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Tox•ic•i•ty noun 1) the quality of being toxic or poisonous... 2 people who were toxic for each other the moment they met, 2 people who can’t stand each other but yet can’t stand to be away from one another. They knew they weren’t good for each other but they didn’t care. Sydney and Atlas... they were that couple that every talked about, but not in the good way. Their relationship was doomed from the start... but that didn’t stop them. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ⚠️ Warning! This book contains: •Abuse •Toxic relationships •Sexual scenes •Bad language

Erotica / Drama
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Lucky Ladies

Sydney applies one last layer of lip gloss before grabbing her things and walking out the door seeing her best friend Lucy waiting in the Uber for her. Rushing down her front steps she gets in the back seat with her and the Uber drives off to the night club.

“What is this place called again?” Lucy asks quietly
“Lucky Ladies. It hasn’t been in business for too long, I think they opened almost 1 year ago.” Sydney replies and Lucy nods
“I’m glad you actually went through with tonight’s plan. You almost never do.” She says and Sydney rolls her eyes with a chuckle
“I do have a job Lucy, I can’t go out every night and get wasted” She says
“But you are still 21! You need to live your life a little more. Go out, meet some guys, have fun.” Lucy says but Sydney just nods without saying anything else
Several minutes later the Uber finally arrived to the club and pulls up to the entrance. The girls climb out of the car immediately getting excited, they rush to the line and stand there patiently as they get closer to the front. As they wait Lucy slightly nudges Sydney with her elbow causing her smack her lips together.
“What’d you do that for?” Sydney asks
“That guy at the end of the line keeps looking at you.” She whispers trying not to make it obvious
“What guy? There’s a big group of guys over there.” Sydney whispers back
“The one with the man bun, he has the full sleeve tattoo. He hasn’t stopped eyeing you down since they got in line.” Lucy says averting her eyes to him
Not wanting to make it obvious, Sydney pulls out her phone and slightly turns around pretending she’s on the phone with someone. She looks over at the man quickly and suddenly her face drops.
That man has a face of an angel, the way his hair is tied up in a man bun but yet small strands of hair falls down his face. The way his tattoos cover every inch of his right arm makes her lose her train of thought.
“Sydney! The line is moving up.” Lucy says snapping her out of her thoughts.
She throws him a quick smile and turns back to her friend trying not to look like a total crazy person.
“Okay, he is literally so beautiful. What the fuck, how is that possible.” Sydney whispers
“And I think he’s interested in you, you need to get on that once he gets in the club.” Lucy says with a sly smirk
“You really think I should?” She asks and Lucy looks at her quickly
“Of course you should, like I told you in the Uber. Live your life Sydney. You only live once.” She says and they get to front of the line
Pulling out their ID’s, they show the bouncer and he unhooks the rope letting them through. The girls walk over to the bar and immediately over 4 shots of Tequila.
“Drink it up baby! We are going to have the night of our lives.” Lucy says as they both down their shots quickly
Not too long after Lucy pulls Sydney on the dance floor, both clearly drunk and they both start dancing to the music together. As the song finishes Lucy yells over to Sydney
“I’m going to get more drinks! What do you want?” Lucy yells over the loudness of the club
“Just a tequila on the rocks.” She says still swaying her hips to the new song beginning to play
Lucy nods and stumbles over to the bar as Sydney stays back and continues dancing when suddenly a tall, bigger figure appears in front of her. Taken a back, she looks up and notices it’s the guy from outside who wouldn’t stop staring at her.
“You weren’t really on the phone, am I right?” He says with a sly smirk. Sydney scoffs letting out a small chuckle feeling her cheeks heat up.
“You caught me.” She says and he laughs crossing his arms.
Staring at his figure she really takes his features in, his body is built and the veins on his arms causes her to lose her train of thought. His hair is a dirty blonde from what she can make out in the dim lights in the club, his green eyes flashes different colors as the lights in the club flash around.
Sydney steps closer to him as he stares down at her.
“You like what you see?” He says snapping her out of her thoughts
“Maybe, maybe not.” She says with a sly smirk
“Well that’s a shame, cause I definitely like what I see.” He says licking his lips staring at her up and down causing her heart to beat faster.
“Then do something about it.” She says closing the space between them completely. Gently running her finger tips across her chest seductively.
She hears a low growl coming from him, she smirks to herself knowing how badly she is affecting him.
“Don’t tempt me. You have no idea what you are setting yourself up for.” He whispers in her ear causing goosebumps to form all over her body
“I’m a big girl. I can handle it, maybe you are the one that can’t handle me.” Sydney says crossing her arms arching her eyebrow
He chuckles quietly while shaking his head staring at her. Grabbing her arm, he pulls her away from the dance floor quickly making her laugh in excitement.
They pass by Lucy and Sydney notices she’s already hooked on a guy as well. The two girls look at each other and nod in excitement.
The guy takes her out of the club and rushes over to his car unlocking it and opening the door for her.
“Mmm what a gentleman.” She says getting in the car
“Always.” He says shutting the door quickly then runs over to the drivers side and gets in turning on the car immediately.
“Eager much?” Sydney says gently placing her hand on his leg causing him to grip the steering wheel tightly
“You have no idea.” He says driving off
“I didn’t even get your name yet, so let’s start there. I’m Sydney.” She says smiling
“I’m Atlas.” He says smiling back
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