Waltz of the Lioness - Revised

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Dominating the Queen - Brock's POV

Cora had closed herself up for nearly an hour, and Brock could not help but wonder how she had not sought him out yet. Her needs had to be overwhelming her by now unless their first attempt had already succeeded. It did not seem likely. He took gradual steps towards the bathroom door that she had disappeared through, hoping that his suspicions would be unfounded.

“Cora?” It was not quite a shout, yet it would be loud enough to carry over the spray of the shower.

The closer he got to the door, the more her scent overwhelmed him. Another heat had hit her. The potent fragrance carried through him and aroused him with an intensity he had not expected, one he knew she would be fighting against.

“Cora?” He called again through the door with more force. Using his lion, he could hear her whimpers, her yelps. “Cora, I’m coming...just hang on!”

Putting his shoulder in the door, he could only think of getting to her, protecting her. Battering his shoulder against the door, he grunted in his efforts. This was the one time when he cursed the reinforcements that were placed over the entire castle to protect against feral shifts.

“Cora!” He yelled again, ramming into the door once more before it finally gave beneath his force.

With a curse on his lips, he caught the gleam of a hunter, and he was in her sights. Those tawny eyes in that golden pale shimmer of fur had narrowed in on him, the muscles twitching over her haunches giving a very clear intention that she meant to charge. He was too late.

The queen issued her own rules: dominate or be dominated. She would have to be compelled to submit. Though his shift was fast, she was quicker than he anticipated. Her body drove into him, claws extended as she attacked. The claws raked down his side in a bloody slash, but his lion was now in control.

A roar bellowed from his throat as she fell on top of him, his body thudding against the wooden floor. Using his momentum of motion to roll over on her, he pinned her beneath him. It did not stop her attack as she used her massive paws to swipe hard and heavy.

His heart swelled at how graceful and regal her lioness was as she attempted to pummel him with a barrage of claws and paws. Somewhere within the frail form of her human, her majestic side was being exposed by her beast, no longer content to lay dormant. A mate that would challenge him but then submit once he dominated. A queen in every respect, and not the omega she claimed to be.

Escaping from beneath him, she stumbled and crashed into a table and chairs in front of the large picture window before she swung around on him. Seeking to lessen her recovery time, he reared back.

Much to his dismay, her response was immediate. The beauty before him rushed forward and caught him full in the chest, ramming them both into a full-length mirror. Their paws danced and skittered among broken shards as her gaping jaw angled in such a way as to try to tear at his fur.

He swiped at her with clawless paws causing her to crash to the ground, her head glancing off the corner of a dresser. Trying hard not to hurt his mate, he took every precaution he could, but she was insistent. Challenging him, rushing him, confronting any weakness he might leave exposed. She was demanding, sending a message that she was not to be trifled with.

The blow he dealt her did not keep her down. The wound she would have suffered on her skull would heal, just as the abrasions on her paws she would endure. Standing on all fours once more, she wheeled around to face him, preparing for her next attack.

The door to their room opened, guards rushing in to protect their king. When her head turned back to them, she snarled at their intrusion. She took a menacing step towards the intruders who invaded her mating den, causing him to let a roar roll into the room as a warning. The windows in the room vibrated, though his mate did not heed his caution. With her heat would come a frenzy that he was not sure he could contain while others intruded.

Brock rushed her, knocking her over and positioning himself between her and the guards. Keeping his attention on her, he turned his head slightly and growled low, vibrating the very glass in the room. His meaning would be clear, they were to leave them.

Understanding the dance that was being played out between the two lions, they backed away slowly so as not to make themselves targets. She roared and snarled at them, her indignation evident and her strength causing a strain of fear to course through at least one of them. It nearly made him smile at her power, but he braced himself for the next blow.

He would have to earn the right to dominate her. When she made her appearance, he would have to show her his worth before she allowed him access. He watched her with an awe he never held for any other shifter. There was no doubt she was worthy of him and more.

The door had barely managed to click in place before she charged him once more, her paws and claws extended as she targeted his hulking mass. Baring his teeth, he clamped onto her shoulder as she raked claws against his chest. He forced her to the ground as she writhed and kicked beneath him. Clamping his jaw down harder on that sensitive spot on her shoulder, he held her tightly against him. Her kicks lessened as he moved his head, her shoulder being forced to one side shifting her onto her stomach. For now, he had won.

Letting a vibration roil within him that would cause his mate to shift, he waited mere seconds before she let the alpha vibrations push her human form forward. When he felt this lioness receding, he pushed his human forward. The marks on his flesh stung, and he could feel the trickling of blood as he breathed heavily, waiting for her shift to be complete. Her small frame against him, he felt her shudder. Citrus filled the air as he inhaled deep, sensing her consuming arousal.

“Cora, I’m here,” he whispered into her ear. “I’m not going to hurt you. Let me help you.”

Her wounds would be stinging her, but not near as much as the marks she left on him. For now, he had to ignore them to tend to his mate. She whimpered softly and nodded.

Not wanting to move her from where they were in case her lioness resurfaced, he shifted his weight behind her. The warmth of her core beckoned to him, hardening him even further. He could feel the moisture against his thigh as she brushed up against him, making him purr with pleasure at her readiness for him.

Taking his erection in his palm, he guided it to her opening. Brushing her hair away from her face with his other hand, he drove into her. Her whole body quivered beneath him, her walls grabbing at his cock. He groaned as the warmth of her stretched around him, making his control tenuous at best.

“Yes,” she breathed.

It was the first time she had voiced her pleasure, and it made a more intense pleasure well within him. When she pressed her bottom against him to drive him in further, she shredded the last bit of control he had. He drove into her, pistoning in and out as she pressed herself back into him. The action allowed him deeper access into her warmth, and she moaned into each stroke.

With one hand at her waist guiding the pace of his efforts, he reached his other around her to palm her breast. He allowed himself to feel the weight of it as it bounced in rhythm with his movements. When he rolled her nipple between his fingers, she arched back. The small dip in her back was glistening with sweat and smears of blood as he rode her, smashing into her to the incredibly sexy sound of his flesh meeting hers.

When she held her breath, he knew she was on the verge. That edge would take her over and invite his seed deep inside of her. With a gentle hand, he soaked his fingers in their combined juices before bringing them to circle her clit. That first touch caused her to buck beneath him, but he held her steady as he circled her. Coaxing her, encouraging her to allow herself to fall over the edge.

Her body tensed as he felt her clamp around him, the warm channel pulsing and milking him with its need. Rocking into her, he moved with the pulses of her body until his body flooded her with his own liquid, mixing and folding into her warmth to be pulled into her core with intent. He continued to rock against her, letting himself spend every ounce of him within her.

With her slack form in his arms, he held her up while he caught his breath. The wounds that had blazed across him felt like sharp stabs as sweat trickled into them and softened the congealed blood. He collected her to his chest and carried her past the shards of glass and broken furniture, his own feet crunching against the glass and crossing through the jagged splinters. Gently, he placed his mate on the bed before sitting on its edge and brushing away the debris.

The soft sounds of slumber came from her softly rising and falling chest. There would not be a lot of time at his disposal to rest and heal his wounds, his lion much faster at healing than he would be in his human form. He rang for his manservant, requesting that someone be sent in to clear away the debris immediately. It would not do for his little mate to catch anyone else in her mating den, but neither would he have her hurt herself on the wreckage.

Covering Cora from any possible prying eyes, he allowed his lion to push through and took his place on the floor nearest his mate in case she needed him in the early morning hours. Meeting with her lion was everything he thought it would be, and every bit as dangerous. He could not allow her to go through another heat without him tending to her before she shifted.

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