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Transformotica (An Erotica for Transformation Fetishists)

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It's a transformation fetish erotica. For those who get turned on by women turning into things or men turning into women; it's all gonna be here! A famous live cam/chat site goes viral when Harley McLelland takes over and renames it: ExpandYourImagination.com. It becomes famous after her forced impregnation is filmed and seen by millions. They loved it so much that an ever entwining web of dirty pleasures begin to unravel. Giantess growths, breast expansions, muscle growths, belly expansions/pregnancy/alien growths; nothing is off the table. Men into women, women into other women, women into animals; it's all there! Just sit back, relax and feel the arousal.

Erotica / Fantasy
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I'm Live and Rapidly Expanding

(A young woman rapidly becomes pregnant-like whilst on a live cam due to a serum she created.)

I remember the day that I lost my virginity. Before now, I was that southern girl on campus. I’m twenty one and I honestly am not the most attractive girl here. Given the fact that there’s all those cheerleaders with their super lanky legs and big, tight asses, I honestly don’t know why guys would even look at me. Now, before I go all into my current predicament, I’d like to just take a step back. First off, my name is Harley; Harley McLelland. I am definitely of Irish heritage, but oddly enough I have bleach blonde hair, which I got from my father’s side, who’s Russian.

Anyway, I am actually quite tall myself. I know, I sounded super jealous of those prissy bitches, but truly, I’m actually almost on par with their beauty. In fact, now that I think of it, I have gorgeous legs myself. Mine are long, but they’re nice and thick at the top, which in turn gives me a very tight and yet, slightly squishy ass. A lot of people look at me, saying I’ve got Nicki Minaj’s shaped butt, asking how it was even possible with my skin being as fucking white as a fresh snowfall. I really don’t know how it was possible, but I guess I inherited my ass from someone way back in the day on my family tree.

Now, I am considered to have a few extra pounds, like that option you get on a dating site? Yeah, that’s me. I’m tall, yet curvy which could give any guy… or girl, the right amount of me to hold as we make love. My breasts are enormous! They’re size CC and yet, they’re perky as shit! Sometimes I don’t even wear a bra, and I still have them sticking out perfectly. I do have a belly button piercing as well as two in both ears, and snake bite lip rings. My lips are relatively thick, not Kim Kardashian sized, but honestly, they’re very quite close.

Before I go into the rest of my facial features, I want to tell you something. I don’t keep up with celebrities, but I do look them up from time to time. I have these… imaginative fantasies, you could say, which involve picturing people I know turning into other people. It’s weird to explain, but let me at least try. Okay, my imagination is enormous. There’s many a time where I’d get lost whilst writing random fiction stories, that I lose track of time. I don’t know why I am the way that I am, but I get turned on by these things and it’s been that way since I was fourteen. That was the first time I pictured a girl that I know, (some short, thin girl with barely any breasts or butt, turning into this giant, six foot woman, with long thick legs and a giant pair of tits, just aching and sweating. UGH! Sorry, I’m turning myself on…)

Yeah, that’s the first time I did it. I’m gonna tell you right here and now, that whilst imagining this, I decided to finger myself. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced in my entire life! The first time is always the most hot, and the most… well, messy. I squirted so much that my hand was filled with cum and I barely got to the bathroom, before it leaked all the way down my leg. What’s weird though, is I believe these things are very possible. I believe that if you take someone’s blood and break it down to the DNA, you could potentially transform yourself into that person. (Sorry, I'm going off on a tangent here.) I love my body, don’t get me wrong, I just want to know if it’s at all possible to change into someone else.

Okay, back to my face. My nose is large, primarily because of my dad again. I have a long face, a beautiful set of huge teeth, and the greenest eyes you’ll ever see. My hands… I’m sitting here, looking at them now… They’re tools of sexual ecstasy. I was blessed with long ones, and slightly thick, yet long fingers. They fit so well into my pussy… And, get this, they always; always, hit my g-spot almost instantly! I am not kidding! My nipples are super soft and very sensitive. Any type of somewhat pressured brushing against my bra, and it’ll send waves of tingling sensations straight to my clit.

