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Curse of the Fetish Model (Part 1): A Triplet Like Mistake

*BeccaTriedHecta' signed in.*

BeccaTriedHecta': "What's up guys? I wanted to give you a look into something that happened to me and figured you'd be the best to explain this to. I hope you all enjoy."

I was cursed the moment that busty bimbo stuck me with that needle. Ever since that fateful day, I’ve been feeling weird. My breasts have doubled in size and it’s only been a day. I’ve already had to raid my mother’s closet for one of her bras and she’s a CC! I actually remember that day; the day my breasts burst through my shirt as if it were made of paper. I’m white as fuck by the way. My name is Whitney Goll; I’m twenty five years old, with long smooth blonde hair, hazel eyes, somewhat thick lips, semi-high cheekbones, a curvy body, a thick ass and long, thick legs.

I used to have a small chest, until last week. That day my breasts were covered in a hot, putrid sweat. My nipples popped out an inch apiece and my mammary glands just exploded outward. It took only seconds for those massive mounds to break free of their confines. I remember it so vividly because of how hot it made me feel. I mean, my pussy felt as if someone was digging a fifteen inch cock inside of me and thrusting as hard as he could, which is weird because I’m a lesbian. I like the feeling of a warm clit against my own, especially since I have a clit ring. It acts like a natural dildo.

The point is, ever since I was injected with that bright red stuff, I’ve had this urge to fuck guys. I mean hardcore fuck them. I… I don’t understand. And then I turn around and want a girl to be on me like flies on shit. I want her fingers inside of me. I want her breasts rubbing against my swollen melons.

What scared me the most about today, was the fact that my mother’s bra fit so perfectly. It actually hugged my chest so amazingly that I had to take pictures. To be honest, I feel weird today. Those freckles that normally run across my face are no longer there. In fact, all of my skin looks as if it’s become a little bit tan. I feel like a playboy bunny, who hasn’t blossomed into the super model that the magazine wants, but I have potential. I live in New York by the way; no not the city, Upstate New York. Somewhere around central, nearby Syracuse, but in the outskirts. I’ve lost connection with my family long ago.

Ever since I decided to become a model, my family wants nothing to do with me. My name’s Becka by the way; it’s short for Rebecca. Anyway, this woman who shot me up with that serum told me to be careful about my health and what I do. She said that my body may go through a very drastic paternal change. I can see what she meant by that. My belly’s become bloated since then and it feels firm, yet still squishy. My nipples have become super tender and sensitive and I’ve been craving weird shit all day. It’s all because of the new management that took over the magazine I model for.

It’s a knock off version of your typical porn zine, where new models like myself get to expose ourselves. I feel weird all of a sudden, like my belly’s gonna explode… Oh wow… Ugh! O-Okay… Okay, my belly’s growing… Oh god! Oh my god!!! I-I can feel it stretching! N-No matter how much I-IIII Owwww! M-My stomach just shot outward a few inches. My belly’s crawling and my belly button ring is straining to hold on. I look like I’m five months pregnant for twins!

W-What did that fuckin’ bitch do to meeee?! Oh god… Ugh… I-I’m up to my feet now. M-My belly’s still stretching. Oh god! My hips… Crack! Snap! If…y-you heard that noise… Th-That was my hips popping away from each other. Ohhh! My thighs! They’re rippling! Gahhaaaa! I’m…I’m growing taller by the second. My ass cheeks are popping around my underwear; it’s becoming a thong. My vagina is swelling up; my thighs have doubled in girth and length. My belly’s swelled up to seven months now. My hands are achingly stretching now. I-I can feel my lips thickening and my breasts are tearing through my shirt!

Phone rings. Th-That’s my boss. “Hello?” “Hey Becca, I’d like to have a word with you. Once your transformation is over, please step outside and enter the limo. I have an outfit picked out for you already to accentuate your new body. I assume by the end of your transformation, you’ll be eight and a half months along with what would appear to be twins. Don’t worry, you’re not actually growing babies inside of you. It’s just a bunch of compressed air for shape and water for weight. But your belly will crawl for realistic sensations and you will go into labor at some point. Good luck!”

Fuck! My belly button ring just popped off. I nearly knocked my table over from the sudden burst outward of my belly. My nipples are swelling up to the size of gum drops. My areolas have doubled in size and my breasts are filling with milk! Somehow stretch marks aren’t appearing, despite the fact that I was just forcibly impregnated and the skin stretched so fast. I should’ve known what I was getting myself into when I signed that contract.

God only knows what fucked up serums they’re gonna use in the future. My vagina feels like it’s on fire and I can feel pussy hair forming. My legs have nearly tripled in size to withstand the weight of my massive mound of a stomach. I’m outside now by the way, across from the Upstate Children’s Hospital. A man is standing outside the limo; a man with a rat like face and beady black eyes. He’s super tall though and very friendly. I nod towards him and he helps me into the vehicle. The moment I sat down, I immediately saw my outfit. It’s a lacey white bra that shows off my enormous tits, with a matching bottom, that shows off all of my legs, ass and belly.

