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Hot Chocolate Mess

(Magg2TheE signs in on live webcam)

Magg2TheE: "Hey guys! I'm at the local thrift store, trying on some clothes. I just want y'all to know I'm such a fan of your site. I hope to make a great contribution one day."

Maggie Noles is a 5’ 5’’, 22 year old, bleach blonde from Idaho. She stood staring at herself in a fitting room mirror, with her phone recording her every inch. She has small teeth, very thin lips, small AA cup breasts, no hips, no ass and very thin legs, arms, hands, feet and fingers. She has very lightly tan skin, small cheekbones, a small face and bobbed hair. That day she decided to put on a pair of skin tight jeans, as to help giver her flat ass a more fuller appearance. She turned this way and that, running her tiny hands all over herself. With each passing second, she became more and more upset.

Those bright blue eyes of hers began to well with tears and her bottom lip trembled. She fell to her knees, stifling her cries with her shaking palms. “Psst.” A girl called out to her from her left.

Magg2TheE: "What the fuck?"

(The camera moves down to a girl staring at her from the bottom of the door.)

The chocolate complexion put her in a daze. The girl had a beautiful set of light brown eyes, thick lips, huge perky breasts, an hourglass figure and the biggest ass, Maggie had ever seen. “I can tell you’re dealing with some self loathing issues here,” the girl stated. “W-What do you want?” Maggie sniffed and backed away a bit. She tripped over her shoes and fell into the nearby chair.

The girl advanced on her, and withdrew a syringe from her back pocket. “What is that?!” Maggie’s heart began to race. “This little serum will fix all of your physical issues. Let’s just say… You’ll be feeling like a hot chocolate mess when the transformation’s finished.” The girl smiled and jabbed the needle deep into Maggie’s right bicep. She gazed over in horror as the girl pushed the plunger. A fiery liquid poured into her veins. “Oh god!” She grasped her arm. She could feel her muscles jiggling around under her skin.

(Maggie places the into a special holder on her baseball cap and keeps the camera on. It watches in her p.o.v. besides the mirror shots.)

Shortly thereafter, she watched a light brown color begin to spread up and down her arm. She stood up and gazed at herself in the mirror. Her mouth was agape, and her right arm lifted as she watched with fear. It was shaking angrily. Her bicep began to painfully inflate. She grasped onto it, attempting to stop the growth, but it continued to jiggle and pop. Crack. Her shoulder snapped. A hot sensation swept over her skin. She stared at her arm as a barbed wire tattoo wrapped around her flesh from her shoulder down to her wrist. “Oh-my-g-god! Ugh!” She lurched forward, wrapping her arms around her midsection.

Her head jerked up. Crack! Her hips started to snap. “Oh god nooooo! Ugggghhhaaaaa!” She grasped onto her hips. They were shaking profusely. Her midsection was beginning to lengthen. Slowly, and painfully she watched as her once thin stomach began to thicken a bit with fat and lean with muscle. She screamed up into the ceiling as her hips bubbled and popped. Her vagina started to swell up, pushing hard against the front of her jeans. She grasped onto it, tears poured down her bubbling, sweaty face. Her lips were beginning to inflate. She grasped onto her head now; her jaw snapped as it began to thicken and lengthen a bit.

Her teeth achingly started to grow long and thick. “Owwwww! Ohhhhh… Hmmmmm!” Her lips were doubling in size and growing even thicker. A shiny gloss began to spread across them. Her nose started to bubble as it popped outward and widened a bit. She held tightly onto her head as her cheekbones moved and gurgled as they thickened a bit.

The light chocolate colored skin began to spread from her nose down to her chin and up to her forehead, which was still cracking and reshaping itself. Her bleach blonde hair was beginning to darken. She grasped onto it with all her might as it started to grow long and sleek. Her left shoulder popped. “Ugggghh!” She jerked her gaze towards it as it started to lengthen. Her hair grew past her shoulders and became as black as coal. Her hand was beginning to shake. Something rose up her triceps as it too inflated. Her fingers were crackling and popping all the while.

A leather, fingerless glove appeared on it as her fingers started to slowly stretch. They thickened slowly as well, as they along with her hand filled the glove out. A beautiful set of French tipped nails grew from the ends of the fingers. Suddenly a fiery sensation swept over to her chest. “Nooooo! God…Ughhuuaaaaaoowww!” She wrapped those long arms of hers around her chest. Her legs began to lengthen and jiggle. They were bubbling furiously as they strained in her jeans. Her calves immediately billowed away from her bones.

