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Nerdy and Dirty

Chelsea Wayatt, chats to fans of Harley McLelland as the newly appointed Admin of

ChelBell: "Hey! my name is Chelsea Wayatt, but you can call me by my blog name: ChelBell. Anyway, I'm your typical prissy blonde haired girl. I know, I didn't want to be part of a stereotype at all growing up, but it just happened. First off, I'd like to give a great shout out to the admin of this site. Thank you Harley for making me a partner!"

Harley chimes in as GnarlyHarley.

GnarlyHarley: "You are absolutely welcome Chel! I'm more than happy to appoint predecessors who are so interested in this field of work. I saw your recent video you put up online. It was brutally erotic and I have to say... I pleasured myself more than once whilst watching that. Why don't you tell the newcomers about it?"

A few of the people watching rapidly reply.

BruteBruttus: "Yeah! I heard great things about that transformation. Please show us the clip."

Natalie3504: "If Gnarly's in on it then I want some action too!"

JessietheNerd: "I heard she transformed herself from a prissy stuck up bitch to a super busty, tattoo covered nerd. Is that true?"

The chat room goes oddly silent as a video begins to load. Seconds later the 'play now' button appears and every single person clicks on it.

ChelBell: "Enjoy it everyone! Honestly it was a collaboration of both mine and Harley's brilliant minds! I remember seeing that belly expansion video and I did buy a vial of the serum... I used all of it already and had to order more, which did come in today... Anyway! You'll see what happens. Again, I hope y'all enjoy!"

The entire chat room goes dead silent as the video is streamed.

Chelsea appears in front of a computer. She's got nearly a flat chest with a push up bra giving her cleavage. Her face is small, with slightly thick lips, medium sized ears, large hazel eyes and a small, sharp nose. She's very tall with lanky arms and somewhat average sized legs.

She is wearing a tight button up white shirt, that has sleeves which run down to her elbows. Her lips are shiny from the fresh coat of lip gloss she put on. Freckles run across her face from one side to the other. She's chewing on gum as she grins at the camera.

"Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick video to give a nice thank you to none other than GnarleyHarley, who happens to be the main administrator to this beautiful site."

Chelsea plays with her short blonde hair, twirling it between her frail fingers as she smiles whilst reading the live stream chat. Behind her is her kitchen stove and counters. The window in the back is completely dark and the clock up on the wall says it is 9:30 P.M. Her laptop is set up on the table, primarily focusing on her chest.

"Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying my content. So Harley and I have been hanging out quite frequently and we've created an amazing new serum! Trust me..."

Chelsea begins to rummage around her feet for something, still smiling at the camera.

"You're all gonna love this!"

Seconds later, she pulls up a five inch long bottle with a bright neon yellow liquid inside. She gives another wide grin before letting the camera focus on the front label. The camera focuses as a cream sticker with gold lettering becomes sharp and readable. It reads: (Dirty and Nerdy).

"Let me read what this does..."

She turns the bottle after pulling it back towards herself and begins to read off the back label.

"It says that it's been made from the DNA of over five thousand nerdy girls, ranging from super video game nerds to fantasy and technology geeks. It also says that there has been DNA removed from over ten thousand busty women ranging from double C's to double D's... Wow!"

Chelsea smiles back at the camera and giggles. She sets the bottle down so that the camera can remained focused on that and her breasts as they hang whilst she types.

"According to Harley, this serum will transform whomever puts a couple drops of it onto them into a super busty and super hot and horny nerdy girl. And we all know that nerdy girls can be some of the hottest looking women in the world and perhaps even the horniest. Truth be told..."

She grabs a hold of her breasts, pushing them up even further. A frown appears on her face before she turns her attention back to the camera.

Harley has tested this product on herself already and says that it works almost instantly just like the pregnancy serum. She told me that I should make sure I'm wearing a nice tight shirt, as you can see I am. She also said that a tight pair of shorts would seal the deal during the transformation.

Now, according to her, one drop will be more than enough. I have to drip one drop of the tonic on each breast and let it play itself out. She also told me that if I do more than the recommended amount, I may end up transforming into a giant busty nerdy girl and unless I'm prepared to be exposed to everyone or break everything I own, I should stick to just the drop."

Chelsea pulls off the lid of the vial, smelling briefly from the open hole. She coughs, waving the fumes from her nostrils.

"It smells like pussy, I'm not even kidding! I'm a lesbian and I know what vagina smells like. This... This right here..."

She puts the bottle close to the camera again so it can focus.

"This is like bottled up pussy juice fresh from the screaming masturbating girls. I can tell there's no dick mixed in with this. Every last ounce in here is full blown, self done masturbation production. So let's get the drops going shall we?"