Why, one time I was sitting in my best friend’s bedroom and we were watching this T.V. show, Being Human, I think it was called. Anyway, this blonde girl was transforming into a werewolf and the way her teeth grew and the way her skin bubbled and her bones snapped… I’m not lying when I say this, my phone went off and it was sitting in my lap just on top of, you guessed it; my vagina. It was set to max as well, and just as the girl’s back started rippling, it went off and I was getting turned on. As if my friend, (a girl with super thick lips, perfect curves and light chocolate colored skin,) saw me struggling.

She knew of my fetish, yet she never disowned me. She actually saw me twitching and slid her hand over my thigh. Immediately warmth spread throughout my body and I was yearning, praying, that she would slide those slender fingers into my pants. And she did. I know I’m going way off track about describing myself, but that’s just who I am. I go off on these conversations and before you know it I’m gone. That night was the first night I lost my virginity. So to be honest, I wasn’t truly straying that far off.

My friend’s name is Elaine Quire. Her nose is slightly wide, and bubbly. She has a bright, and wide smile and a slightly rounded face. She’s got BB cup breasts, a HUGE ass, and long, thick legs. I didn’t know how to tell her, but since the day we met, I was turned on by her. (Before you go trying to guess my sexuality, I’m bisexual. I’ve known I was since I was thirteen and I saw Elaine for the first time. She was developing far faster than most of the other girls, except for me. That was the thing that drew us together for the first time. We both saw that we already had breasts and were friends ever since. Now, on that night when my vagina was nearly squirting beside her, we were attracted to each other.

Our lips met as did our tongues and before I knew it, I was thrown onto her bed. She was already pulling my pants down, and yanked off my Atari underwear. (Yes, I’m a nerd as well). My glasses were strewn almost instantly as Elaine began to slide her tongue up and down my face. Her left hand was already digging for gold in my vagina and I mean, digging. She had nearly buried half of her hand into my clit and was wiggling her fingers this way and that so that every second that went by, warm flesh was rubbing angrily against my g-spot. My nipples yearned to be licked and as if she could read my thoughts at that particular moment, her luscious soft lips began to suck and pull.

My right breast ached so bad and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I could remember my back immediately arching upward as my belly heaved in and out. My breasts began to cover themselves in sweat and hers followed suit. This pushed me even further into ecstasy as her fingers kept tickling every single centimeter on and around that beautiful sexual spot inside of all of us. "Oh my god… J-Just give me a sec here… I… Whew… My vagina’s aching like hell right now. Oooh! B-Be right back…"

(Thirty minutes later)

Chatting to the people in her live blog chat

Alright, I’m back. I’m back in front of my computer. My hands are already sanitized. (Yes, I was getting turned on by my own blog and yes, I did leave so I could masturbate). My vagina was tingling so fucking bad and my nipples absolutely refused to stop throbbing, so I had to go take care of business. Anyway, where were we…? Ah yes! Elaine had just given me the biggest orgasm I’ve ever endured ever! I screamed so loud that night that the upstairs neighbors of her apartment yelled at us. Even as I was screaming and my lungs/throat burned from yelling so much, the orgasm wouldn’t stop. It just kept growing more and more beyond even the climax and became this super ultra climax.

I was shuddering from head to toe. My heart had been beating so fast; it felt like I had just jogged ten miles at a brisk pace. I remember smiling up at Elaine who just gave me this goofy grin. She knew she had just given me the best sexual experience I ever had in my life. It even beat those days I rode on the sybian whilst watching Bitten. I loved to see that blonde girl yelling as her bones cracked and her elbows popped. Even with all that vibration and slight shudders, it never came close to my first time. I wanted to let you all know a bit about me before I got into the weird part of this blog.

Right, so like I said before, I believe it’s possible to transform oneself by separating the DNA from a person’s blood. Well, I delved into that research a bit and wanted to find out if I could make a girl go through rapid pregnancy like those on the show, Fringe? I took the DNA from over one hundred pregnant women and isolated the pregnancy hormones. I then mixed them with a dilution of semen, water and the growth hormone in steroids. Now, since I removed the eggs from the pregnancy DNA, that should mean the semen won’t fertilize them. So, in theory, I should be able to turkey baste this all into my clit, but I must do it whilst my vagina is throbbing.

