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It was Mouse's last job. She had enough of her mother's profession and wanted to live, well, not a normal life but not this life. This was to be her final job, Lady Cathenne. Mouse's contract was particular. Have the woman in rubber, stretch her out, make her super uncomfortable, have some fun, then get the safe code from her. Do anything with her short of killing, and get the safe's code and her prize. But Lady Cathenne was playing hardball, and Mouse had qualms about going too far.

Erotica / Romance
DV Iante
Age Rating:

Dressed to Kill

Mouse lay on top of the wide brick fence to calm her breathing. Despite wearing a super insulating neoprene super-flex wetsuit, she was cold, and that was good. But, she had to cool down even more if she wanted to avoid the infrared cameras and alarms. She waited, regulating her breathing, cursing the incorrectly sized suit. Mouse was an XS in width but L in length, and the suit was an XSSS.

Mouse lowered her backpack to the ground, climbed down, recovered the black rope, and looped it around herself. Slowly and carefully, Mouse made her way to the mansion, to the southside chimney stack. By Mouse’s third attempt, the lasso held around the chimney, and she climbed up. With her back to the chimney, Mouse listened to any sounds that may mean someone heard her.

Nothing. Mouse recovered the rope and padded across the roof to the open window. How very accommodating of Lady Cathenne to sleep with the window open. She left her backpack outside and withdrew the knock-out drug bottle. She unscrewed the top and snuck into the bedroom. Step by step, she came to the sleeping woman.

Holding the bottle over Lady Cathenne’s lips, Mouse dropped one, two, three drops on her lips. Mouse crouched down by the bed, and when Lady Cathenne licked her lips, it was just a matter of a few minutes. Mouse listened until Lady Cathenne’s breathing changed.

Done, Mouse uncovered Lady Cathenne and saw that she slept in latex. A latex catsuit under a latex coverall, gloves, and a hood. Feeling her hard abdomen, she also tight-laced to have that tiny waist.

Mouse fetched her backpack and prepared a few items on the bed. Mouse had to attach sensors to make sure she did not go too far in her torture. She unsipped the coverall and the catsuit, then attached the stick-on blue tooth sensors, checked that they were working, then sipped her back up.

Mouse strapped padded wrist and ankle restraints on Lady Cathenne then spreadeagled her. Mouse looped and occy strap around each bedpost then had to strain to attach them to Lady Cathenne’s wrists and ankle straps. Mouse removed a neoprene hood and drew it over Lady Cathenne’s head backward to cover her eyes and compress her head. This heightened the experience. Finished with her preparations, Mouse recovered Lady Cathenne with the doona and duvet. Now to wait until the drug wore off.

Mouse unlocked her phone, connected to the sensors, and waited until for the readings to jump. When Lady Cathenne woke from the pain of the occy straps pulling her arms and legs into four directions, she will also panic feeling the hood over her. Mouse knelt on the floor and meditated.

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