She grabs an eye dropper and sucks some of the liquid into it. Slowly, yet surely, she lowers the dropper to her left breast.

"Well, here goes nothing!"

Quickly, she squirts a drop onto the left breast and then quickly onto the right. After sealing the container back up she slides it aside and focuses her camera once more. It takes only seconds before her breasts begin to jiggle. A look of shock and dismay appears across her face as she watches her tiny bags bouncing around.

Her back snaps and her chest heaves outward. She grasps both breasts with her hands; sweat begins to form between the increasing cleavage. She feels the meat in her breasts thickening and taring as her chest grows past her usual BB cup size.

"Okay... M-My breasts have already torn my bra off... I mean clean off... Whew... O-Ohhhh kay! Ooooohhh lord... Ugh..."

She slams her hands hard onto the table screaming as her breasts begin to push even harder against her ever tightening shirt. Her chest sways to and fro, with each turn her breasts grow bigger. She can feel the top button of her shirt straining to hold these now massive mammary glands.

"I can see that they're closing in on double C and a half size breasts and... they... w-won't... sttooohooopppp!"

Her breasts lurch forward, slamming hard onto the table themselves as they continue to expand. Chelsea's eyes shoot open as she feels her lips beginning to quiver. Her nose snaps and cracks. Tears stream down her face as it begins to thicken around the nostril area and snaps away from her.

Her lips are swelling at an alarming rate, already growing past twice their usual size. Chelsea grunts as her breasts pop the first button of her shirt and slam back onto the table once again. They grow a bit more, before billowing through the second button.

She grunts again, flying backward against her chair with both arms grasping her stomach. Her lips finally stop thickening and then her teeth grow thick and strong. Her jaw bubbles and snaps. She screams aloud as her belly begins to thicken with chubbiness.

Her hair starts to grow longer and turns jet black. Her eyes change to a bright green before darkening to a nice shade of emerald.

"I-I c-can f-feel the serum w-working its way deep down into my ass now. M-My b-belly is aching soooo bbadddd!"

She flies forward; her head rests on the edge of the table as the camera focuses on her bubbling spine. Her skin begins to change, turning from a nice tan to a pasty white. She screams again, gazing at her thin fingers. They bubble furiously and thicken before her very eyes.

Her arms grow a bit chubbier as does her belly. She stands up and is thrown chest first onto her counter tops. Her hands are grasping her once tiny ass as it begins to jiggle angrily in their confines. It takes moments until the fans can see her ass cheeks pouring out of the bottom, middle and sides of her shorts, before they begin to rip off.

Her legs are angrily bubbling as they too turn a pale white before gurgling and tripling in girth. Chelsea flips back around; she instantly grunts as her spine shortens. It lurches downward again as do both of her legs.

She lifts her leg, slamming her achingly expanding foot onto the table. The fans can see the flesh in her calf growing to the size of small tree trunks. Chelsea falls back into her chair, grasping her vagina as all of this thickening fat surges to it. A spare tire wraps tightly around the top of her shorts before they rip clean off.

"My vagina is on fire people! I can already tell that I'm a nerd, just by these fantasies that are already buzzing through my head. All I want to do right now, other than masturbate until I fucking scream bloody murder, is play Zelda or watch anime. That's all I want to do right now! I-I can feel my labia growing nice and tttiiihiiiigght!"

Chelsea gazes down at her vagina with even worse fear than before. She could see and feel every last inch of her clitoris tighten. It was like she was becoming a virgin again.

"I f-f-... H-Hold on..."

She begins to rub her aching clit, biting her bottom lip as she does so. She pulls the underwear tight into the throbbing flesh, rubbing it even harder now. Quickly, Chelsea finds a nearby vibrator, and begins to rub it against the most sensitive part which happened to be the lips.

"F-For some reason m-my vaginal lips happen t-t-to be the m-most s-ssseennssittivvee!! Ohhh yeaaaahhh!"

She grabs a hold of her thick black hair, grunting as her skin begins to bubble again. Tattoo after tattoo began to form from her right wrist straight up to her shoulder. Link and Zelda were first along with the tri-force. Mario took up the top. Across her giant breasts was a mural dedicated solely to the N64 with Super Mario 64 being at the top.

Below that, across her chubby belly, the word: Nintendo formed in Mario question mark blocks.

The heat coursed to to her now squirting vagina as a chomp trap formed, with its mouth being over her private holes. Vines were tattooed all the way down both legs, with Donkey Kong on the right and Diddy as well as Dixie on the left. The camera fades out as Chelsea screams lustfully and her vagina squirts all over the camera.

(Back to the chat)

ChelBell: "So did y'all like it?"

