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When you find out your best friends secret what do you do? You reveal your own secret! Bella and Mark have been best friends since they were toddlers. One day Mark accidentally stumbles onto an email that Bella sent. Mark, worried for his friend, offers his help. How does he do that? He ties her to him.

Erotica / Romance
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《 1 》

Staring at my computer screen I wasn’t entirely sure what to feel. I think rage was the proper response but that is not what I seemed to be feeling. It would seem I had lost all sense of time while looking at these shocking emails. There were dozens of them all more scandalous than the last. As I opened the final email I knew that I had to confront the correspondent.

I had opened my computer to do something and found her email still open from when she had used my computer earlier. What I found was so concerning that I had to talk to her about it; before she made a huge mistake. That meant I had to find a way to bring this up to her tonight. I started chewing on my thumb nail, still staring at the computer, thinking of a way to save my friend.

My parents and hers were best friends, as next door neighbors with only four years apart we had been together for so long it was like we were siblings. Tonight both sets were going out so we were hanging at my house. It was pretty normal we didn’t even knock at each other’s door anymore. We fluidly moved between each house. I heard my mom call for me downstairs so I minimized the page and headed down. They were just calling me down since their partners in crime for the night had arrived with Isabella.

“The four of us are hitting the sauce pretty hard so I wouldn’t expect us home tonight.” My mother told me. I chuckled and said alright. Isabella was on the couch with a far off look in her eyes. After reading her emails I knew exactly why too. I watched as my parents headed out to the car. When I heard the roar of their car heading down the road I swallowed hard and readied myself for my conversation with Isabella. Just as I was about to start talking and Isabella cut me off.

“I’m going out for the night. Uh, can you not let my mom and dad know?” I swallowed hard. If someone had told me that coming home after boot camp I would have to face this I would have gladly taken an active duty position rather than go into the reserves.

At my parents request I came home to help them around the house. In more or less terms they knew that I may be the only hope to tame the unruly Isabella. During my time in college and in boot camp Bella had fallen into a rough crowd at school. She had found herself in many troublesome situations in her final year of high school.

Growing up, Bella and I had a strong relationship. My parents and I had hoped that we would be able to bring her back to the “light.” For a little while now it had seemed like she was making some progress. She had quit smoking, both cigarettes and pot. Although, I wasn’t with her every minute of every day so realistically I suppose she could still be doing those things. I liked to give her the benefit of the doubt. Even with all that she had become I would have never expected her to explore that path that she was discussing in her emails. Let alone go about it in such a dangerous manner.

“Sure, but first can you come up to my room with me. I need to show you something.” It was an underhanded trick but I thought that if I trapped her in my room with me she would have less of a chance to escape. She agreed, having no idea of what was to come. I welcomed her into my room and went straight to my computer. Without a single word I opened my computer. Bella took a moment to look at it. Upon realizing what I had found her eyes went wide and her cheeks turned bright red.

The last email in the chain read:

Hey Danny boy, look my parents are probably not leaving till like 6:30.....so how about I meet you down the street at 7. My bro won’t care, and if he does then I’ll just sneak out. Can’t wait for tonight, been dreaming about it......like we talked about, and no I’m not going to blue ball you at the last second. Touch me just like you want, use me like you want; I’ll give you anything you want......all you have to do is command me – your future submissive slut

Bella started to back away from me in horror. If I was in her shoes I would be just as mortified. I mean I’m not sure how someone can really know what exactly the right course of action is when your childhood friend finds out:

1) You’re possibly a sexual submissive,

2) You are looking to have those desires satisfied, and

3) You are planning to have a scandalous rendezvous with some creep

How do I know that the guy she was meeting with was a creep? Well, who else would claim to be a sexual dominant and then proceed to meet with a partner without first meeting her in a neutral setting? All those issues I needed to table for the moment though. My singular focus had to be on getting her to realize this behavior was dangerous.

If my little sister truly needed to explore being submissive to someone, and if she was willing to go as far as finding a random companion on the internet then I needed to be the protective big brother and catch her before she fell down the rabbit hole. I could give her what she needed without the risk of involving some shady bastard.

When I first read these emails I couldn’t miss how my cock had hardened at their discussions. Sure, I was interested in protecting and guiding Isabella, but thinking of her sexually was also exciting for me. Bella had a spectacular body. Part of her “new” look was to wear the skimpiest, sluttiest, “barely considered clothing” outfits and it showed off all the right curves.

I wondered if it would all be possible, having her be submissive to me. I could close my eyes and imagine her in all sorts of embarrassing, even humiliating, positions. Completely at my mercy, begging for more.

To do it right though, I needed to take my time. One mistake that almost everyone makes in a relationship, BDSM or not, is they take things too fast. I would be smart and take her step by step. Part of the fun was teaching her something new every day. Well that is assuming quite a lot actually. For all I know my sister could punch me in the face right here and now.

“Why did you break into my email account? You’re such a little.....”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa hold up. That is not what happened. You left this open on my computer. Yes, I will admit that once I saw the first email that I was concerned so I looked through the others. But it was you who irresponsibly left it open on my computer. Now look, this is not a lecture. But, I want you to hear me out. After we talk if you still want to sneak out then go for it. I can’t be your babysitter forever.”

