Office Shenanigans

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Charlene, an independent woman that works for a office suddenly gets transferred to New York with the role of being the COO’s assistant, what’ll happen when she realizes he’s too hot for his own good and for her as well?

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Chapter 1 (Introduction)

Charlene’s Point of View

I yawned as I realized the alarm was going off, it was 6 AM and I needed to be going to work, today my boss, Nathaniel, had some important news for me, he emailed me last night saying it’d be important and I’m assuming it’s a promotion. I’ve worked my ass off for this and I’m finally going to be executive assistant of the company I’m working at. I showered, put on a tight black skirt that was down to my knees and complimented my curves, I put on a white shirt and black heels, very professional and basic. Then I put my makeup on, cut up an orange and ate a slice of it while I rushed out of my apartment.

As I walked inside the office, Janine, the receptionist said “Charlene! You’re supposed to go on a meeting with mr. Nathaniel right now, just reminding you because we all know how pissed he gets when something doesn’t go as planned!”

I nodded as I rushed inside his office. Mr. Nathaniel’s a very stubborn man, he’s in his late 40s and only cares about the company, he can be sweet at times but it’s safe to say that his blood pressure’s through the roof all the time based on how he acts.

“Charlene, I’m assuming you know what we’re going to discuss right now. Your transfer.”

My eyes went wide as I said “come again?”

He took a sip of his coffee and put down a few papers from his hands as he said “you’re gonna be transferred to New York and you’re gonna be the COO’s assistant. The last one got fired and you’re up for a promotion anyways, with your skills this would suit you.”

I didn’t expect to be anybody’s assistant, of course it’s a huge step but I like to be in charge and not anybody’s pushover.

“But sir, moving? I can’t afford to move to New York.”

He rolled his eyes and said “the company’s gonna pay for your new apartment and we’ll also cover your flight, don’t worry”

I was struggling talking as I said “but are you sure being someone’s assistant will work for me? You know I’m better at a role where I can be in charge.”

He rolled his eyes once again and said “Charlene, I wouldn’t pick this job for you if I didn’t think you’d be capable of that, now go home, pack your bags and catch your flight tomorrow, I don’t have time for this right now.”

I walked outside of the building with my mind blank, this was all happening so fast. I’ve always wanted to move to New York so this would be a dream.

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