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A collection of scenes and/or short stories (shorties) that I really loved writing, and have the potential to be so much more, but I can't quite figure out how to build onto them yet. A chance to offer up what I have in hopes someone will love it as much as I do and have an idea on how to help it reach its potential.

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Forest Abduction - A woodland bondage fantasy

Warning- Sexual Content ahead including “forced” sex and bondage.

I sat on the bench, and looked around, before checking my texts again. Meet me at our park bench at 9 pm. Wear something you’re okay with destroying. I glanced down at my old tank and shorts, still confused about what the last sentence meant. I sighed in mild annoyance that my boyfriend had not yet arrived and settled in to play some Mario Kart on my phone while I waited.

Suddenly, I was quickly and tightly blindfolded and gagged, and lifted to someone’s shoulder. I writhed and struggled, but my captor was too strong. I whimpered in fear, and tears ran down my face, as I prayed someone would see what’s happening and help me. I was roughly dropped into the trunk of a car, and my hands and feet were quickly bound before I was shut-in. The car started, and I felt my last hope of being rescued slip away.

It felt like hours that I was in the trunk before we finally shuddered to a stop. The trunk opened and the darkness that had enveloped me wasn’t nearly as dark anymore. There’s a gentle kiss on my cheek, as I tried to unsuccessfully plead for my freedom around the gag before I was lifted back onto my captor’s shoulder. He never said a word, so I numbed out the sound of my thudding heart and listened to his footsteps… crunching leaves, and snapping twigs…. we must have been in the woods. Every cliche tv scene of girls being taken to the woods to die flashed in my head and I began my panicked flailing again, hoping my screams for help weren’t as muffled as they sounded.

Lips brushed against my ear as a rough male voice whispered “Shhhh. I promise you’re safe. You’ll get to go home before long.” The voice was familiar, but in my panic, I couldn't place it. I knew I shouldn’t but I trusted the familiarity of the voice and stopped struggling. Before too long, I was set on the ground and my wrists were roughly lifted above my head. I was pulled into a standing position, and then up farther, on my toes until most of my weight was supported by my suspended wrists. I felt my legs unbound and forced apart and rebound around the trunk of a tree. The sound of tearing fabric filled the silence and suddenly, my shirt fell away, followed by my shorts, and I whimpered. Finally, the gag was removed from my mouth, but I knew better than to make a sound.

“Damn, baby girl, you are so sexy.” My captor whispered and a few tears run down my face. A gentle hand wiped them away as he reassured me that I would enjoy every coming moment and kissed me hungrily. His hand glided across my skin from the back of my neck to cup my breast, and his thumb began rubbing back and forth over my nipple. I couldn’t help it, as scared as I was, I was still turned on, and that scared me even more. I felt his mouth close around my other nipple, and I bit back a moan of pleasure, which drew an approving growl from him.

His hand went from cupping my breast to cupping me between the legs, and he chuckled at how wet he found me. “Oh, baby girl, is this all for me?” I bit my lip, knowing I was blushing and horrified that I was so exposed to such a brute against my will. He ran his fingers along my most sensitive places, teasing me, and I couldn’t help but to grind my hips against his hand. I needed more.

Suddenly, he pulled his hand away. I whimpered and there was a faint rustling followed by silence. I waited. Quickly both of his hands gripped my butt and his fingers dug into my skin tightly. His face pressed between my legs and I squealed as his warm, tongue began exploring me hungrily. My back arched involuntarily, and I dug my nails into my palms, unable to hide the fact that I was thoroughly enjoying the experience. He pressed deeper as if he needed every drop in order to continue living. I felt my toes curl, and I could just about taste the ecstasy I knew I was on the brink of feeling when he pulled away.

I cried out nearly in pain from being so close to a release only to have it fade away so suddenly, and waited, but there was nothing. No sound out of the typical forest life. Suddenly, there was a faint rustling, and I strained to listen more carefully, but nothing. I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Just when I began to think I’d been left, those strong hands gripped my butt again, as a huge, hot, manhood was plunged into my depths without warning. I barely had time to whimper in shock before he began rhythmically thrusting in and out of me hard and fast like he’ was trying to break me apart. Terrified as I was, all I could think about is how good it felt. My toes curled again, and my back arched, and I felt the fire in my belly begin to build. My head threw itself back, and distantly I heard my captor tell me to cum for him just as an earth-shattering wave of pure pleasure washed over me and nearly ripped me apart. I was on the brink of blacking out, but he kept going. I felt myself come undone twice more, and I was barely conscious when I felt his warm seed flow into me. My body couldn’t stop trembling, and if it weren’t for the ropes and tree supporting me, I’m sure I would have been a puddle on the ground. He took off the bindings, gently, supporting my weight, and set me down on a towel. He removed the blindfold, and there, smiling down at me, was my boyfriend offering me a towel, water, and a light sundress.

Brief confusion melted away into understanding as I cleaned myself up and slipped into the sundress on autopilot, still weak-kneed and feeling the world spin around me. He picked me up and kissed me, before telling me he loves me and carried me back to his car. I was only half-conscious at that point, existing in a dreamlike state, as he dro me to Sonic and orders my favorite food, before driving me to his house and laying me in his bed. He kisses me again, and pulls me close, and runs his hands through my hair as I fall asleep against his chest.

A/N: This story and its characters are 100% fictional, and purely meant for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to the experiences and lives of those reading this are extremely coincidental.
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