Transformotica (An Erotica for Transformation Fetishists)

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Lean Mean Sexual (God)dess

Carl1980NSome a.k.a. Carl Mallira, is an enormous mountain of muscle, smooth white skin and short red hair. He's got a face chiseled by angels to perfection with his wide sharp jaw, long nose and big green eyes.

He prides himself on his washboard abs and long, ripped arms. For a while he stood staring at this desktop computer, running his massive fingers through his semi-thick beard. The way the light shined off his ceiling across him made every inch of his skin glisten as if he were spritzed with fresh water.

He had just finished his cardio moments before, when he heard the doorbell ring. Now resting before him, in a very small paper box was a package addressed to him. From time to time the rhythm of chat messages dinging on his computer screen would jar him back to reality.

He still couldn't believe Harley sent him this package. Gnawing fear took place over the skepticism he held for the last few days as he began to pick apart the paper of that package. There it was, resting in a blanket of bubble wrap.

A clear glass vial with a liquid that had to be the deepest shade of amethyst that he ever laid his eyes on. It triggered something deep down in the pit of his very soul. Fear had long but left him and all he felt now was this sense of excitement. Jolts of energy consumed his very being as he lifted the vial directly level to his eyes.

Just then a smooth feminine voice breaks through his computer. Oh that's right! I joined a Skype chat with some of the main people on

His thoughts were the only reassurance that he was doing the right thing. At that very moment he wanted nothing more than to throw that diamond shaped glass container out the window and never look at that site again.

But I can't... I-I can't stop looking at these damn videos! Nothing else gets me off except for those sweet moments when the girls' breasts blow through their bras. The way that their ass cheeks billow away as they try to escape their prisons gives me a hard on that I can't even manage sometimes. he thought.

The container felt oddly warm in his massive hand. It sent waves of goose bumps up his entire arm and down his chest. The warmth rested just below his waist, where his dick began to expand. It pushed harder and harder against his tight boxer briefs, until it rested at a firm ten inches.

He could feel the blood rushing through it, praying he would reach down and rub it as hard as he could possibly muster. As he sat himself down at his desk, he focused the camera so that it would be on him and not his bedroom.

Outside a smooth breeze blew in from his window. A waft of salty air hit him in all the right spots. He could just picture standing on the pier in Los Angeles, eating a big soft pretzel and watching the ocean's breakers as they caressed the golden beach.

A ding interrupted his thoughts, jarring him back to his computer. He hadn't even realized that the vial had been set down, just perfectly so the audience could take it all in.

GnarlyHarley is typing. Appeared on the screen.

GnarlyHarley: "Hey everyone! I'd like to welcome you to this weekend special live at my home town of L.A.! Carl1980NSome has previously agreed, if you recall, to consume that vial of liquid and test to see if it transforms him into a woman."

BruteBruttus: "I'm not gonna lie, I'm beyond ecstatic to see the outcome of this serum!"

Natalie3504: "I gotta agree with Brute here. I've seen some truly remarkable things on this site which, in my opinion, should be mass produced! I hope this one proves to be the same mind blowing chemistry that we've known to love here on this site."

Nerves had begun to kick in as Carl prepared himself for the inevitable. He popped the top, readying himself, for he knew he was in for a whole world of agony.

Ash2theLee95: "It's been two days since I transformed into a wereho, and I know that's completely irrelevant. I just wanted to point out that whatever Carl goes through, it's gotta be more painful than whatever us women went through. I mean... He's gotta change his entire sex for god's sake!"

JessieTheNerd: "Agreed! ^"

CrazECarla: "Yes, agreed! ^"

ChelBell: "I'd have to agree as well and I'm super excited to see this transformation."

Carl couldn't help but feel the same way as he sat there replying to them all.

Carl1980NSome: "Thanks guys! I'd like to start of by apologizing to Harley and Ash2theLee for calling them out. It wasn't right and I just wanted to say that."

He then opened up his webcam so that everyone could see him. With a nod at the camera he popped the top to the vial and drained all of it into his stomach.

There was absolutely no talking going on in the chat as they all watched with anticipation. Something didn't settle right in his stomach. W-What the fuck? Oh... Carl let out a loud, booming yell as he slammed an enormous hand on the desk. People gasped and watched in awe as they saw the back of it cracking.

Carl tried to not watch but was unable to pull away his attention. In absolute horror, he saw each of his fingers snap and shrink. He screamed even louder as his arm began to shake violently.

His muscles felt like someone had turned them to liquid as his arms jiggled ferociously.

"This can't be happening! Fuck!" he exclaimed. It took only seconds for his entire right arm to shrink down over twice his usual length. A sudden wave of pain rushed to his left hand. His eyes shot open, watching as his opposite arm followed suit. the fiery sensation coursed throughout it as it shook just as hard as his right.

The once thick fingered mass began to shrink into tiny, yet soft hand. The heat rushed to his shoulders; Carl grasped the edge of his desk, gritting his teeth as each one popped. He swayed this way and that, trying to find a comfortable position as his shoulder width became more narrow.

He began to grunt and groan as his spine shrank, forcing him to lose height at a rapid pace. The once wide chest was already shrinking even faster. He began to feel flush and horny as the warmth spread to his nipples.

To his dismay, he could see them thickening. They felt so tender and sensitive as they wriggled and bubbled. The bubbling sensation began to expand as it coursed throughout the flesh surrounding the nipples.

