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Morph Girl Ep.1: (The Taint)

A bright and sunny afternoon was all Jenna Alaine needed. She sat there on the beach, with umbrella overhead as she soaked in the salty sea air. “You just passed the barr exam Jenna my girl! You deserve this… Yeah, you deserve this!” She couldn’t help but smile as she crossed her long tan legs. The heat of Miami was like no other, which gave her a perfect tan almost year round.

She had the combination that all guys would kill for. Long bleach blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, tan skin, thick legs and a perfectly proportioned breast to body ratio. She stood at five foot nine so her breasts were an amazing, BB ½ cup size. She kept on chewing her gum as she always did to kick back. Her nose is a bit rounded, and slightly wide, but fits perfectly to her long face, semi-thick lips and chiseled cheekbones. The one thing Jenna always loved about herself was her personality. She was a punk girl who loved to listen to heavy metal, despite looking like a southern bell and was a gamer since she had been very young.

Nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen that day however. It would become the day that changed her life forever. A cool breeze swept over her and she kept on grinning away, when a loud screeching scream erupted just feet to her right. She immediately looked for the source of the noise when she was met with a tall, lanky, pale white man. His face was long and gaunt with a beaked nose, small ears and a maniacal stare. He had a syringe in his hand, filled with some sort of bright yellow liquid. Before she could react, the man drove the needle deep into her belly and pushed on the plunger.
A sudden burst of heat erupted throughout her body as she watched in horror as her skin bubbled. The backs of her hands achingly crackled and her thighs as well as her belly refused to stop jiggling. “What the…? W-What?” She grasped onto her breasts; they were shaking violently. “O-Oh god…” She kept watching as they started to expand. “Oh, what the hell?!” Instantly they shot out an entire cup and a half in size, threatening to tare her top clean off. “What did you inject me…” The man was gone. “…with?”

She looked this way and that, suddenly she fell to her knees as a sickening pain shot to her hips. They kept shaking and cracking. “What the hell?!” Her belly was thickening now as it pushed harder and harder on her belly button ring. She grasped onto it as she felt a mound of flesh pushing back. Within seconds she was four months pregnant. Her legs kept snapping before her calves both shot out five inches. Her thighs expanded moments later, followed by her butt, forcing her bottoms to nearly shear in half.

Tears were streaming down her bubbling face, which was beginning to thicken as well. Her breasts started to shake again. “Nooooo!” They were slowly pushing farther away until her top couldn’t take anymore and cut clean in half. She quickly wrapped an arm around them and tried to get up but was forced back onto the sand as her belly button ring popped off. Blood streamed down her swelling stomach which was nearing the size of a woman that was eight months along.

A final snap happened as her belly lurched the last few inches outward and her legs shot apart. The skin on her belly was crawling now, she could feel something writhing inside of her, trying to get out. Everything inside of her told her to push so she took a deep breath and did just that before passing completely out from the pain.

(Eight Hours Later)

Jenna couldn’t stop this electrical feeling she had in her body at this moment. She was getting up off the beach; her belly had shrank back down and she could hear screams off in the distance. She gazed down at her hands with curiosity deep in her brain. “I wonder… Something tells me… Transform my hands into cow hooves… O-Ow!” Instantly her hands shook and thickened with meat as her fingers slowly fused together. With horror in her eyes, she watched as they grew harder by the second and finally popped as her wrists turned into a giant cow ankles. “Oookaay… Ch-Change back? Oh wow!” Faster than they originally changed, the hooves were separating into her regular fingered hands once again.

She knew right then that she could morph into anything and all she had to do was say the word. There was destruction and chaos all ahead of her, towards the center of the city. Cars had crashed, blood was strewn all over the ground and walls. Screams of the innocence could be heard from blocks down the road, and yet the moon above her continued to shine ever so gracefully. With a sly smile she wiped the blood dripping from her nose, and grasped her belly. Whoever did this to me is gonna pay, but I gotta find him… Oh is that him over there?! She thought. A giant pale man was smashing buildings as he turned to see her staring at him. “Transform me into a giant.” Snap. Went her back as her muscles angrily rippled and thickened.

She started to grow taller and taller, tearing straight through the remainder of her bikini bottom. Her feet burst away from her and continued to painfully stretch as her breasts began to throb and jiggle as they grew rounder and heavier. She grunted and groaned whilst her hands popped and snapped outward inch by inch. Her lip rings blew straight off, and her skull kept crackling as it expanded. Before she knew it, she was taller than the man that was destroying the town and she loved every single sweaty inch of her new body, as she gazed at her massive hands. That same smile appeared as she nodded towards the demon and charged head on. From that day forward, she knew her true calling and would come to hate/love that very man she was running towards.

For that man may have impregnated her on that beach, but the serum he gave her served a new purpose in her life. She would be Jenna Alaine, Attorney at Law during the day, and Morph-Girl by night.

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