Yes,” she cried again. “There, yes.” She bit her bottom lip as her eyes pressed closed, ready to ride the wave of ecstasy. “Yes, yes, yes,” she whimpered, drawing out each word on a breath. “So...good.”

Her face pinched as sweat glistened off every part of flesh exposed. She thrust herself backward, bucking as his fingers worked her chanal, his tongue working her clit. She threw her head forward, letting her mouth fall open as a cry escaped. Biting down on Cora’s already battered shoulder, she let the moan vibrate down her arm. Cora cried out in pain once more. The woman was more beast than woman.

A growl erupted from deep within Cora. It was strong and dangerous. Eyes glowed bright, and they were trained on the woman in front of her. Her time had come to rise, and there was no intention to quell the beast any longer. She would have her pound of flesh.

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