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Curse of the Wereho

Ashlee Iyan; a short girl with shoulder length black hair and a thin lipped smile, stood gazing at herself in the mirror. The way her emerald eyes seemingly peered back into her soul; a shudder ran up her spine. The air felt cold despite her phone saying that it was over eighty degrees outside. The air was hot and muggy; her shirt lay drenched and stuck to her like a second skin. She never felt welcomed by anyone, not even by her closest friend, Addy.

She and Addy went way back to lower grade school, before they even learned how to type. Back in the day when the only homework they had consisted of nothing more than early multiplication like two times ten or zero times anything.

Stop going off on a mental tangent Ash!

This thought ran through her brain as quickly as she blinked. That day she decided it would be best to wear skin tight jeans that showed her frail legs and flat ass perfectly. A distraught sensation settled badly in the pit of her stomach. She had no idea whether it was from anxiety, hatred, starvation or a combination of the three. Either way that familiar scowl she always knew rested on her face as always.

It became a second piece of jewelry almost, coinciding with the two snake bite rings resting in her lower lip. Her face was always small her entire life, as well as her stature. The only way Ashlee ever reached five foot six was to wear six inch heals and that never suited her too well. Her skin had been this pasty pale white for as long as she could remember. That mixed with her belly and lip piercing made her look like a goth, even though she never felt like one before.

“Why do I always have these sunken cheeks, with this sharp, pointy chin? Why can’t I just be a fucking super model? My mom is! She’s in her fucking fifties and still looks hotter than most singers and actresses! Yet here I am, working nine to five and hating on myself because of my hideousness…”

Get a hold of yourself Ash. You mustn’t let this interfere with your night. Don’t you remember? You’re going out to see the new Scream movie! You’ve always thought that Wes Craven and his producers made great film work, so go ahead and enjoy it!

She couldn’t stop herself from groaning up at the ceiling after looking at the time on her phone.

“Jesus, it’s only eight thirty?! The movie don’t even start until twelve… Fuck!” Not even the luscious face of her celebrity crush, Britney Spears, could bring her comfort as she lay gazing at it on the ceiling. Suddenly a certain heaviness had hit her eyelids and fatigue was taking over. The sweet blissfulness of sleep swept over and she was gone. Her phone lay clutched in her left hand, glowing as a silent phone call was coming in. It was of the person she loathed the most. A bleached blonde girl with crystal blue eyes was smiling on the lock screen. Seconds later it went to voicemail and a smooth, angelic southern voice broke the silence in Ashlee’s room.

“Hey Ash it’s me, Bia. I just wanted to tell you something that I figured you’d aught to know. Earlier today, out of a fit of rage since you won the talent show, I tainted your drink at lunch. Don’t be alarmed, it won’t change you too, too much. At least not every single day… Ha ha! Yeah, well… You’re twenty one today, I know that much and we used to be friends so you deserve to know this… Be careful about going into public tonight, since it’ll be a full moon. The reason I’m saying that is because you’ll be going through a drastic transformation and you won’t want to be in seen, trust me! Just in case you were wondering what that change is… Let’s just say you won’t have to worry about being your short, thin self at least for one night a month. Ha! Have a good one. Enjoy the new body.”

(Two and a half hours later)

Ashlee had been laying in her bed for over two solid hours, with the moon barely hiding behind the clouds. Her bed had always been situated by her window so she could feel the cool breeze of the brisk air like she loved so much. Images of blonde hair and bright blue eyes kept swimming in her head. A light warmth brushed the sides of her head; she couldn’t stop herself as a smirk spread across her face. The moon began to come into focus as she came back into consciousness. Then a sudden wave of heat surged down deep into her chest. “Oh jesus!” *Snap!* Her ribs were cracking and bubbling. She immediately dropped her phone and grasped her blankets to try and alleviate the pain.

The heat was so unbearable as if thousands of white hot knives were stabbing into her chest. Her breasts, the mere AA cup tiny bags were sickeningly gurgling. They both sounded like hot water, as if it were boiling over a hot flame. She gazed down, watching in horror as goose bumps formed all over her tiny boobs. Though they were no longer tiny anymore. In fact she could see and feel them growing at a agonizingly slow pace. “Ugh huuuuhhhh…..” She groaned as her nipples popped out an inch apiece. Breathing even felt painful as her ribs continued to crackle and thicken as her chest heaved even further outward.

Her spine snapped; the heat was rushing down into her back and hips. “Oh god... My hips are on fire!!!” An unknown force threw her off her bed onto her knees. She lurched backward, arms outstretched as her breasts continued to expand. Her bra was already straining. She immediately tried to hold the growth back, tightening her arms around her chest. Both breasts were refusing to stop their growing and pushed her arms farther and farther away.

She was unable to stop her teeth from grinding as the molten pain surged back to her chest. Both breasts blew away from her, instantly popping her bra clean off.

Why is this happening to me?