Bella stared at me almost with a ghostly expression. I could see her eyes starting to water, it was clear she was about to start sobbing any moment. More than anything I wanted to be that protective big brother for her. But I had to control myself, because if I just stopped and hugged her close like I wanted to then this much needed conversation would never happen.

“Look, Bells, you’re not some little kid anymore. It’s alright, even normal to be curious about things. Now I respect that curiosity, even embrace it, but what you are planning is not the way to go about it. That being said I’m not going to go blabbing to your Mom and Dad about what I’ve seen or know. This is your business and I respect that. The only agenda I have here is that you are safe. Truthfully I don’t think this plan is safe. You’ve never met this guy, you don’t know who he is and your about to give him a very big privilege.”

Tears were now cascading down Isabella’s cheeks. Most of the time while I was speaking she was staring at the floor in front of her. I paused so she could collect herself a little bit and I could collect myself as well. The offer I was about to give was no small bargain and I needed to make sure for myself that I was prepared to take on the responsibility I was offering to her.

“Isabella, I’m going to offer you a one-time deal, so listen and think it over carefully. I am a dominant in my relationships. If you cancel your plans for tonight, and swear to never do something this dangerous again, then I will be your guide in exploring this crazy world. You can experience and learn about your fantasies with someone you trust and that loves you above all else. It will stay our secret for the rest of our lives if that is what you want, and I certainly will never hold it against you ever.”

Bella looked up at me with the most confused look I had ever seen her with. Then her facial expressions started changing between each emotion she was feeling. It was almost as if you could see the hamster spinning on the wheel inside her head. There was more confusion, then disgust, intrigue, than fear; and so many others that only lasted a moment. All I kept thinking was, ‘well I definitely have her attention.’ Isabella looked up at me again and I took that as my cue to talk again.

“If you decide to stay and let me take care of you I can promise you one thing; you will get to experience your fantasies and more importantly you will be able to do it in your own time and at you own pace. But, just like in every deal, I have some conditions that must be met. So there will be major changes, between us and around the houses. You will be choosing to be my submissive. That means in all things. As part of this you will be sexually pleasing me and I will be demanding you make changes in your lifestyle. You will be expected to accept those changes without argument either.”

She sat back looking gob smacked. I don’t think she thought that my plan could be so well thought out already. The tears had stopped, thankfully. I was being careful to watch her reactions in case I could catch if I was ever getting to close to that invisible line that shouldn’t be crossed. Apparently her line was very far back since she seemed so interested in my proposition.

“The gist of what I am offering you is this: I will teach you to be submissive, not only sexually but as a lifestyle as well. It’s not easy; there will be punishments, but also rewards. There is no risk to you. Moreover you have the right like every other submissive to stop me at any time.”

Just as I finished speaking she burst back into tears again. She was crying harder than she had been before. This time I leaned forward and rubbed her back to soothe her. I continually told her that everything was alright and that there was no reason to cry. Not that it did much good.

Does telling someone it’s going to be OK when they’re hopelessly distraught ever work? I tried telling her that she had nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Physical desires were common in everyone. Whatever her decision was I would respect it. After a few minutes her crying died down again and she moved away from me on the bed.

“You think I’m a whore now don’t you?” She said quietly. The poor girl looked like she was being sent to the firing squad. I pulled her into me and told her that was ridiculous.

“Of course I don’t. Everyone has got a fetish.”

“Even you?”

“You bet your sweet ass I do.” I could tell she wanted to ask me about them but was too chicken. It may have been better if she had asked. That way she would be going into this with a full sense of what she was getting herself into. After that there was just silence. You could hear the crickets chirping outside in the now dark yard. I would have been perfectly happy hugging my Isabella till the end of time in that silence. Isabella interrupted that serene quiet with another question.

“Why are you being so nice, like offering to help me like this?”

“Cause I want a nice piece of ass close to me.” She pulled back with a look of pure horror. “Is that what you were expecting to hear from me? Truth is I want to protect you. I don’t trust you going to some stranger and coming back in one piece; either physically or emotionally. If you’re with me I know that I can lead your exploration into this world in a way that most new submissive people never get the chance to experience. I can teach you on a daily basis and give you a safe, relaxing place to explore yourself. Finally, I’m not going to lie you’re a beautiful woman and I would love to take you to a world of sheer pleasure. I would be over the moon to have sex with you. You may find that gross but just remember I didn’t pass judgment on you so I would appreciate the same courtesy.”

She paused for a moment and then Isabella jumped up to stand in front of me. Her shaky hands picked my own up and squeezed them lightly. I didn’t know what to expect. My heart was pounding in my head. What was going to happen? Was this a dream? Why was I having such a wonderfully strange dream?

“Yes,” it took me a minute to even register that she had said something, “uh, when do we start?” I seemed to somehow magically compose myself and wrapped my arms around her to pull her into my chest.

“It just did.”

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