For a few moments, she feared that she would have sickened them all and lost all of her fans. But moments later, the chat box becomes filled with comments and emoticons.

GnarlyHarley: "That was honestly the hottest thing I've ever seen! Even over my instant pregnancy video... I'm not gonna lie. I fingered myself during that video and... Well let's just say, I may have to get a new keyboard, cause I jizzed all over this one!"

Chelsea feels a warmth in her heart and smiles, despite the chat room not being able to see it.

Natalie3504: "I have to agree with Gnarly here. My vagina was squirting so much that I had to go change my pants and my underwear!"

Carl1980NSome: "Hmm... I honestly don't know how in the hell I got on this site... I'm not too impressed by this. It's got to be some sort of amazing graphics or spot on editing at work. There's no way you're actually transforming into something."

Chelsea's heart sinks a bit. She wants to reply, but is unable to due to the vast responses and hate messages the man receives.

CrazECarla: "How the fuck could you say that?! It's true! These tonics honestly work, do you know how I know that?! It's because I used them myself, being a skeptic as well and I happened to be in front of my family when I first tested it. Of course when I felt my ass an legs growing, I ran to the bathroom. The next thing I knew, I was in my shower, screaming at the top of my lungs with the water pouring on me as my thighs burst through the bottoms of my shorts. My breasts grew so fucking fast that I thought my skin was going to tare... So don't you dare say this is fake!"

A bit of fire sparks in the pit of Chelsea's soul. She smiles again, but groans as her vagina achingly throbs.

New user signs on. Welcome: Ash2theLee95!

Natalie3504: "Welcome! :D"

GnarlyHarley: "Welcome to the site Ash! :)"

ChelBell: "A very warm welcome to you fellow fetishist!"

BruteBruttus: "Hello miss!"

JessietheNerd: "Weeeelllccommmee! <(^o^<)."

Ash2theLee95: "Thank you everyone! ^_^ . And as to what is going on, I definitely know this type of shit is possible! I didn't take any tonic, but I have transformed into something before. Last night, to be exact...

I transformed into a sort of were thing. Not a werewolf, but a wereho. Meaning I went from being a lanky, pale ass nerdy girl to this tall, thick legged, busty, tan skinned, blonde haired, thick lipped whore. All I wanted to do... All I wanted to do was finger myself and then go kiss as many girls as I could.

I didn't do it because somehow, I knew it would curse those girls as well. And I have seen both Chel's and Harley's videos. They're 100% real and I can vouch for the reality of transformations existing."

The fire burning in the pit of Chelsea's stomach gave her the courage to speak up.

ChelBell: "I can understand your skepticism Carl, but I know what I did was true. I believe in Ash's story and I've seen Harley's serum work in real life. And yes, it is possible to transform men into women. If you'd like to put the serum to the test, I'm sure Harley wouldn't mind sending you a vial."

GnarlyHarley: "Absolutely! I'll send you a sample right now if you'd wish? It's something Chel an I've been working on for a few days now. If our calculations are correct, we'll be able to transform men into women and women into men. You can decide what shape you want, what height you want, the size of your hips, thighs, breasts, lips and ass, all the while you won't be risking the ability to transform back."

The chat buzzes.

AngryAlan: "Do it man! Hell, I'll even buy a vial to give it a shot. I've always wanted to know what it felt like being a woman, haven't you?"

Horrace79: "I'm older than you Carl and even I ain't against this. Hell, if this is true, these two women deserve a fucking Nobel prize!"

YouAreWhatYouFuck1992: "Yeah, I agree with the two guys up there and I'm sure the hundreds of other male viewers will too!"

Silence ensues after these comments until the message: Carl1980NSome is typing, pops up.

Carl1980NSome: "Fuck it... Send one my way if you don't mind of course. I'll even set up a video stream and everything. Just to let you know, I'm six foot ten, with nothing but lean muscle and white skin."

GnarlyHarley is typing.

GnarlyHarley: "Okay! Just message me and I'll get a bottle to you a.s.a.p. As to Chel's video, thank you for your contribution to our society and may your clitoris always be moist! I have to go everyone, Carl, hit me up with a pm if you don't mind!"

Carl1980NSome: "Sure thing."

Chelsea smiles at the chat room before saying her goodbyes. She signs off, grabs the vial of the Dirty and Nerdy serum, as well as the new vial she received earlier that day. It was the pregnancy tonic that Harley used before. She wanted to experiment and combine the two serums to have the ultimate orgasmic experience. She quickly squirts a drop on each breast, and inserts the pregnancy liquid.

Her door closes behind her. There's a loud scream from behind it, followed by the ripping of clothes and the snapping of bones.

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