Waltz of the Lioness - Revised

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Heat - Brock's POV

Her frame was so slight next to him, and he had this overwhelming need to protect her. When she finally let the collar of her robe loose from her death grip, her pale blonde hair spilled down around her in beautiful spirals. Those wide, pale blue eyes of hers were dazzling, even if they belied her innocence. Deep within the liquid pools of innocence rested a knowing that the delicate creature before him seemed unaware of, one he was compelled to seek. She was, after all, his mate.

Though she seemed ignorant of the ways of mates, he knew she was already starting to feel her need spiking. Her heat was nearing the surface and it was reflected in his own ravenous lust. He was damned if he was going to allow others to see her skin bare. That was his right, and his alone. The thought occurred to pick her up and carry her back to his bed. If not for the alarm that persisted in her eyes at being led to his quarters, he might have done just that.

This little vixen had a lioness inside her that was strong, regal, and confident. It seemed so inconsistent to her human counterpart. The stark contrast settled in his gut, waves of irritation spreading within from the realization that she caged the beast to the point of near disconnect. But why? And why did no one feel compelled to speak with her regarding the nature of mates? Not to mention that he now had to be the one to instruct her on the ways of mating.

The thought of being the one to teach her the ways of mates induced a wealth of pleasure swelling within him as her heat spiked once more. Though, the annoyance that no one bothered to educate her produced a slow burn or irritation. Her innocence he had been ready to overcome, but her ignorance was troubling.

Outside of his rooms, she moaned as the pangs of her heat became more insistent...uncontrolled. Her breathing grew heavy as she started to pant, clutching at her abdomen to gain some modicum of relief. That soft, breathy moan speared through him.

“Something is wrong with me,” she whispered to him.

When he stepped closer to her to help assuage the heat swelling within her, she tensed. He fought to contain the sigh that threatened to expel from his throat. In just a few minutes, her innocence would be his, but he disliked being a cad about taking that from her in her state of inexperience.

“Nothing is wrong with you,” he coaxed. “I can help.” His hands held hers tenderly as he carefully tread through the hallway.

His steps continued to beckon her to his rooms and her steps followed, though he couldn’t be sure she had any awareness of it. Her lioness was still so close to the surface, and that regal beast would be demanding on him until her heat was vanquished. The sheer power of her lioness would keep him at her side, those that knew better would steer clear.

His voice maintained a comforting tone, wanting to soothe her. He pulled her into the room, staying as close to her as she would allow helping reduce the effects of her heat. The little thing tried to resist her need, moving past him and pacing in front of the bedroom window like a caged animal.

“No, I really think something is wrong with me.” Her breathing was starting to become erratic. “I feel like I am burning up and I can’t seem to breathe.” Her pheromones had been building since they started on the staircase and they now filled the room around them, elevating his own arousal.

“What is your name, my sweet?” He placed a hand on her shoulder and tried to get her to focus on him. On his voice. On his touch. She needed release, but he did not want to frighten her in the process.

“Cora.” She squirmed beneath his touch and yelped as he felt her wave of heat rip from her. “It...hurts,” she whimpered.

Her fingers dug into her abdomen with a fierceness that made him worry that she would wound herself in its wake. With her freed hand, she clutched at his arm for support.

Lifting her up, he carried her to the bed against small whispered protests and whimpers. “Cora, that is a pretty name,” he cooed. “Almost as beautiful as you.” His little mate blushed and turned her eyes from him as he laid her on the bed. She seemed so sheltered, so lost. “Cora, I need to help you, but you have to trust me.”

Her head turned to look at him from beneath her thick, golden lashes, and she gave a meek nod. With her permission, he loosened the belt of her robe. She sucked in a deep breath, her innocence once again smacking him hard. How can one so beautiful be so ignorant?

With a gentle hand, he moved it over her flawless, pale skin and marveled at his luck. The tiny muscles in her body rippled under his touch and she worked to contain her responses, biting her lip hard to suppress the moans of pleasure he wanted to give her.

His fingers drifted over her full breasts, her nipples pebbling at the whisper of a touch. He gently played at one of her peaks as he dragged the other into his mouth, his tongue gently rolling around it as he nipped and sucked at it. The tremor of pleasure rippled through her beneath his touch, though she held her small frame rigid and stiff at the unfamiliarity of it all.

The severity in which she held herself could not prevent her arousal from moistening that lovely apex between her thighs. He could smell her, making his erection more painful in its throbbing need.

