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I Want To Grow!

GnarlyHarley is typing...

GnarlyHarley: "Who wrote those two stories? All I know is after reading them both... I-I was so hot and bothered that I had to leave my job and go masturbate immediately! And I mean that! I literally could not wait to get home so I pulled out my emergency vibrator, (yes I have one in my car), and I jammed that sucker so deep into my clit... Ugh!"

Natalie3504 is typing...

Natalie3504: "It was both Ash and I. She wrote (The Deal), and I wrote (Morph Girl Ep. 1: [The Taint])."

Ash2theLee95 is typing...

Ash2theLee95: "It was a collaborative thing we did. Nat came up to me asking if she could bounce an idea off of me which was her idea for a comic book esq story, and I loved it! So I showed her my story for the demon transformation and then we decided to post it to this site. We were so inspired by you and ChelBell, so we wanted to be part of the action too."

Silence ensues this statement as all of the members await someone to respond.

Carl1980NSome is typing...

Carl1980NSome: "Hey, I thought the stories were great! I was sitting there, wishing there was more character development, but alas, they're short stories. Not that they're anything less than novels, but I still would love more development. As for the transformations however... I was absolutely turned on by them. It just reminded me of last night when I transformed into a woman... I never knew how women felt when they were horny, Ha! But I do now! xD."

JessietheNerd is typing...

JessietheNerd: "I would like to try a vial, if that's okay with Harley and Chelsea of course."

There's silence for a few minutes; Jessie sits at her computer stroking her long brown hair. She is a twenty year old virgin, from Southern California. She still wears braces, and has super thin lips, freckles on her cheeks, a sharp nose and a small face. She's got AA cup sized breasts, but is incredibly thin. Most of the kids in her college say she looks like a younger Lindsay Lohan, but she doesn't see it, at least she doesn't want to see it anyway.

She was sitting on her bed in her dorm room, across the room from the entrance. Most of her roommates were either partying that night or fast asleep. Their finals were today so she was excited, even more so now, than before to see new content. Her heart leaped as the chat moved up a line.

GnarlyHarley is typing...

GnarlyHarley: "That is absolutely fine with us Jess! What would you like us to send you?"

She sat there, her heart beating in her throat, with shaky hands over her keyboard. More than anything, the urge to be bigger had been her dream. She wanted to gain three hundred pounds and burst all of her clothes off. She wanted to be covered in oil with giant breasts and no thigh gap at all.

After a moment, her wobbly fingers typed haphazardly.

JessietheNerd: "I want to rapidly gain weight. Sort of like in your situation as well as that girl in Natalie's and Ashlee's stories, but actual weight. I want to be super fat, like three hundred pounds fatter than I am now! I want to grow a giant pair of big, thick breasts and have my pussy covered in furry pubic hair and my skin covered in oil."

Her vagina began to tingle as she finished her sentence. Just the thought of it happening was sending her into an orgasmic frenzy. She had to be careful as to not wake her roommates, but she couldn't stop her fingers from plunging deep into her tight vagina.

She kept pumping and pushing, as well as rubbing her tiny breasts until she climaxed and shook violently as the cum squirted down her leg. She got up, not realizing that the chat was still going.

Ash2theLee95: "I have a confession to make... That book I wrote...? It was based off of a real situation, minus the devil thing. She thought she made a deal when she asked for a transformation to happen, and never felt the same since. The very next day she begged for a deal, her body achingly shape shifted and she grew over six inches in height. She got these super thick thighs and long legs along with the tightest ass you've ever seen!

But like I said, ever since then she's thought she was doomed for hell, not knowing that the transformation was some freak genetic thing that goes on every so often in her family. Her mother explained that it skips some generations and so it skipped herself. She told me that her daughter was so desperate for a rocking body and it was just a coincidence that the night she begged for that from Satan, the very next day her hormones kick in."

Silence ensues again before Natalie begins to type.

Natalie3504: "She's right. My Growth Girl, comic was based off of someone I know as well. This actually happened down in Miami when I was only five, but it happened. The girl in my comic/story was none other than my mom. Now she's afraid that I'm going to somehow inherit the genes from that syringe just because she carried that even up to this day. I want to tell you more of what happened, but it'll have to wait for now."

GnarlyHarley is typing...

Jessie returned from the bathroom after fingering herself two more times to see the conversation that happened. Her heart was doing leaps as her stomach flipped. The fact that these thing actually happened brought more excitement to her.

GnarlyHarley: "That's okay girls, I'm glad you came clean! And for the record, I'm even more turned on than before."

JessietheNerd: "I have to agree with Harley. I'm so turned on right now that all I want is a good old sybian ride and put that bitch up on max! Ugh!"

GnarlyHarley: "Ha ha! xD. Alright, I'm gonna be logging off soon, but I will send that vial your way Jess! I have your contact info here, so expect that within three days. It was nice talking to you all! Have a good one."

GnarlyHarley signed off.

Natalie3504 signed off.

Carl1980NSome signed off.

Ash2theLee95 is typing...

Ash2theLee95: "Are you still there Jess?"

This heavy nervous feeling kept swarming around Jessie's belly. She wanted to plunge her fingers back into her vagina, but forced herself not to. She felt her heart beating in her throat and her breathing became more sporadic.

JessietheNerd is typing...

JessietheNerd: "Yeah, I'm still here, but not for long. I gotta get to bed so I can relax a bit. School's nearly out and I need to study a bit tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the vial comes in soon! I will do a live cam of that once I know I'm safe from my roommates coming in half way through."

Ash2theLee95: "I think that would be best, because it would be weird to be just popping on in when your roommate's rapidly gaining weight."

JessietheNerd: "Yeah, that's why I'll make sure I'm alone. And for good measure, I'll lock our door so if they start to unlock it, I can run to the bathroom and start drawing a bath."

Ash2theLee95: "Well I gotta go, but I look forward to your transformation video! Goodnight Jess! \o ."

Jessie's heart was slowing down, but her palms were beginning to sweat profusely. A giggle escaped her as she felt her lips spread to a half smile.

JessietheNerd: "Have a good one Ash! \o/ ."

Ash2theLee95 signed off.

She knew that day would be fast approaching and was such a wreck now. She closed her laptop, refusing to stare at the black lettering of her crush signing off for any longer. Instead she felt the warm embrace of her pillow and fell asleep, with a burning redness on her cheeks.

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