Out of Grey - Fleur and Joshua 2

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Joshua has been out of prison for three years now, him and Fleur enjoying a normal life with their daughter. But when Joshua randomly bumps into an old friend their lives are turnt upside down. *This is the second story, following on from In all grey. Please read that story first. Just like the first story this one has descriptions of self harm. This story is also much shorter than the first. Because I love Fleur and Joshua so much I couldn't cause them anymore drama*

Erotica / Drama
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My hand moved down to her thigh as she moaned into my neck. “Jesus Fleur” I whispered as I lifted her thigh up by her arse and put her leg over me. My dick was rock hard to the point of hurting and I needed to get inside of her urgently. She moaned again and pushed herself against me as her hand wrapped around my shaft, her giggling in my ear made my dick grow again as I pushed her down flat on the bed.
“Why you gotta tease me Fleur?” I looked in her eyes, they were dark and I knew she wanted me to fuck her as much as I did.
“Come on then” she giggled, pushing her beautiful hair out of her face. Don’t need to be told twice, baby. I flipped her leg across the bed and she was spread eagle. Fuck this woman was amazing. I stared into her soul as I pushed myself into her. Her mouth opened as I got deeper and she felt sexy as fuck. Her pussy was tight as hell and I swear I was about to cum right there and then. Clearly my dick was betraying me and she smiled,
“Not so soon baby” she purred. Fuck! I took a deep breath in and I moved my head to her neck, biting her ear lobe as she grabbed my back. “Ahh!” She shouted, grabbing me tighter. I moved in and out of her faster, the sound of her wetness and our hips smashing together made me want to fuck her harder. I sat back up and grabbed her head with both hands, pushing her head forward as she stared at me. “Joshua fuck” she whispered, closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip. Her pussy was grabbing me so tight I threw my head back and smashed into her again.
“Are you going to cum for me?” I asked her, head still back.
“Hmmm” her voice was low and it made my balls rise up. I moved one hand from her head and went to her clit, pushing down on it. Hoping her favourite move would make her wild.
“Joshua!” She screamed as her pussy grabbed me tight. Yep it worked. “I’m cuming Joshua stop” I could barely get in and out of her. She was so tight but her word stop made me lift my hand up and I slowly stroked in and out.
“Stop?” I asked, I could feel my brow crossed.
“No I don’t mean stop” she giggled and it made me smile, “I mean it’s too much” I shook my head and increased my pace again, her head nearly smashing on the headboard.
“I’m gonna cum in your pussy Fleur, better get ready for me”
“Oh my god!” She moaned, grabbing my arm which was still at her head. I replaced my thumb back on her clit as I was about to completely blow inside her, her pussy spasmed and she screamed. “God!” I followed suit immediately and felt my dick pulsate as I came inside her. I rolled off her, cum everywhere but not giving a shit and laid down next to her. She looked over at me, her eyes almost closed and a glow on her face. “That was amazing,” she said, grabbing my hand.
“Yeah I know” I laughed as I stared at her beautiful face. I stood up and threw a pair of boxers on. “Get up, I’ll clean the bed” I said, slapping her thigh. She pulled a face and got up, throwing my T-shirt on. I failed miserably at cleaning the bed as she put a pair of shorts on.
“Daddy!” We both looked at each other and smiled. “Daddy you home?” Came the most cutest voice.
“You're up,” Fleur said smiling. I kissed her cheek as I walked past her and into Sophie’s room. She was peeking under her covers, pretending to be asleep.
“Oh Sophie’s asleep, I better get back to bed then” I said loudly walking towards her door.
“No daddy I’m up!” She giggled, my heart was going to burst out as she ran over to me and threw her arms around my neck. I was now sitting as she huddled into my lap.
“Sophie, why are you awake?” I asked, moving her curly hair out of her face.
“I wanted to see you” I kissed her forehead and stood up with her in my arms.
“You need to sleep baby, daddy’s home tomorrow”
“Yay!” She shouted as I put her back into bed. “With mummy?”
“Yep mummy’s home too now sleep” I kissed her forehead as I put her covers up. I walked back into our bedroom and Fleur was sitting up watching me.
“Is she okay?”
“Yeah she’s fine. Wanted to see me” I said getting in next to her.
“That makes two of us. I missed you” her eyes were on mine and if I knew emotions better I would say they looked sad.
“I missed you too. I only did some overtime Fleur” I chuckled, pulling her closer to me. I breathed her beautiful scent in as she nuzzled closer to my chest. I sighed.
“What’s wrong?” She asked, fear in her voice.
“No it was a good sigh” I laughed. “I love you Fleur”
“I love you too, are you okay?” I felt her lookup.
“Yeah I’m very good. Are we going to your mums tomorrow?” I asked. Fleur’s parents had become mine since we fully discussed the elephant in the room. They were beyond supportive and loved Sophie to death. We would be lost without them and Fleur’s dad in particular took me under his wing, I still struggled in their social interactions sometimes. I wasn’t used to a loving family.
“Yeah is that alright, they want to see Sophie. Sorry I know it’s your only day off” I shook my head.
“Don’t be stupid, is your mum cooking?” I asked, chuckling.
“Yes. I didn’t even get to tell you Friday” I looked down at her, her hand was rubbing my arm around her and it felt warm.
“Go on”
“Lilian gave in her notice” I scoffed louder than I wanted.
“Really? Why?”
“Said she couldn’t handle it” she was quiet and I knew it had upset her.
“It took her nearly three years to figure that out?” I screwed my face. “So you need a new assistant?” She suddenly sat up and grabbed my hand.
“Yeah which is why I wanted to ask you, if you wanted”
“No” I cut her off. She screwed her face up before rolling her eyes.
“You didn’t let me finish”
“I know what you're going to ask me and no. There’s no way I’m going back to place regardless if it’s on the payroll” she sat back down and pushed her hair out of her face.
“Fine” she was pissed.
“I’ve got a job Fleur”
“Yeah but I thought you would be perfect for it. You know better than anyone and give them advice” I burst out laughing grabbing her.
“I don’t think my advice of falling in love with your counsellor will be prison approved” she shoved me with her shoulder before laughing.
“Fine noted. You would be good at it though”
“No I won’t” I laid down and dragged her to me, her arm on my chest as I kissed her hair.
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