Oh god! I-I'm growing tits! Carl couldn't even prepare for the pain as he lurched backward. His ribs were snapping and reforming as two small masses began to grow away from him. He felt like someone had been yanking at his chest until they had saggy skin and was filling it with a molten liquid.

I can feel the fucking mammary glands g-growing! He grasped onto them with his new hands screaming all the while as the bubbling grew more intense. His small palms were already filled with the growing flesh and he could feel something moving around inside these newly grown bags.

His back snapped, and then his breasts instantly expanded an entire cup size. Tears ran down Carl's face as his breasts were growing even more. They were nearly resting on the edge of his desk. He let go of them, with his arms outstretched as the boobs pulled farther away, expanding into CC cup size.

The skin and bones in his skull yelled in agony as it was forcibly reshaped. He grasped onto his temples, yelling at the top of his lungs as his head shrank. He looked at the webcam on his computer in full screen. The look of horror he saw scared him as his nose began to shrink and become more bubbly.

His jawline had already halved itself in size as it became more pointy. He could feel his adam's apple shrinking now. His throat was on fire; he clenched it with his hands. Each of the once bulging veins were already disappearing. He went to scream again when his ears were met with the yelling of a fair voiced woman.

My god... It's actually h-happening?! No... No, I've made a mistake! He wanted to say this out loud but the pain in his chest had coursed down to his waist. Carl immediately shot up to his feet, grasping his hips. He felt the bones pulling and popping. The heat was unbearable at this point.

He fell onto his back, and began rolling from side to side as he tried to stop the heat from boiling into his ass cheeks. He was propping himself up with his feet; his stomach gurgled before it began to thicken with belly fat.

The once tough muscles around his ass were beginning to loosen, turning into perfectly toned flesh as it began to expand in his boxers. His penis began to ache, throbbing angrily at him. He grabbed onto it with his tiny hands, screaming in orgasm as his dick started to get sucked into his body.

Sweat was pouring off of his face. His short hair had already begun growing, and as passing his frail shoulders. His nipples popped out a bit more and his hips snapped. A perfect hourglass figure was being made and he couldn't stop it now.

There they were, the once long legs, loosening in muscle mass. Instead, they turned into a perfect combination of fat and muscle. He wanted to run as fast as he could from that room, but could barely get himself back to his desk.

As he gazed at the camera, with a rippling face, Carl began to cry. He didn't know if it was his new hormones or the agony of the continuing transformation. His ears were shrinking at this point and his hair had gone past his shoulders and half way down his back. All of his facial hair began to disappear.

His lips, thickening almost instantly into a perfect set. He grasped his belly, feeling the flesh crawling underneath his arms. More and more fat was being caked onto his hips, and instantly coursing to his ass.

He felt the boxers straining to maintain the growing girth of his ass cheeks, and failing to do so as his legs instantly thickened and burst through the fabric. He shrank another two inches; his feet were already reformed and his calves were beginning to tighten.

He slammed a leg onto the desk, grasping his thigh as it jiggled in his fingers. The leg hair was long gone by now, leaving only a thick, oil surfaced leg. His dick was already being sucked in the rest of the way.

He instantly grasped his privates, with his mouth agape as he felt his dick disappear for good. He threw off the scraps of his boxers and gazed down to see a fine set of red hair forming across a thickening vagina.

A newly formed clitoris was coming in at full force, giving him the weirdest sexual sensation he had ever felt. His new vagina kept on rippling until it became fully formed and slightly erect.

"W-What's happening to m-my nipples?!" Carl yelled as he grasped both of his giant breasts.

Something was penetrating his nipples and before he knew it, a set of silver rings pierced the flesh. And then the same sensation took over his belly as he watched a long piercing poke through his belly button. Both ears felt the same; ring after ring ran up and down each one. And finally, a nose ring poked hard through his nose and left eyebrow.

"Wow! I-I feel so...Ugh!" Before he could stop himself, his hands were already plunging into his newly formed private area. He saw that Harley was typing, but did not stop fingering himself.

GnarlyHarley: "I know right?! Now you know that, not only are my serums real, but how a girl feels when she's horny."

He kept pushing and pushing his fingers through his labia and immediately found the g-spot. "T-This feeling is so indescribable! It's like... Oooohhh! It's like... Mmmmm!"

It felt like wave after wave of ecstasy and with each wave, a hornier feeling ensued. The more he tickled that spot, the hotter he felt. His nipples were feeling so weird now, so he began to massage them.

That moment the warmth of his hand met that super sensitive flesh, a lust filled groan escaped him.

He kept his eye on the screen, but kept pushing himself to a climax.

ChelBell is typing.

ChelBell: "Well, we should leave the poor guy to his... To his... Oh god! I'm so horny!!! I-I'm... I'm l-l-literally fingering myself r-r-right now..."

Ash2theLee95: "I've never felt hornier in my life!"

The lust had finally been pushed to its edge as Carl started to feel the historic orgasmic feeling that women possessed. He kept pushing and pushing, then finally he fell off the edge. He lurched forward, shuddering with drool pouring from his feminine lips and cum oozing out.

It was at this point that Carl found a new respect for these women and women in general. For the remainder of that night he found different ways to masturbate, including a massive dildo that his girlfriend left at the apartment. He loved is new body, and never wanted to go back.

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