Transformotica (An Erotica for Transformation Fetishists)

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The Smith Sisters P.3: Ember (The Pregnant Elephant Hybrid)

Ember was outside with her serum. She had been testing on various things to see if she could transform herself into a full blown pregnant elephant hybrid.

She knew that the average elephant weighed tons and that she would probably tear through her outfit, so she stripped down until she was completely naked.

A dark gray serum rested in her grasp. She stuck it deep into her belly and pushed the plunger. Not even a second later, her belly gurgled and shot outward a few inches. "Oh my god... I-I didn't know it w-was gonna work sooo faasssttt! Ughhhoowww!"

She fell onto her knees; her arms wrapped tightly around her midsection. Her once skinny stomach was bubbling like molten rubber. It didn't take long before a mound began to form. She grasped onto the growing balloon like flesh, feeling as something kicked around inside of her.

Her arm snapped; she gazed upon her hands which were beginning to thicken with fat. A thick gray skin started to form over as her fingers fused into partial elephant feet.

She groaned towards the ground, getting to her feet, which were starting to grow even fatter. They were already twice her normal size. She screamed up into the air; her nose started to stretch. Before she knew it, a long trunk grew out of her face, growing thicker and thicker.

Her breasts ached; they immediately blew away from her a few cup sizes. She watched as that horribly tough gray skin started to stretch across them. Her nipples had hardened to the point where they were tougher than rocks.

She grunted; she groaned; she tossed and turned. Her ass was growing; her thighs thickened and her pussy started to grow long and narrow. She grasped onto the ballooning stomach, as tusks began to form out of the corners of her mouth.

"Ohhhh godddd! Noooo!" Her ears started to grow. She ran to a nearby mirror, just outside the locker rooms. She screamed at her image as she saw her once tiny ears growing more and more by the second.

Her body was gaining more weight; she shot up a few inches as her thighs barreled around. Fat coursed up into her ass which kept pushing away from her. Her belly flew even more outward, hitting the mirror so hard that it cracked.

"Whyy did I ddoooo thiissss?!" She was beginning to grow taller and fatter. She grasped onto the edges of the mirror, gritting her teeth as her breasts stretched even more.

Her belly was already the size of a fully termed octuplate pregnancy.That disgusting hard leathery gray skin had gone up to her head. Her hair had fallen completely out, but she still resembled a humanoid like shape.

She stumbled away from the mirror as her legs grew another instant five inches. Her ears kept stretching and a tail grew from the base of her spine. A sickening pop sounded as her vagina came fully into place and the transformation was done.

She billowed a loud elephant call out into the air, as her belly rippled even more. She could feel that her water was about to break so she ran for a nearby alleway. Sure enough, liquid poured from her and she was thrown onto her back.

Her legs snapped apart; her belly burst upward a couple more inches. Something was trying to find its way out of her. She could only think of her sisters, especially Riley. Who happened to be experimenting with bull DNA. (She always wanted to know what it felt like to have a big penis).

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