The reason being, is that I feel the mixture will course throughout me best if my vaginal walls are loose. So I’ll finger or dildo myself to the point of climax and then baste the mixture in. (Just to let you know, I have already done this whilst in the bathroom a few minute ago. I made a mental note before disclosing that information to you all. Sorry for the first person perspective on that btw). Anyway, I’m already beginning to feel the effects of the mixture. The steroid, water and semen mixture are already trying to attack the pregnancy DNA, not knowing the eggs have been removed.

I can feel this war being raged inside of me. Hell I can practically feel my belly moving as I sit here and type this blog. In fact… Yup! My belly’s crawling right now. I can actually see it bubbling furiously like an alien’s trying to grow inside of me. It’s so… Gah! Oh... Owww!!! Hold on… I g-gotta set up my c-camera… Fuck! What's happening to me?!

(Camera turns on. (Harley appears live online, resting on the edge of her bed. Both arms are wrapped tightly around her bubbling stomach. A look of anguish and agony is displayed on her face. Her eyes are slightly closed and her teeth are gritting.)

"Hey guys and gals! It’s Harley here with another live video. Like I said in the chat/blog thing I was putting up just a minute or two prior to this video stream, I injected myself with an instant pregnancy mixture. But my theory is I… I… Ahhhhooowwwww!

Harley’s head jerks up. Her eyes are wide with horror and pain as her belly begins to expand. Her head falls back onto her bed as her legs sway this way and that.

"A-As you can see… Oh…"

Harley breathes hard and fast as if she were practicing for birthing classes.

"M-My legs are struggling to stay closed, but something; some… f-force is yanking both of them apart… Owww!"

Her legs violently snap apart as the camera shows her vagina throbbing and bubbling worse than her belly. Harley grunts out loud; her belly is already closing in on the end of a woman’s first trimester in pregnancy. A slight sweat breaks out, causing her rounded belly to become more smooth. Her breasts begin to jiggle; her nipples achingly expand, popping out two inches apiece.

"As y-you can s-see now… Ugh! M-My breasts are beginning to swell with pregnancy milk. U-Oww! M-My bra! Fuuuuck!"

Her breasts begin to tear at her tank top, billowing farther and farther away. Her bra strains to hold the growing masses until it begins to break apart one clasp at a time. Her tank top tares completely open, as her bra finally snaps in half. Her breasts stop growing, but her belly has already been growing to that of a woman who is seven months pregnant.

"Jesus… How fucking pregnant am I gonna get?! I feel like I’m carrying triplets right now!"

This was true since she only appeared seven months pregnant, her belly was triple the size of a normal single fetus pregnancy.

She grunts aloud as her back arches. Her hips widen a bit more, preparing her body for the third trimester. Harley screams, tossing back and forth on her bed. Her belly jiggles furiously; her hands hold tightly onto the thickening flesh. She begins to slide of the edge of her bed, onto her floor, hands and knees first. Harley struggles to get to the camera on her desk, quickly moving it so that the audience could see her. Her hair dangles over her face slightly, which is covered in perspiration. She heaves in and out hard, trying to get air to her lungs as fast as possible.

"My belly is nearly touching the floor r-right n-n-now…Fuck! Oh god!"

An unseen force throws Harley backward. Her head rests against her bed, and her arms are outstretched across the edges. Her body jerks to the right as her belly sickeningly lurches outward another inch. She turns to her left and it lurches another three. Her belly button pops outward now followed by bubbling balloon-like stomach.

"I-I’m closing in on the end of the third trimester now. I can feel something moving inside of me… I have to be having triplets here…Ooooooh god… O-Okay! Oh wow!"

Harley’s belly is now lurching every inch as the third trimester comes to a close. Her hands are resting on her swollen stomach with her fingers unable to stay closed. She breathed heavily, just realizing her skirt had nearly ripped in half as well. She gazes up into the camera as a shaky smile spreads across her face. Her hands run over her tight skinned belly and her right hand fingers plunge deep into her thickened clitoris.

"I feel a new form of horniness from this transformation and I’m honestly astonished that it was even possible! L-Like r-right now… Ooooh! My vagina is screaming with pleasure! Oh yeah! Ugh! Yes... O-Ooohhh fuck yeah! Oh god! Oh my god yes!!!"

Harley reaches for her bed, grasping it as tight as she can with her left hand. She slides her free one around, finding her twelve inch dildo laying only inches from her. Flicking the vibration on, she immediately plunges that into her vagina.

"Oh fuck yeah! Ffffuuuucckkk yyyyeessss! Mmmmm! Oooh! Mmmmm yeah!"

