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The Smith Sister's P.1: Megan (The Horse Hybrid)

TheSmith4: "Hey guys! This is our entry and I hope you all enjoy! P.S. yes, this did happen to us. This is my version though. My name is Megan Smith, the horse hybrid. Enjoy!"

None of the four Smith girls knew that they would become the world’s first human animal hybrids. Nor did Syracuse University expect it to happen to its four brightest scientific students. Megan, Fiona, Ember and Riley are your typical nerdy, twenty one year old girls. They never drank, smoked or did drugs throughout their lives, but they would experiment with what most scientists wouldn’t dare to even think. They’re part of a quadruplet pregnancy and they’re all identical. They have small mousy noses, bright blue eyes, long, black hair, tiny faces, small body frames, all 5’ 2’’ tall.

The only difference between these four are the random colored streaks in their hair. Megan has a bright neon color. Fiona’s is yellow. Ember’s is bright blue and Riley’s is a hot pink. They all have their hair up into ponytails and they all wear thick plastic glasses. They don’t have much in the way of a body; neither of them have big breasts or long legs, or even a nice tight butt. One fateful night, Megan was experimenting with animal DNA and had a horse’s blood mixed with a breast enhancer. She took the syringe and stuck it deep into her neck, wanting to experiment.

Instantly she was thrown up against the wall as an intense heat coursed to her chest. She screamed as loud as she could; a horse’s neigh escaped her lips. Her hands cracked; she gazed upon them as they started to swell up. Her fingers fused together, forming a hoof/human formation. Her arms were snapping and thickening. Her chest ached; each nipple throbbed and popped.

Megan’s jaw throbbed and crackled. She began to cry as her lower jaw started to stretched outward. Her teeth were achingly growing slowly and her neck started to thicken. She neighed hard at the floor, stomping her foot which burst through her sandal. Her right foot was swelling up now and turning jet black. She watched in horror as her toes fused and popped. Her thighs were groaning as they stretched and grew. She grasped onto her vagina; it was thickening under her hands. Her ass was beginning to billow away from her and her hips snapped to and fro.

She began to belly dance around the room; her stomach stretched as fur sprouted over her belly button. She grunted as something forced her up against a lab table. Her ass cheeks started to press hard against her dress slacks. Before she knew it, aloud rip sounded off. Cool air brushed against her fur covered buttocks. A tail began to protrude from the base of her spine as her ass continued to lurch away from her body. She grasped onto it continuously neighing as her breasts blew away from her. Her lab coat strained to hold the growing mounds before popping open one button at a time.

She gazed down in horror as a light black fur sprouted over her sweat covered mammary glands. Her nipples ached and popped. Her ears started to stretch and her knees snapped backwards. “Ohhh godddd!” she was finally able to speak like a human as her breasts grew beyond DD’s and stopped at DD and ½’s. She gazed upon her human/horse like hands and ran to a nearby mirror. Staring back at her was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. She looked like a horse, but still resembled a humanoid like shape. As if she had become a were horse.

Suddenly a burst of energy hit her. She felt as if she could run miles without even breaking a sweat. She sprinted from the lab, down the hall, out the door and down the pathway away from the university. “Luckily no one is around,” she muttered.

The wind blew through the mane on the back of her neck as she easily topped forty miles per hour. A bright smile formed on her face as she disappeared into the night. Little did she know, one of her quadruplet sisters was beginning to experiment with gorilla DNA.

To Be Continued...

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