Of course it’s a fuckin’ thong too! God help me if some pervert doesn’t get to see all of my newly rounded ass. And apparently I’m gonna be going into labor during my photo slash video shoot, so that’s gonna be nice. We’ve already taken off and I know where we’re heading. It’s off to some apartment over a bar down near Solvay, N.Y. My manager brings me up there when he really wants to get some good pics. You know, I’m only twenty five years old and I’m putting my body through this torture and for what? I measly fifteen hundred dollar paycheck a shoot and these transformations?!

I’m seriously debating if it’s worth it. Granted, on a good week, I can take home more than what an average athlete makes in that time. Especially for drastic transformations, like muscle growths, full blown transformations, furry animal hybrids; you name it! They apparently have a serum for every fetish out there. I remember once, when they injected me with this clear liquid and it didn’t do anything for the longest time. The next thing I knew, my feet were stretching agonizingly slow.

My toes popped out a few inches one by one and my bones cracked as my feet burst through my four hundred dollar boots. The next thing I know, I’m slamming this thick slab of meat that is my foot onto the concrete and some dude’s jacking off as my flesh keeps stretching. It’s painful, but even foot fetishists need a release. I see that we’re pulling up to the bar and my stomach’s painfully stretching a bit more. I have to be near nine months now. And Jasmine was right! My belly’s crawling like an alien’s trying to escape my womb. (Mind you, I’m recording all of this into my iPhone, just in case you were wondering.)

One time a person wanted to see me actually go through an alien pregnancy! No joke! Hold on, my door just opened and Mr. Jason’s helping me out… There we are! ’Thank you sir.” “You’re welcome.” Right… where was I… The building I’m at by the way is just some bar on the corner of a four way intersection. There’s houses all around me; a thick smell of alcohol, piss and tobacco and loud ass music playing from the establishment itself. It’s only eleven thirty p.m. so it’ll be open for a few more hours. Right, I’m heading inside now. Oh wait… H-Hold on… Ugh!

I-I’m grasping my belly right now. It’s bubbling and stretching even more. Jesus! My eyes are tearing up and my breasts feel like they’re going to burst. I’m honestly surprised this bra hasn’t torn off yet. I feel like I’m about eight months and three weeks pregnant now. My ankles hurt, my ass is sweating like hell and my pussy feels like it needs to be fucked and hard! Hopefully Jasmine’s got that sybian set up. I need to release before whatever’s inside me decides to free itself.

Immediately after entering the establishment, a disgusting waft of smoke enters my lungs. (By the way, I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. So this smoke is bothering me. It’s amazing since it’s supposed to be illegal to smoke inside public areas.) Jesus… M-My stomach’s growing even more. I-I can barely fucking walk! And now I gotta climb this tall set of stairs two floors, to get to Jasmine’s room. Each step I go up, the more pain ravages my already angry ankles. Oh wait… F-Fuuuuck! Uuuugggh! Oh god! I-I’m growing taller!

My thighs are rippling and thickening even more… M-My ass! Ohh! M-My feet! My back won’t stop sn-snappingggg! Mmmmhmmm! My lips are thickening now. My nose just popped outward a bit and my jaw’s cracking and growing. Ohhh! M-My hands! They’re stretching even more. Fuuuuuccckk! My belly’s growing again! Ughhh… I-I’m on my knees on the first floor and my stomach’s growing to what looks like triplets in the second trimester. Damn it.. Jasmine’s calling again. H-Hold on. “Hello?” “Yeah, I realized I accidentally gave you the triplet pregnancy serum. It’s apparent that you’ll be growing a lot more than you thought tonight.”

“Y-You’re damn right I am! My breasts are nearly pouring out of that outfit you got for me! I-I can barely fucking move Jasmine!” “I’ll pay you an additional fifteen hundred for the inconvenience. And yes, there is a sybian waiting and freshly oiled just for you! I know how these transformations can get your pussy nice and hot. When it comes time to go into labor, I’ll have the bed set up for your legs to be lifted. Okay?” “F-Fine! I’ll… Ugh. I’ll be there as s-soon as I… Fuuuck! Owwww!”

My stomach’s stretching again! I feel like my pussy’s gonna blow up! I can’t hold this in much longer. Somehow I got up another flight of stairs, but my legs are nearly giving out. Thankfully Jasmine’s room is just down the hall. Y-Yes there she is! (I hung up the call by the way. I’m back to recording my thoughts, which is what she asked me to do by the way. A-And I hate her for it sometimes, because sometimes all I wanna do is lay down and let the growth continue till its all over. But no… I gotta ‘record my every feeling.’ Fuckin’ bitch…

“Hey babe!” “Heeyy!” “Come in. Come in.” (I’m gonna turn my Go Pro camera on now, for the first person P.O.V. that apparently every fetishist loves out there. The sick fucks like to see me grow from my own perspective.) The GoPro flips on, facing Jasmine. (I’m still gonna commentate). The girl with long black hair put into a ponytail, a long face, with huge teeth, a long nose, pierced ears and a semi chubby body; that’s her; she’s pulling me into her apartment. As you can see, there’s a couch over to the right, which is set up for my small video shoots, such as breast, butt and muscle expansions.