Her feet were snapping and moving around in her socks as she struggled to keep her balance. She reached forward, grasping onto the wall as her breasts began to grow. She peered down, watching as those AA’s started to cover with sweat. Her nipples were painfully thickening. A set of nipple piercing began to form; their gold luster shining brightly. Her breasts had already been pushing hard against her bra. It took only seconds before her first button popped off. She stood back upright, her arms spread and hands clenched.

Her tank top was straining now. Gurgle. Grunt. “Gah!” Maggie groaned. “Why are th-they so sensitttiiiivvvee? Oh god!” Her breasts shook and shot out another half a cup size. Slowly her top began to rip. It started at the top and continued tearing down. Bit by bit those light brown mounds were becoming exposed. Her chest was perspiring profusely causing them to become rather shiny. Gurgle. Her breasts kept inflating. Riiiiiipppp. With one final gurgle, they blew out of her top. “Oh… Oooohhhhh!” She gazed up at the ceiling with flushed cheeks and lust ravaging her body.

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie groaned. She grasped onto the mounds as they continued to grow past CC’s and rounding in on DD’. Her lips had inflated two and a half times their normal size. She felt a stinging pain in her bottom one, causing her to look back into the mirror. A gold ring began to wrap around the middle of her lower lip, hugging it nicely. She ran her smooth hair behind her now growing ears. Piercings ran up and down them, with two gauges swelling up in her earlobes. “Ohhh god… W-What’s happening to m-my assss?!” She fell to her knees. Her spine was bubbling now; her belly thickened a bit more, and became more lean.

Her ass was shaking. Her lower spine snapped, as her ass lurched upward a bit. She screamed towards the floor as her tiny ass cheeks were being forcibly inflated. It took only moments before her jeans started to tear up. She looked back over to the mirror, watching as her bright blue irises turned to a dark chocolate brown. Tears were running down her cheeks once more as her ass began to rip through her pants. “They’re so huge! Oh god, and they’re s-still growwwinnnggg!” Riiiip.

Her cheeks billowed even farther away. Her thighs were growing even faster now. They slowly broke free of their confines. Her calves followed suit. “M-My paaannntss… Th-They’re g-gonna r-rrriiip. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhoooo N-N-Noooooo!” Her vagina popped. She screamed even more as she felt that same pain she had in her lip. She flipped onto her back gazing down as her pussy started to thicken a bit more. A gold clit ring pierced her flesh. She watched as her frail legs jiggled before her very eyes. That same chocolate skin started to spread from her vagina up to her thighs which gurgled and immediately grew four inches in diameter.

Her calves continued to grow as well. She could feel her ass cheeks pushing harder and harder against the floor, causing her to grit her teeth. Her hips finally stopped growing. Her belly button became pierced as well, but suddenly a jolt of pain surged down to her belly. In between her breasts, Maggie could see the flesh of her abdomen begin to grow outward. She peered over at the mirror only to confirm her fear. She could feel something writhing around inside her. The belly button piercing began to strain as her flesh jerked and jolted even farther up.

She gazed back down between her breasts. Her hands held tightly onto the growing mound. Her head jerked back. She could feel her womb filling with some sort of liquid and gas. She jerked to her left; her stomach slammed onto the wood floor. The mound continued to stretch. Pop. The ring flew off, cracking part of the wall sized mirror. She covered her mouth to stifle the oncoming yell as her belly continued to stretch. Maggie was able to pull herself up and rested against the door.

Her belly was billowing out onto her thighs. Something was moving around inside of her. Her belly button popped outward. Suddenly, the pain stopped. All she felt now was an insurmountable lust that seemed to run hard through her veins. She got back to her feet, realizing she had grown over six inches. Standing now at 5’ 11’’ tall, Maggie looked into the mirror one final time. “My god… I’m like a light chocolate, pregnant goddess! I look like I’m… eight months pregnant for twins… What the fuck?” She just smiled and stared at the door. “Psst,” the girl from before called out. “Give this girl some clothes.”

A warming sensation swept through Maggie’s body. She saw a pair of skin tight leather pants running up her legs. It hugged her perfectly. A matching leather top wrapped around her giant breasts, giving them a perfect form. She smiled at herself, watching as her feet arched, fittig a new pair of leather boots. “I’m gonna be the best, beautiful bitch who ever walked these aisles! Look out world. Here comes Megan Noles!” She licked her lips before stepping out into the world, born anew.

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