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The Palace

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I have not released a new story in a while and for that I am sorry. Hopefully this will make up for it. Flat Plains University in South Dakota was a Private University that was known for academic excellence and on field performance. The athletic teams were always highly regarded and the nation’s top leaders of tomorrow were many times alumni of this award winning school. This is a story about chances, first and second, growth, in more ways than one, and understanding. Welcome to the Palace, the only high class gentleman’s club in Flat Plains. The girls here are well regarded and are rewarded well for their showmanship and abilities. This is not a place for someone with no money to spend, this is for the well to do, and they are encouraged to take care of the performers accordingly. Welcome to the Palace, where dreams are made and wishes do come true.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

“I think Tina is putting a little bit extra in it tonight wouldn’t you say?” Charles asked his wife Hope as she was riveted to the scene on stage.

“I think she is trying to make little Richie’s dream come true with just a dance,” Hope said smiling her ‘I’m naughty tonight’ smile.

“Everyone at school knows Richie is in love with her,” Barbie said from the seat next to Charlie’s. “Just like everyone knows he is to damn shy to do anything about it.”

“He better or he will lose that, and she is not a girl that any man should want to lose.” Charlie said again watching her perform on the edge of the stage not three feet from where Richie Button sat admiring the show.

“You would know all about that wouldn’t you baby,” Hope said giving her husband a quick kiss.

“Yes I think he would,” Barbie said rubbing his erection under the table.

“Ladies, I’m not foolish enough to let perfect opportunities pass by without taking a chance and neither should any young man be. Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck and go for it.”

“Pretty soon the writer of Risky Business is going to start charging you for using his line so much.” Hope said laughing.

Charles was the dean of History at Flat Plains University and also the Western Civilization instructor. He was known as a hard professor but fair and anyone who made it through his class understood the fundamentals that would help see them through the rest of their classes at the university.

At forty, Hope was ten years his junior, and had been his wife for fifteen years now. She was a former student of his when he first started teaching and fell in love with him the moment she met him. He was a good looking man and fit even now, and she was happy that she made him fall in love with her.

Of course they were both a little wild and had no trouble sharing fantasies with each other. Barbie was another former student and was now Charlie’s TA for his class. They had been sleeping with her for the last year, and while she was beautiful and shapely, she was just a distraction and fun and they all knew it.

Their little threesome was for the most part a secret, but a few special students knew about it, with Tina being one of those. She had seen them at the club before and had performed for them privately. She was very familiar with the three of them by now and the thought of that brought a smile to all their faces.

Tina’s song was over and she collected her money and top from the stage and walked off. Richie all but ran from the club as Charlie and his group watched him go. They all had smiles as he never looked back.

“He has never left that fast before,” Tina said bringing a drink over and joining the other three. “I must have lost my touch.”

“Oh I doubt that,” Charlie said smirking. “After watching what you were putting out there tonight ne probably ran out to his car to take matters into his own hand.”

They all laughed at that. “I hope not, he always pays me well, and if he ever got up the nerve to approach me at school I would go out with him.” Tina said.

“Well he doesn’t know what he is missing,” Hope said smiling and began rubbing her back.

Tina smiled at her one of those needy smiles and everyone turned to watch the next dancer that came on stage.

“Man, listen, I am at the palace, and you will never believe who is here,” Richie said excited into his cell.

“We know, we all know, Tina is there and she is hot and you are in love and you want her. The only problem is you don’t have the balls to ask her out, and every other guy in school does. It’s time to man up man and ask the girl out. One way or the other, at least then you will know, if she feels the same.” Tommy said on the other end of the line.

“Big talk from the guy that won’t approach his fantasy girl,” Richie said pissed.

“That’s different, she is a TA, and I’m a student, we couldn’t date even if we wanted to.” Tommy said back like it was a well known fact. “Besides the rumor is she is banging Old Marsh man, but with a wife as hot as his, I don’t know why he would need to.”

“Well if what I saw tonight was any indication, then you are right. Since you don’t want to know what I saw then I am going to hang up and go back inside.” Richie said proud of himself.

“Tell me what you saw and don’t bullshit me. That place is expensive and I’m not paying that price to just be your wingman for a girl you won’t talk to.” Tommy ordered him.

Tommy was the captain of the lacrosse team and he knew how to get his orders followed without even trying. Richie didn’t hesitate once he was told to talk.

“Old man Marsh and his wife are here, and Barbie is with them. They are all sitting close together and Barbie’s hand is under the table. I don’t know for sure but I think she was jerking him off. His wife keeps giving him small little kisses and the man has one on each side of him. The dude is my hero. He has two of the hottest women in the school, how the fuck does that happen?”

Tommy thought for a minute. Did he mind the fact Barbie was doing old man Marsh? Did he have a right to? They weren’t dating or anything and he had enough fantasies about his wife Hot Marsh that he knew he shouldn’t. Of course this was Barbie, the girl of his dreams, and he wanted her. He needed to see what was going on himself.

“I’m coming over and you better not be bullshitting me man,” Tommy said into the phone.

“I wouldn’t dare, hurry before they leave.”

“I’m on my way,” Tommy hung up and headed for the door. Just as he got there his other two roommates walked in.

“Where you off to in a hurry,” Houston asked.

“The Palace,” Tommy responded working past them.

“Richie in trouble again,” Mark asked concerned.

They all knew of Richie’s infatuation with Tina. It almost bordered on too much but they all supported their friend.

Tommy looked at them not sure how much to tell them. He was the captain and if he told them to keep their mouths shut they would. He decided to tell them everything Richie said.

“Shit, Barbie is banging old Marsh. I guess maybe Hot Marsh might be looking for a young man like me,” Houston said smiling.

“Dream on, neither one of us would have a shot with Hot Marsh, I am at least smart enough to know that.” Mark said shaking his head. “Sorry dude, I know you like Barbie.”

“I need to see what is going on for myself,” Tommy said walking out the door, but he wasn’t alone. Both guys were flanking him as he headed for his truck. “Where do you two think you are going?”

“With you,” Houston said smiling. “If Hot Marsh is in a strip club, anything is possible and I need to see it for myself.”

“Me too,” Mark said.

“Fine, but no one else knows what is going on tonight, agreed?” Tommy demanded.

“You’re the captain,” Mark said understanding an order when he heard it. Houston was just nodding smiling to himself.

“I’m not paying for your asses either, so if you need to hit the ATM before we get there, speak now.”

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