The low rumble from her throat pierced through his lusty thoughts. Her inner lioness was dangerously close to revealing herself once again, and Cora’s heat was getting too intense for her to prevent it. He let his other hand trail across her abdomen, touching the intimate curls before sliding them through the already slick folds. She closed her eyes and tried to control her gasps and moans, her lips pressed together. Though he wanted to take his time with her, he would have to suffice with knowing that she was his to enjoy till the end of their days.

His own robe had been loosely belted around him, and he made short work of it. Cora needed release soon before her lioness came out to play. As much fun as it was, it could be very dangerous for them both, and more so for the guests that still milled around in his home.

Cora turned her head away from him, her face pinched from those things she did not understand. It made his heart lurch. Never had he thought that finding his mate would bring such a naive and innocent little thing into his life, making him afraid that his own desires might crush her in its wake. His lion wanted to ravage her, and he needed to move faster unless he wanted to let him do just that.

“Cora, I need you to take in a deep breath.” The words were soft, and he gently pulled one of her hands to his chest. Placing one of his hands over hers, he moved gentle fingers over her hand to offer comfort. He moved to place himself between her beautifully sculpted legs, allowing the tip of him to play at the beautifully slick entrance that promised him a haven within its folds. His only regret was not being able to take the time to properly adjust her to what was happening. The time it took to get her up to his quarters cost them dearly. “When you inhale, you will feel me. I will try to wait for you to adjust.” She nodded her head a fraction, the heat nearly making her unresponsive. “Exhale, then inhale slowly, Cora.”

When he saw her chest rising as she sucked in a deep drag of air, he pushed himself inside of her as slowly as his own hunger would allow. She gasped as her body stretched around him, and whimpered at the sharp pain of his erection tearing through her innocence. Her core was liquid, and slick with her heat causing him desperately to want to plunge into her time and again. But he paused as long as he could to allow her to accommodate him.

Her body started to react of its own volition as she tilted her hips toward him, allowing him further access into her sweetness. He moved slowly at first but grimaced when her hand fled from beneath his.

When she wrapped her arms around him, he could feel her sleek fingers dig into his back. The sharpness of it made him suck air from between his teeth before he released it in a hefty moan. Normally actions to bring him deeper inside would have encouraged him, making him heady with her need. However, it was not her delicate fingers that dug into him. Her lioness had extended her claws and was piercing his flesh. The warmth of his own blood pooled at the claws’ indention.

His mate was close to shifting, and it both excited and alarmed him. Restraint was a luxury that he could barely afford. Coaxing her nipple to tautness, she arched toward him while gasping with pleasure.

Her body became more pliable, thrusting her chest into his hands and arching into his thrusts. The soft, pleasurable murmurs were incoherent to his own ears as she writhed beneath him. The rigidness was no more. In its place was a responsive, beautiful woman who allowed herself to bask in the sensations of it all. He met her movements with his own as he plunged into her, his strokes becoming stronger and faster in his efforts to meet her needs.

The pad of his thumb reached through her folds, letting it glide over her throbbing sensitive nub. She bucked beneath him, panting and moaning, causing her walls to tighten on him and squeeze him inside.

Lifting his thumb to his mouth, he let his thumb glide over the moisture there, her aroma fueling his thrusts. The taste of her mixed with his flavor was enough to bring him to the edge.

Her amorous eyes were on him, watching him as she gasped and let the tip of her tongue moisten her full lips. That simple act sent a ripple of pleasure through them both. Capturing her mouth in his, he let his growl rumble through him to vibrate through to her core. Her legs and channel gripped onto him tighter, holding onto him as if he was tied to life itself. Her whole body shuddered and she let out a cry of pleasure that echoed in the room.

It was time, he needed to mark her to complete the bond. As long as she did not try to hold it back, it would take the edge off her heat and sate her lioness...for the moment. Bending towards her exposed shoulder, he let his fangs elongate. He licked the spot first before he took it in his mouth, sucking at it before finally biting down into her soft flesh. The flavor was sweet like honey and nectarines before the rush of copper flooded through him. With her taste on his tongue, he released his seed inside her. Her smell made him drunk and her core pulled him into her depths, draining him.

For the first time, he allowed himself to truly savor his mate. He let his tongue slide across her lips, and she instinctively opened her mouth. Grabbing her lower lip with his teeth, he gently pulled at it.

“Cora, my mate, you are divine.”

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