Transformotica (An Erotica for Transformation Fetishists)

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The Smith Sister's P.2: Fiona (The Gorilla Hybrid)

Fiona emerged from the back room after witnessing her sister transform into that beast like creature. Her vagina was leaking and her nipples were nearly there. She always had a transformation fetish, though she was unable to explain it to either of her three sisters.

That day she had been experimenting with gorilla DNA. "If my calculations are correct, this serum will turn me into a human, gorilla hybrid. I'll have super thick muscles, huge hands for both my regular hands and feet. I'll be enormous, but I'll have super strength. Here goes nothing!"

Fiona stared at the bright yellow serum in her grasp. She licked her lips then stuck the needle deep into her neck. As soon as she pushed the plunger, a searing pain ravaged her. She doubled over, gasping for air.

Her lungs felt like they were on fire and her chest heaved. She gazed down watching with horror stricken eyes as her breasts began to turn a dark jet black. A leathery like skin began to spread across them. Gurgle. Gurgle. Her breasts groaned.

"Oh fuck!" She grasped onto them with her aching hands. Both of which were cracking and turning the same color. She raised her left hand screaming as her palm stretched painfully. It began to thicken and widen as well. It became too heavy to lift as it slammed hard onto a nearby desk.

Her arms shook violently. She watched as her arm sleeves strained. Bit by bit the seams ripped open, exposing a bubbling, black furred mass. Her muscles were inflating like sports balls. Her shoulder snapped.

Her face began to achingly bubble. She gritted her teeth, which were growing long, thick and sharp. Slowly her upper and lower jaws began to stretch away from her. "Oh god!! Oooohhh! Owwww!" tears ran down her face, as a gorilla snout protruded from her.

Her nose began to suck into her growing face. Her breasts were starting to rip through. Her ass achingly gurgled and shot away from her. She slammed a foot onto the floor; it started to strain in her heel.

She gazed down as her once white foot was turning that same black leathery look, before bursting through the buckle. For the time being, a normal human appendage was there. She fell to her ass, screaming again as her big toe began to move down to the inside of her foot.

Agonizingly slowly, every single toe began to stretch and snap, followed by the foot itself. Her left foot broke free of her other heel and followed suit. Slowly but surely, her calves billowed away from her as did her thighs. Her lab pants tore clean off. A shiny set of bubbling legs appeared, as they continued to grow with muscle.

A thick coat of black fur sprouted from her ankles and began to rise up her legs straight to her vagina which was starting to become more erect. She fell to her back grunting as her chest broke free of her lab coat.

A massive set of breasts appeared; her belly started to gurgle and thicken with muscle. She got to her feet, which were still stretching. She slammed a tiny right fist onto the nearby desk as her arm started to inflate. Her fingers unfurled; they snapped and popped. Painfully her hand stretched slower than every other part of her body. It widened even slower.

Her back was crackling as it widened. Tears rolled out of her eyes as he lab coat sheered clean off, exposing a rippling spine before being engulfed with fur. She let one last grunt out of her before sprinting from the university.

Once she got outside, Fiona grabbed a nearby dumpster and threw it clear over the freeway ahead of her. Her body was still achingly growing. Her shoulders kept popping; she gazed upon her hands which continued to grow.

She had no idea that her sister, Ember was experimenting with pregnant elephant DNA.

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