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The Wrong One - An Erotic One Shot

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He went to the ball hunting. So did she. But one of them has picked the very wrong one... What seems like a simple one shot becomes alot more complicated when one is playing with beings outside of humanity.

Erotica / Horror
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The Wrong One is part of my short erotic one shot series.

“What are you after tonight, Sweet Thing?” I asked her.

“What would you like me to be?” She crooned in a soft alluring voice. Dizzying my senses.

I caught her waist and drug her against me, so our bodies were molded together. “I’d give you anything you asked for.”

“Anything?” She lifted a fine brown brow. “Are you so certain of that?”


“Rather bold of you.”

“Bold of me?” I straightened. Looking down my nose at the tiny thing. “You’re the gorgeous scrap of a thing who dares be alone unchaperoned in a dark Parlor with a man you barely know.”

“Perhaps.” She smiled softly before dragging her arms down my chest and stepping back to walk behind the settee. Dragging a finger along the seam on the top.

How is her every movement so seductive? I was duly entranced.

“Have you heard of women who victimize men.”

“No. But I’d dearly like to…” I smiled. My lips quirking in what I’d been told was a rather roguish half-smile.

She could certainly victimize me.

“There are such things, you know. Lore about women that can steal the beating hearts of men.”

“Well, you’re certainly working on mine.”

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