The living room/kitchen/dining room rests to the left and straight ahead is the master bedroom, where the video shoot will take place. She’s pulling me down this long, semi dark hallway, into a room lit with light pinks and dark reds. Resting on the floor is the sybian, just next to the queen sized bed.

There’s the leg apparatus that will hoist my legs up as I go into labor. (I’ve gotten pregnant so many times for these fetishists that I’m used to the procedure.) “What I’d like you to do is massage your clit and slide it onto the sybian. I’ll crank that bitch right up to max like you enjoy, and listen to you groan. From time to time, your belly will grow more, but this will help your muscles relax as the growth process is happening. When you feel an intense pain on both sides of your belly, tell me. I’ll help you into the bed and the birthing process can begin.”

So I’m pulling my thong down, exposing this super hairy pussy to the camera. (Mind you, my vagina is normally as smooth as any woman’s private area could possibly be. But for some fucked up reason, this serum decided to give me a thick curly dirty blonde bush over what felt like the most sensitive clitoris I’ve ever had. Immediately, I start fingering myself with these long, sausage like appendages that are my fingers. They easily slide in and hit all the right spots. Before I know it, I can feel myself beginning to climb to the top of the climax mountain.

I stop and slide the dildo apparatus of the sybian deep into my vagina. Instantly it molds to it as if it’s perfectly designed just for me. (And it is!) I can feel the vibrations; they’re getting stronger and stronger. My belly starts to gurgle; I can feel something crawling inside of me. Instantly it lurches away from me another couple of inches. I slap both hands onto it; I can feel something moving around. My vagina is screaming; my breasts are achingly swelling even more with milk. I’ve gone way past CC ½’s and am rounding in on DD’s.

My top is popping off as I speak. I gaze down upon my swollen belly, holding onto the mound for dear life. My vagina is throbbing; my nipples are popping. I jerk my gaze up to the ceiling and scream as loud as my lungs would allow. Instantly I start to jitter and jolt from the climax. I can feel jizz flying out of me all over my legs, but I also felt something else. A warm water like liquid followed suit. Immediately an agonizing pain took hold. I hoist myself off the sybian and instantly, my water breaks all over the floor. “Oh god…Ugh Ugh god! Ohhhhh!” Before I know it, Jasmine’s strapping me into the bed and hoisting my legs up.

My hips start to bubble and snap apart even more to allow my belly to get that last inch of growth. Instantly stretch mark after stretch mark forms across my hot air balloon like stomach. Becca gazes down at her stomach. It bubbles angrily and her legs snap apart. She furls her fingers into a fist and yells as loud as her lungs would allow. I can’t explain the feeling I have right now. Jasmine’s roaming around me filming and telling me to push. All I want to do is change back, get my money and go to sleep. But she tells me that in a few hours I gotta take another serum to transform into a fucking cow furry? What the fuck?!

Apparently some sick bastard out there gets off on imagining a woman turning into a human animal hybrid, so they’re transforming me into a were cow like creature. I’m pushing and pushing, finally something hard flies out of me. Instantly my stomach beings to shrink. My breasts achingly follow suit, as do my legs, arms, breasts and face. Before I know it, I’m back to my old, nerdy self.

“Good job Becca! Here’s your three grand. You’ve earned it. No go and rest up, whilst I get the cow furry serum ready. When you’re feeling up to it, I’ll inject you and we can start the next photo/video shoot. This time, I’m gonna pay you five thousand, since the watcher has quite a lot of money. Fuck it, I’ll bump that up to ten thousand. You’ve been good to me so you deserve a bonus!” “Thank you…” The GoPro shuts off as Becca exits the room. (I’m back to commentating on my phone.) That… I can never get used to that, the belly expansions. I felt like I was actually pushing three babies out at once. I thought my vagina was gonna tear in half, but somehow the serum makes my skin super elastic.

Thank god, because I’d be in a whole lot more pain. Anyway, I gotta rest and get prepared for this fuckin’ cow hybrid fetish. I’m not looking forward to this. Who wants to have their breasts triple in size, and have their nipples turn into long, thick pink appendages? Or to have utters sprout out of you and have your feet and hands turn into cow/human hooves? I’ll even grow a semi-cow like snout, cow ears, cow legs and my ass is surely going to tear through whatever it is I’ll be wearing. Have a good day! Until next time, this is Becca. Your transformation fetishist guru.

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