Waltz of the Lioness - Revised

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Being the Omega

The muscles in her body were aching, her whole body felt fatigued. When she rolled on her side, she was dismayed to see the sunlight blazing through the windows. Beside her, she could feel Brock as his chest heaved up and down in a rhythmic pattern next to her, his arm tucked firmly around her.

For the first time in the last couple of days, her head was clear. No more was there an urgency to keep him close, the fog had lifted to allow her to recall in morbid detail her lascivious behavior. Sometime during the middle of the night, her heat had fallen away as quickly as it came, and the two of them had been able to sleep for hours on end. She had certainly needed it after the regularity of her heat hitting her, while Brock accommodated each one in stride.

After her shower, he had not let her out of his sight. If she wanted a shower, he would take one with her. If she wanted something to eat, he would have servants bring it so that he could feed her. If she wanted to sleep, he would curl up with her to catch the nearly elusive slumber that would appease their fatigued bodies. Mostly, she just wanted to rest and he certainly never argued against it.

As she thought of how many times Brock had taken her, and the various places he had taken her, she blushed. Though innocent no more, her inexperience and upbringing caused her to recoil at the lustful moments she spent on Brock’s arms. Not because she resented or objected to it, but due to the fact that now is when she would have to pay the price of such actions.

Brock had seemed to understand her need before she did. For each time after her lioness made another appearance, he had been slow, considerate, and took his time in satisfying that craving that burned through her more than not over the last couple of days. His kindness stirred her but she could not dwell on it. There could never be anything more between them than him merely trying to help her through her heat. Not when he was who he was, and her being who she was.

Looking out the window, she felt the guilt wash over her. The feeling of dread nearly crippled her as she contemplated what she would tell her parents when she finally made it home. All she could hope for was Anton’s absence when she made it home. Darcy would be more understanding, even if she would fret over Anton discovering the truth. Maybe her mother would help her figure out what to do next. Could she go to a neighboring pride? How would she get there? How would she be able to support herself without her parents?

There were so many questions to ponder, but each one required her to get to her mother first. She would be able to help. She had to. Cora had no other options since she was never allowed friends that she could rely on.

Gently lifting his arm, she squirmed beneath it to get out from under him without waking him. Thankfully, he seemed to be a fairly deep sleeper, or maybe he was just exhausted from meeting her selfish demands with every wave of heat. She grimaced, realizing it was probably the latter.

The robe Brock had once worn was on the floor, and when she lifted it she was disappointed to see that it was in tatters. Soft terry cloth was ripped in long shreds and she remembered her own robe in the bathroom.

Tiptoeing, she headed over to the door of the bathroom to try to find it. Once she had managed to quietly open the door, she saw the terry cloth lying in a pile on the floor. Sending up a silent prayer, she pulled it up to inspect it. Maybe it was not in any pristine condition, with the small claw holes that had blemished the entire garment, but it would have to work. At least it would offer her a modicum of protection when she ventured from Brock’s room.

Placing her arms through the sleeves, she pinched it closed in her fists and grimaced at the amount of flesh that peeked through the numerous holes in the garment. Grumbling, she knew there was nothing to be done about it. Never had she thought she would need to bring a change of clothes to the engagement ball. Another flare of embarrassment and humiliation nearly overwhelmed her to the point of tears.

For now, she needed to get home. Her face twisted in a frown, knowing her parents would have missed her. There was no avoiding that and she needed to start thinking of a plan B. For half a breath, she wondered if they would have suspected that the party crasher was her? She was always very careful about keeping her lioness contained, until last night. Would they have recognized the lioness as her?

After she left the bathroom, she silently crept towards the bedroom door. Her bare feet stepped carefully across the wooden floors, praying that she would not hit a squeaky board that would disturb the sleeping man that lay sprawled in the huge bed. The sun had crept a little further along the floorboards of the bedroom, and she knew that time was slipping by her.

Pausing very briefly to look out the picture window as she passed, she gasped. Below, the grounds of the palace bled into the city skyline below. The sun glinted over glass and steel in the buildings that stood tall and imposing against the distant sky. Residential homes ebbed across the landscape between where she stood and the buildings in the distance. Never had she seen her home of nearly twenty years look so breathtaking. As beautiful as it was now, she could only imagine what it would look like all lit up at night.

Odd how, as large as the window was, being more than twice her height in its width and almost reaching the ceiling, that she had not really looked out the window these past couple of days. It was as though she was seeing it for the first time. Certainly, it would be one memory she would take with her.

“Cora?” She humped at his voice, though the sleepy, husky tone in his voice made her lion purr. It was very sexy, even if acknowledging it made her blush terribly.

She froze where she was before the window, no longer seeing the view below nor turning around to face him. “Yes?”

The sound of his stretching sent a ripple of heat over her, yawning and grunting in such a way that even she felt it down to her toes. She tucked her chin close to her chest and smiled at the sound of it. There was no way to explain how familiar it all felt, even in such a short time.

The hesitation made her very aware that he was watching her. The rustle of the sheets as he shifted sent a shiver up her spine. He was definitely watching her.

“Are you okay,” he asked.

This would be the first time she would face him without the lusting fog that had occupied her whole body these last couple of days. Her nerves made her clench at her gut, and she let her eyes drift down to watch the sunlight cast patterns across the floor.

“I don’t have...need of you if that is what you mean,” she gulped hard at saying the words. The very thought of them was nearly mortifying in light of what happened. “I cannot tell you how sorry I am to have put you in that position,” her words fell as a whisper. “I appreciate all your...help.”

Though she had already spoken some of these same sentiments to him earlier, it was how she had been brought up. Respect, submit, serve, avoid pain. Her father did not take kindly to any lapse in the rules.

When he laughed behind her, it caught her off guard and she jerked her head to where he now sat on the bed. Her brows were furrowed, and she bit her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Ah, sweet, you are so beautiful. And so fantastically innocent.” He let his long legs swing from the bed, and planted his feet firmly on the floor before striding to where she stood. His nearness made her hold her breath as she felt her nerves tingle at him just being near. With a gentle touch, he cupped her face and let his thumb glide across her jaw. “No, you don’t need me to help you through your heat, but we are bound. We will always need each other,” he planted a soft kiss against her lips, nearly causing her to moan at the touch.

Catching herself, she stepped away from him deferentially. All of this was new to her, having no idea what he meant when he said they were bound. She stifled the question, not wanting to sound any more ignorant than he thought her already. For whatever reason, she found herself caring what he thought of her.

“Yes, well, I think my...heat might be over.” And not a moment too soon, as far as she was concerned. “I should be going home,” she opted for a meek smile. “I’m sure my parents will be worried about me,” she couldn’t help the flinch that came with her words. Her voice dropped, as did her head. “I am not even sure how I am going to explain this.” The last words were meant more for her than him.

Stepping towards her, he cupped her face gently in his hands, forcing her to look at him. “First, you are home, so there is nowhere for you to run off to. Second, there is nothing to explain to your parents, you are my mate. End of story.” He let a smile slip over his lips as he dropped his forehead to hers. His voice dropped an octave as he spoke once more, the husky undertones causing butterflies to swirl in her gut. “And third, do you remember what I told you last night about being in heat?”

For a moment, she blinked up at him with a blank expression as she lost herself in those rich brown eyes that held hers. When her brain finally kicked into gear, her eyes grew wide. “No, but that is not possible. I can’t…”

He pulled her face to his and let his lips press against hers. Though it was chaste in its very nature, it sent tingles through her lips and made its way like electricity to her core. “You are, Cora.”

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