Her hips sway and her legs shake as a climax begins to emerge. Her cheeks become flush and her left hand begins to rub her newly grown breasts. Harley begins to bite her bottom lip, and her eyes close as the climax nears. Sweat beads on her forehead and even more on her belly. She opens her mouth in ecstasy with her tongue licking on her thick nipples. Milk begins to excrete from her left breast as she suckles on her right one. Seconds later it begins to lactate as well. Both hands are now grinding the vibrator hard inside her vagina.

"I’m p-pushing the v-v-vibrator even farther into m-my aching pu…pussy! Mmm yes! I c-can feel the climax c-coming! I’m g-gonna cccuummmm! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeah! Uuuuggh! Yyyesss! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck! Oooohh fuck! Ooooh fffuuuck! Aaaahhhhhhaaaaa!!!"

Harley’s tongue is hanging from her mouth as she lurches forward hard. Immediately a scream escapes her as her body shudders at a rapid pace. She closes her legs for a moment to smile until they are forcibly snapped apart once again. Her eyelids fly open as shock reappears on her face.

"What’s happening? W-What’s happening to me?!"

Her belly begins to groan and gurgle. She holds onto it with both hands, gazing down in horror. The flesh bubbles as if it’s about to grow even more and then, the dildo flies from her vagina. A large gush of water billows from her following this. She shakes uncontrollably with fear as her belly begins to hurt.

"Oh god… Oh god no! No! This wasn't supposed to happen! Aaaahhooowww!"

Harley grits her teeth, and her eyes clench shut. She has started going into labor immediately following her orgasm. Her head slides back off the edge of her bed as she lays flat on her back. Her legs fly even farther apart as her vagina begins to dilate.

"I d-didn’t expect a birthing portion of thiiiisss!!!"

Instantly the dilation grows to five centimeters, then eight and then ten. Harley feels some giant ball like object pushing itself out of her. Her vaginal skin stretches to the maximum amount as the mass is shot outward. It lays there on the floor before her feet. She gazes down at it; her eyes are in shock again.

"What the fuck is that?! Wh-What…? Uuuuugggh!"

Another black mass begins to force its way out of her. Just like before, her skin nearly breaks as it pushes itself. The very last mass billows from her angry vagina, and her belly begins to shrink. Harley props herself up against her bed once again, heaving her chest in and out. Her belly shrinks down to just a bit of chubbiness, before turning back to her usual curvy self. Here breasts throb as they shrink back to CC’s instead of DD’s, and her nipples become a bit more firm as they resize as well. She lays there, naked without even trying to cover herself up.

"I know this is a fetish blog, that’s why I don’t care that you all see me naked. B-But this…? Oh god… What are these things?"

Harley picks up one of the black masses.

"I-It feels so silky but it’s rock solid!"

She squeezes it in her hands and it turns into dust, before her very eyes. The other two masses imitate this; the dust then disappears completely, as if it were never there.

"W-Well it seems that the pregnancy mixture actually works! I-I’m so astonished, really… A-Anyway…"

Harley pulls her hair back and ties it up into a ponytail. Her breasts nearly touch her desk as they jiggle to and fro, whilst her hair is being tied up.

"Well there you have it guys n’ gals! I have officially created a serum that will forcibly impregnate a girl and cause her to go through rapid expansion. From there, it's apparent that it mimics pregnancy in the way of birth.

I have no earthly idea what those black masses were, but from my honest opinion and in conclusion, I can guess that they were supposed to imitate what it felt like to have a child being pushed out of you. To be honest, I think they were the exact size of a normal baby’s head, cause my vaginal skin was being stretched to its limits. The whole entire expansion in general was both very painful and yet… It was so hot! My nipples were ridiculously big! I could hear my breasts sloshing as they forced themselves out of my bra-like prison.

The way my shirt just tore up the middle…Wow! I definitely recommend that for anyone who likes a bit of pain whilst building to the climax. And… It gives you a feel for pregnancy without actually becoming pregnant! This is Harley signing off for now! You can buy my serum for 25 bucks a vial. Each vial is 32 ounces. (That’s good enough for sixteen times!) See you all next time. Bye!"

Harley waves at the camera, then grabs her breasts. She shakes them and then smiles before turning the camera off.

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