A tear ran down her face as this thought occurred, which was beginning to achingly bubble as well. She grasped onto her head, screaming at the floor of her apartment as her teeth began to thicken. They grew larger and stronger by each passing second. Her jaw snapped, and her chin widened a bit, making way for her skull to reshape itself. She was onto her hands and knees now, both lips wriggling and thickening slower than her breasts ever did.

They were immediately pushing hard on her snake bite rings as the metal strained to hold the growing flesh in. *Pop, pop* went each ring as her lip billowed out of its confines. Her upper jaw grew out, followed by her nose. She watched in horror as it lengthened and became bulbous at the end. “My skull it w-won’t… W... Uuuggh!” She got up, only to be thrown against the wall back first. As horrifyingly painful as her breast expansion was, which they were now threatening to rip her shirt clean off, her spine began to lengthen. Each breast pushed the fabric of her shirt to the breaking point as it began to rip from the top straight down. Within seconds the biggest, perkiest pair of boobs hung there, not needing any bra support.

“My spine is popping! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ugh!” With each groan one vertebrae shook and snapped towards the wall. She gazed towards the shocked faced reflection of herself in the full length mirror across the room. Her belly was growing longer and then with a sick sound like air filling a balloon, the heat surged to each ass cheek. “Noooo! No, pleeaaase! N-Not you guys….Uuuughhhuuuuuhh!” She tried to grasp her ass, but her arms couldn’t reach. At least not until her biceps began to jiggle. Raising them both, she gazed at the thickening, bronzing skin as her arms grew more and more lean by the moment.

They lengthened only to pop at the elbow. She screamed even louder as her forearms began to grow. Her tiny, bony hands were throbbing as she watched the meat from her arms begin to grow up the bone. A sick sensation took over as she could see the meat literally climbing every single inch of her once frail hands. Her fingers struggled as they fought the growing mass only to fail and painfully pop and stretch. They kept stretching until her palms and fingers had grown twice their normal size. W-Why am I only thinking of giving hand jobs right… Oh... Oh fuck!" The heat was gaining in her backside as her flat ass began to thicken too fast for comfort.

She grunted holding onto her bedside dresser, gritting her teeth as her lips grew even thicker. She felt the fabric straining in her jeans as her ass cheeks easily burst the seams wide open. It took only seconds before her pants ripped completely in half. Her thighs started to shake violently as the meat was forcing itself down into them. Just like her hands, she watched, wide eyed, as her very thin legs stretched.
The hot sweeps of warmth coursed around from her still thickening ass, into her vagina which popped furiously. “Shit! F-Fuck! Oh Fuck! O-Ooohhh yyyeeaaah!”

She screamed, slamming her right hand on the dresser top. Her bottom lip was resting behind her upper front teeth as she felt the biggest camel toe grow in. Her underwear angrily sucked into the holes between the labia sections of her clitoris. “Fuuuuck!” Was all she could muster to say as her thighs made that same balloon filling sound. Straight down the sides of Ashlee’s jeans, went her thighs as they peaked through a small hole. It quickly turned into a giant mass, pushing through an even bigger hole, before ripping straight down to her now ballooning calves.

In the mirror she saw the tears that she felt earlier streaming from her aching cheekbones. They grew sharp and more prominent before her irises started to turn. They grew lighter green and then began to become blue. “Oh my god… I-I’m turning into a fucking bimbo!! N-No! Gah! No! N-Nooooo!!!” A sickening pop sounded in her neck before the heat was up in her head again. She forced her eyes open, watching with horror as her once short hair began to grow even longer, before turning light gray and then bleached blonde.

Her feet achingly shook; she stomped her left foot down, screaming even more. She could see her flesh bubbling inside of her sock. Her foot stretched and stretched, even slower than her hands did. Each individual toe cracked, growing twice their size all at the same agonizing pace. Her right foot decided to play catch up, instantly snapping away from her legs. Her calves were now ripping through the back of her jeans, exposing everything from the waist down.

Ashlee ripped the rest of her jeans off, which wasn’t all that much, since her ass and everything else tore it apart like paper. Her fingertips grew hot; with even worse horror, she saw the most beautiful set of French tipped nails forming until they too grew. Then her belly started to ache; the belly ring was growing tighter. She grasped it with both hands, feeling the flesh thickening with fat. Surprisingly the ring stayed on, but only slightly. She felt a spare tire growing from her abdomen around the top of her very tight underwear, and all the way to her back. She had a natural muffin top and had the most amazing curves.

That’s when she saw her phone lighting up and a message that was missed. “Hey Ash it’s me, Bia…” “You fucking whore!” Ashlee whispered as she sat on the edge of her bed. The full moon felt welcoming now, heating up her body. The final touch was this tingling sensation. She saw her skin turning from pale white, to the same bronze color as her arms. “She fucking turned me into a whore… I’m a were whore! What am I gonna tell Addy?!” She tossed her phone onto her bed and wept as the last bit of her skin turned tan.

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