Coach’s Temptation

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SPORTS CAPTAINS (BXB) The Football Coach and the Swimming Coach, who saw that coming. Weston and Xavier have been at war, since we'll since they both tried out for separate teams. Always trying to get more trophies and better grades then the other. The only thing they can agree on, is that nobody should be gay, but being homophobic together isn't a way to bond. But when Weston breaks up Xaviers little rendezvous, he's not happy and still extremely horny, and Westons the only one around. But Xaviers father left his mother for a dude. And Westons father raised him in a homophobic house. Neither of them are cut out for each other. You know what they say, every homophobic person is slightly gay on the inside, they just won't admit it. (They are in their last year of high school, and both are 18)

Erotica / Drama
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C H A P T E R | O N E

Xavier was heavily making out with the girl, inching his fingers under her shirt to yank it up, and when she made no move of resistance it was left in a heap on the ground.

"God" he groaned and roamed her body with his hands "you are sexy" he chuckled and pressed their lips back together, pushing her against the lockers. She was panting and making little noises of pleasure as her hands curled into his hair, pulling at it as she hopped onto his waist, wrapping her legs right around him. Xavier let out a growl of pleasure and began to hump her with his clothes still on, his eyes glaring into hers with lust "Xavier" she gasped and gripped the back of his shirt, tugging it right over his hand to land in a pile next to her shirt. The girl- who still did not know the name of giggled in desperation, connecting their lips, and pushing her tongue into his mouth in excitement.

Whatever she was going was working because his dick rose to life and pressed to her core, slowly thrusting into it with their clothes still covering their lower half.

Xavier pulled back slightly, going to work on his own jeans and fumbled with the button, smirking as a smaller set of hands came down to help him, followed by a shy grin on the girls face as she managed to pull them down, landing all bunched up around his ankles. Quickly moving them aside he gripped her under her āss and gave it a firm squeeze, pressing his body against hers, feeling every groove of her skin "oh god" she cried out and clawed his back, leaving red marks behind "that's right" he bite his lip and ripped her pants down to her ankles, keeping both their underwear on as he used his hand to sneak inside and begin rubbing her.

"Xavier" she screamed loudly and slammed her head back against the lockers, giving little yes's, as she should. He basically ripped her panties in two when he pulled them off, discarding them on the ground as he pulled her body up around his shoulders and placed his mouth right on her, sucking on her bud enthusiastically.

"Fūck" she yelped and struggled slightly, feeling his fingers penetrate her. He grinned again, feeling her clamp around his fingers right before she came, with a loud cry and then chanted his name like a prayer as she came down from the high. Slowly placing her back on the ground, he leaned her over the bench, pulling his dick out of his pants and kneeling down so he could shift and pull her onto him "ready baby" he rasped and yanked her onto his cock with a grunt.

The girls head dipped back and she became a moaning mess, being held up basically only by Xavier who was rising his hips to thrust into her with little mercy "well, this is new" another male voice cut in, stopping the couple and making their eyes dart to the door where a tall man stood with his arms crossed.

"Weston" she gasped in fear and pulled herself up, looking down at her naked self and grabbed her jeans, pulling them up her legs, forgetting her torn underwear snd grabbed her shirt, running out of the room without pulling it over her head.

And Xaviers happiness went out the door as she exited the room "seriously" he complained standing up, not bothering to cover his bare self "have sex in your own locker room" Weston said and turned around, probably to follow the girl but was stopped by a growl. Xavier stood behind him, his jaw clenched in anger, still not bothering with clothes and slammed him against the wall "you couldn't have waited until I was finished" he snarled and got into Westons face who shows a slight panic but was resolved back to his bored face.

"What would be the fun in that, besides I couldn't listen any longer to that poor girl not being satisfied" Weston waved his hand to the side as if to prove his point and leaned against the wall with smugness in his face. He thought he won this one but Xavier frowned and took a breathe "I can very much assure you that she was being pleasured just fine, because she came all over my face before your entered" he said shoving it into Weston who's eyes narrowed snd he rushed him.

They both fell to the ground, Xavier flipping them halfway so he wouldn't be on the bottom "shīt" Weston yelled in pain and cradled his shoulder that had landed with a crack. Xavier didn't care and just pressed his shoulders further into the ground "you couldn't satisfy anyone" Weston shot back through clenched teeth, still holding his shoulder.

Xaviers eyes narrowed even more and he got into Westons face "yeah" he taunted "at least I don't leave them having to finish themselves" and he was tossed onto the he ground, Weston straddling him and pulling his bad arm into a fist. Right before he could throw it his arm cracked again and a look of pain appeared on his face as he cursed "aww, is the poor baby hurt" Xavier smirked and reached up to grab the arm, yanking it so they both where on their back.

Tears filled up Westons eyes for a split second before he forced them back down and gripped his shoulder, feeling the dislocation and popping it back in with a shout. They where both panting on the floor, but Weston took longer to recover, resulting in Xavier slipping himself up and onto Weston "I didn't even have time to finish" he growled and gripped his dick in point, Westons eyes flicked down there with disgust before looking back at Xavier "not my fault, and ew" he said in distaste, scrunching his nose.

That riled Xavier more to the point he reached up, yanking Westons hair into his hands and pulled his face right to his dick "really" he chuckled darkly and was so caught up he didn't see the panic appearing on Westons face as he opened his mouth to scream or fight.

"I'll show your disgust" he said and rammed his dick into Westons open mouth, thrusting harshly inside and laughing as tears escaped Westons eyes, his hands trying to fight him off.

With one hand Xavier held Westons hair to keep him from moving and rocked his hips right into his mouth, grunting as he did, no longer nice as he was with the girl- who he should learn the name of.

Xaviers mind slowly cleared as he ejaculated into Westons mouth, not pulling out until he was forced to swallow, tears now freely streaming down the sides of his cheeks "oh"'he said fully alert "shīt" he reached down to try and console the boy beneath him but was pushed off, Weston turning and scrambling out of the bathroom with raspy sobs, from him ramming himself down Westons throat.

When he thought about it, he even scrunched his nose in disgust and shook his head, walking over to the mirror and splashing some water into his face "I am not gay, I was just horny" he repeated over and over again, until he semi- believed it.

Now to go and make sure Weston was okay, and more importantly wouldn't tell anyone.
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