Transformotica (An Erotica for Transformation Fetishists)

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The Deal

Kaylee Browman stood beside her family’s car just outside of their house in St. Louis Missouri. It was a modest home, with only two floors and just enough space for her family and herself. Ever since her father took up that job working as a local bartender a few blocks down the road, she had felt off. For the most part, her family always conversed whether that was about her winning another award or just issues in general. She prided herself, primarily due to her amazing looks.

She felt absolutely blessed for having an amazing body. Ever since she first saw herself developing at thirteen, an unknown interest piqued inside of her; an interest that she never felt before. She even grew into her giant ears and teeth at that age, along with her enormous CC cup breasts.

She couldn’t help herself but gaze down at that giant cleavage and grasp onto those over sensitive nipples. The weight of her breasts felt insurmountable as she jiggled them around. The way the sun beamed down, a bit through the stormy clouds, bounced off her milky white skin. She danced around, feeling her coal colored hair whip this way and that. Her thick lips caressed her now average sized teeth and even her ears felt proportioned right. Below her feet, a puddle rested as she gazed down past the brand new sneakers she received for her birthday.

A beautiful woman was smiling ever so lustfully back at her. The way her cheekbones were perfectly shaped, mixed well with her slightly chubby cheeks. A slight shudder rose up her spine as she stared at her bright green eyes.

But as she stood there, a weird sensation began to overtake her body. It started as a sickening gurgling feeling in the pit of her stomach. She grasped onto her somewhat thick belly, resting her back against the family car. “Come on… W-What’s happening?” An intense wave of heat struck her spine following with a loud crack. “Oh god…” She felt a heaviness resting in her chest. Then her head throbbed angrily and a voice appeared out of nowhere.

It was a soft and subtle one, yet it was mixed with a disturbingly evil undertone. Some unknown force yanked her head back, forcing her to gaze upwards. “Kill them.” Immediately following this order the heat in her spine rushed straight to her hips. “Oh fuck!” She immediately felt the weight in her belly as the pavement met her knees. Her hips were shaking and snapping; nothing could stop the screams that billowed out of her mouth following this. No matter how hard she fought, her hips and butt refused to stop thickening. “Gah!”

She could feel blood trickling from her mouth. Every single one of her teeth were achingly thickening and becoming more and more sharp by the second. She slammed a throbbing hand onto the pavement before her, watching with horror as her fingers grew thick. Each passing second forced her fingers to pop and snap straight outward, followed by her knuckles which already doubled in size.

Her hand began to shake and expand. She could feel the meat inside of it angrily crawling up her tiny triceps and then biceps. No effort was taken as her once thin arm began to tear through her fishnet arm sleeve. She couldn’t stop sobbing as tears ran down her bubbling face. Her neck had already began thickening as did her back and chest. She was thrown up against the car as her breasts began to expand rapidly.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Her clasps snapped off in an instant as her shirt struggled to hold her breasts in. The material strained and fought against the growing masses, until they lost as the billowing bags blew outward. Each leg had already burst through the stockings she always wore, as they too bulged and jiggled angrily with muscle. “Oh g-god… Why is this happening?” Her belly gurgled and rippled as it began to harden into thick muscle. She lurched forward, hunching as her spine and back expanded.

A single tear dropped into the puddle as a tail billowed from above her ass , allowing room for her cheeks to grow in as well. Her back kept rippling as wings exploded from her skin. It felt as if her entire back would rip in half, but it didn’t, even though the wings kept on growing. “This p-pain is becoming t-too un-unbeaarraaabllllee!” Each and every tooth had expanded even more as her chin snapped outward as did her nose. Two enormous black horns were issuing from the top of her skull, as it screamed in agonizing pain. Then, she passed out as her skin started to turn a deep shade of red.

“Wakey wakey, Kaylee!” Some smooth, yet maniacal voice echoed in her ear. Everything around her was blurry, and a warm liquid had been caressing her cheeks. It took all of her effort to force herself up to a standing position. Below her was a massive puddle of blood. What the fuck did I do? The thought crossed her mind too quickly for her comfort. Images of yelling and agonizing screams echoed inside her head. The face of her mother, with her transfixed horrified expression as she was pulling the woman’s arms off… “It… What was it that I did?!”

Just then a man appeared a few feet to her right. He was shorter than her, but had an evil demeanor about him. His face was sleek and clean shaven and he had the most piercing black eyes that poured into her very soul. “You work for me new Kaylee! My name is Satan and I want to fulfill your contract agreement.” She saw the pompous look upon the man’s face, yearning for some answers. “You seem troubled my dear, please listen up.” The way the man kept snapping his fingers, and sliding them through his greased back hair unsettled her to the very bone.

She took a step back feeling something crunch under her massive feet. There she was, in the middle of an empty street. The St. Louis Arch could be seen perfectly off in the short distance. A slight wind picked up, blowing through this massive black mane that had grown down her back. She even felt the coolness on the tips of her wings, but nothing was colder than the stare this man was giving her. “W-What do you mean, contract?” “You signed a deal with me over seven years ago to have the, how did you put it…? Ah, yes! The perfect fuckable body.’”

He stepped closer, and waved his hand. In an instant, wind picked up, blowing a nasty mixture of blood and feces into her nostrils. “You smell that darling? That is the sweet stench of your family’s entrails strewn across the street all willy nilly.” The way that man grinned as he bared a perfect set of sharp teeth; it was horrifying. She wanted nothing more than to run; run as far and as fast as she could, but something kept her tethered. “You’re coming with me darling.”

He was inches from her face now. A smell of smoke and blood emanated off of him like a strong cologne. It made her insides crawl, yet she still couldn’t undo this leash he had on her. The man snapped his fingers and a massive fiery hole appeared out of nowhere behind him. Loud booming screams rang out from it followed by the sound of flesh being whipped and metal slicing. “Welcome to your new job Kaylee Browman!” He laughed as he waved her forward.

A single tear streamed down her massive demonic face as the man pulled her farther and farther down the deep stone stairwell. This intense heat was her new atmosphere and the screams of these men and women in hell would be her new music. It just goes to show, that despite the nice body I had and all that glorious sex, that it will all come to an end eventually. She thought as the hole began closing behind her. She got one last glimpse of the sun as it poked through the storm ridden clouds. She wanted to escape at that moment, but was too late as the hole closed behind her.

“Come darling.” As if she were a programmable robot, her feet continued descending the stairs and her mind went completely blank. She was a slave of Satan now and forever it shall remain.

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